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Macade | New and Stylish Golf Apparel

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Tee up in style with this fabulous golf apparel brand.

Many factors contribute to a successful round of golf: a strong swing, putting precision and, for some, a comfortable and stylish ensemble. Showing up to the golf course in a good outfit positively impacts your performance because it gives you the confidence you need before you even step up to the tee box.

Macade, a luxury golf apparel brand, was founded in 2019 and has mastered the formula of stylish and efficient clothing. It is a golf apparel concept founded by a group of dedicated sportswear designers and avid golfers. At Macade, clothes are made for a new generation of golfers, one who wants the same precision engineering and design in their clothes as they expect in their golf clubs.

“Macade started from a genuine passion for the sport,” The Macade Team say. “Golf is a vehicle for wellbeing and often a great resource for mental health. It’s an excuse to enjoy the outdoors and connect with others and oneself. We want others to be inspired to find that wellness through golf. Golf can easily become a significant dimension of one’s life, and we hope that our work in providing contemporary golf apparel keeps the competitive spark alive and invites more people to join the ever-evolving modern world of golf.”


Inspired by its ties to the Nordics, Macade strives to create clothing that prioritizes simplicity and practicality. Quality assurance is an important aspect of the brand. 

“Our performance designs are tested by our tour pros and are conceptualized with every competitive detail in mind,” says The Macade Team. 

Macade’s apparel is crafted with a variety of materials, each chosen for its specific performance benefits. For instance, the performance designs feature high-quality polyester and nylon blends for optimal breathability, while the trousers are made of a four-way stretch material. This thin yet durable fabric keeps you cool for 18 holes and more, and the generous stretch allows for unrestricted movement on the greens and in everyday life. 

The sleek design and flattering silhouettes that Macade apparel provides the wearer are what separates them from most golf brands. 


Nakayla and Meg in Macade Golf Apparel

Macade Taylor Mint Floral Signature Top, Macade Kaya Teal Skirt


“We want our golfers to feel unhindered by their outfit and have the ability to train endlessly without constraint,”says The Macade Team. “On a subconscious level, they should feel they have all the tools necessary to compete at a high level. We want our golfers to feel driven to pursue a better game and feel that a new best score is within reach.”

Here are some of the hottest looks from Macade’s summer collection

Macade Golf Apparel, mens long sleeve top

Courtesy of Macade

Macade golf apparel, womens long sleeve tpp

Courtesy of Macade

Macade golf apparel, mens top

Courtesy of Macade

Macade golf apparel, womens dress

Courtesy of Macade

Macade golf apparel, mens trousers

Courtesy of Macade

Macade golf apparel, womens skirt

Courtesy of Macade

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