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McGuire Residence: SWABACK Architects’ Masterpiece in Arizona Desert

Photography courtesy of SWABACK Architects + Planners

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SWABACK Architects + Planners

Discover the artistry of a SWABACK Architects, the masterminds behind this home that perfectly blends natural surroundings and offers a harmonious and luxurious retreat.

Imagine a landscape where every gust of wind carries the whispers of the Arizona terrain, and every ray of sunlight paints a new chapter in nature’s ever-evolving story. In this enchanting setting, SWABACK Architects + Planners, a collective of visionary creators, embarked on a mission to craft a home and a masterpiece—the McGuire residence.

Nestled on nearly three acres, this two-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home spans 5,528 square feet. Offering unobstructed views of the surrounding desert, SWABACK Architects designed the house to ensure its residents are greeted with awe-inspiring vistas wherever possible.

SWABACK Architects backyard shot

Designing Dreams: The A-Team

Led by John E. Sather, managing partner of SWABACK Architects + Planners, the McGuire home was conceptualized as a vibrant expression of organic design. The A-team, a constellation of talents from Enchanted Gardens, Janet Brooks Interior Design, and Schroeder Construction orchestrated a plan that embraces the Arizona landscape.

Sather shares insights into the philosophy behind the design. “The McGuire residence embodies a profound commitment to organic architecture, where the structure seems to organically emerge from the desert landscape, drawing inspiration from its natural colors, patterns and textures,” he remarks.


SWABACK Architects rock wall


Interior Aesthetics

Inside, warm rift-cut white oak doors and cabinets resonate with the hues of the desert, while blackened steel accents introduce a modern edge. Interior designer Janet Brooks carefully curated a gray and beige palette inspired by the owners’ artwork, creating a tranquil atmosphere that merges with the exterior environment fluently.

A unique feature of SWABACK Architects’ open space plan is a “back kitchen,” a thoughtful and intentional space that elevates practicality and aesthetics. “The back kitchen serves as a functional hub, facilitating easy entertaining while maintaining the clean and uncluttered aesthetic of the home,” Sather explains. 

The innovative layout, characterized by long lines and angles, creates an open, airy ambiance, promoting fluidity and continuity. SWABACK Architects’ high-quality design elements extend beyond the kitchen, contributing to a cohesive and enjoyable living experience integrated with the desert environment.

Each piece of furniture and art shapes a meticulously designed and welcoming interior, from the cozy sectional that sits across the fireplace to bespoke artwork inspired by the natural world.

Sustainability: A Symphony of Green Design

Beyond beauty, SWABACK Architects’ desert oasis is a beacon of sustainability. The design team embraced energy-efficient features, drought-resistant landscaping and sustainable building materials. Landscape architect Donna Winters ensured water efficiency with her designs while maintaining the appearance of an undisturbed desert landscape.

Sather emphasizes, “Sustainability considerations are woven into the very fabric of the McGuire residence’s design.”

SWABACK Architects’ expertise resulted in a straightforward design, optimizing the desert location while mitigating environmental repercussions. The selection of materials, including desert-hued stucco and stacked stone, goes beyond enhancing visual allure; it serves practical functions by offering natural insulation and protection from the sun. This dedication to sustainable principles resonates with environmental awareness and ensures the residence is low maintenance, fostering a lasting connection between the inhabitants and their setting.

Material Poetry: Symbolism in Stone and Wood

Every facet of the home’s design serves a purpose, and the choice of materials is no exception. Western red cedar ceilings—a poetic ode to the desert—add a rustic touch and warmth to the home. Metal fins pay homage to the natural setting by mimicking the peaks and valleys of the mountain terrain while stucco and stacked stone blend the luxurious residence into the native landscape. The quartzite ledge stone imparts a feeling of enduring permanence and timelessness, reflecting the unique characteristics of the desert.

As Sather eloquently puts it, “Each material contributes to the overarching narrative of the McGuire residence, creating a home that not only respects its environment but also symbolically embraces the essence and spirit of the desert.”

SWABACK Architects bedroom


SWABACK: Pioneering Innovation for 45 Years

Behind this architectural marvel stands SWABACK Architects, a dynamic force of multi-talented professionals committed to creating communities and built environments that transcend the ordinary. With more than 45 years of global experience, SWABACK Architects continues to push boundaries, resulting in an extensive portfolio of award-winning and highly recognized projects.

In the McGuire home, SWABACK has not just built a house; it has composed a dynamic work of art that celebrates the essence of Arizona’s landscape, sustainability and sleek design. The McGuire residence is not merely a home; it’s a masterpiece, where every note played is an ode to luxury, nature and the spirit of architectural innovation.

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