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A Desert Haven

ARCHITECT | Tate Studio Architects, Mark A. Tate, AIA, principal

BUILDER | The Phil Nichols Company Inc   



LANDSCAPE | Desert Foothills Landscape

PHOTOGRAPHER | CJ Gershon Photography

CABINETRY | Affinity

Tate Studio hero image

Gershon Photography

Lost in the beauty of the desert, this modern estate emerges as a desert mirage, a Tate Studio testament to design that celebrates the spirit of the sun-kissed land.

In the world of architecture and design, every project emerges as a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting the transformative touch of artistic brilliance. Tate Studio, guided by visionary leaders, wholeheartedly embraces this creative challenge, driven by an unwavering passion to redefine the very essence of living spaces. With an approach that marries aesthetics with practicality, they seek to create not just good design, but spaces that breathe life into the dreams of their clients. 

The Stummer Residence, lovingly brought to life in the enchanting landscape of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a modern estate that exemplifies the studio’s extraordinary craftsmanship, blending seamless elegance with the distinct personality of its homeowners. Julie Jones, Studio Manager at Tate Studio, took us on the creative journey of bringing the innovation to life.


Challenges are the stepping stones that lead to extraordinary achievements. The Stummer Residence was no exception, as it emerged in a development that had never seen modern architecture.

“The design guidelines were written for more traditional and theme oriented styles of architecture,” Jones explains. “We really worked to design a home the clients would love inside and out, but also worked with the design review board to develop a design they felt fit in a development that did not have a home like this.” 

Collaborating with the design review board, Tate Studio artfully crafted a dwelling that defied expectations—a true testament to the studio’s innovative spirit.

But through adversity comes joy, and the joy of the project lies in the entire process, from inception to realization. Understanding the unique aspirations and lifestyles of Tate Studio’s clients is the cornerstone of their approach. Embracing the essence of the Stummer family, the studio carved out spaces that embraced the natural surroundings, ushering the outdoors inside to create an overall, modern estate

The entrance is an enchanting journey, where a long driveway winds through captivating landscapes, leading to the Stummer’s desert sanctuary—a home that is a true reflection of their dreams and aspirations.

Tate Studio home front enterance

The heart of the residence lies in its seamless connection with nature. As you step inside, the great room reveals itself, adorned with large glass sliding panels that beckon the stunning desert vistas and the distant pinnacle peak. Tate Studio’s mission to “bring the outside in” comes alive here, crafting a living space that embraces the grandeur of the natural world, merging it harmoniously with modern living.

But an architectural marvel is not just about construction, it’s about capturing the essence of its inhabitants. The Stummer Residence becomes an enchanting canvas where the personalities of the homeowners find their place in every corner. “There are a couple things that stand out for us in the design,” says Jones. “One of them is a glass panel at the end of one of the galleries that looks into the garage to showcase their cars. The home overall is a calm warm material palette that has a few bold statement pieces like the Turco art panels in the great room fireplace and in the powder room.”

Courtyard of Tate Studio home

Beyond aesthetics and design, this modern estate showcases a profound respect for nature. The home stands at the far back of the property, nestled amid the dense vegetation of the desert landscape. The team skillfully took advantage of native plants and trees, creating a sense of serenity and privacy, cocooning the residents from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. The journey towards the home is a mesmerizing drive path, adorned with captivating landscape vignettes, gradually revealing the marvel that awaits.


As the sun sets on the breathtaking Scottsdale home, the warm glow of Tate Studio’s passion for design and their dedication to crafting living spaces that resonate with the soul will continue to illuminate its halls. The Stummer Residence is not just a house; it is a testament to the enduring relationship between a dream and the brilliance of design, crafted with the love, creativity and ingenuity that define Tate Studio.

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