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Your Kitchen Just Got an Award-Winning Wine Sommelier

photography courtesy of MONOGRAM

modern luxury wine refridgerator by Monogram
Built into your bar or kitchen island, Monogram wine reserves provide abundant capacity and versatility for your wine storage.

Ina Garten’s cult-favorite pot roast recipe starts with pouring a glass of wine, thus creating the link between wine and the kitchen. It’s a touch that reminds us that cooking is an enjoyable, sometimes leisurely activity meant to be savored. The design team at Monogram echoes that sentiment, putting countless hours into product design to make the art of cooking in the kitchen more fun, precise and delicious.

wine refrigerator by Monogram

Known for its award-winning Monogram Professional Range that garnered the AD Great Design Award, the brand seeks to elevate everything they do by bringing together fine design aesthetics with high performance functionality. To that end, the newest collections enhance modern kitchen design.

Enter the Monogram wine sommelier designed to impress in the kitchen or bar.
Sophisticated wine aficionados have upped their entertainment game with this fully integrated unit. Designed with the belief that wine storage is about more than just drinking wine, this meticulously engineered, clean-lined refrigerator creates a luxurious showpiece meant to enhance the owner’s ability to collect, display and share their wines through its versatility, elevating the appliance beyond the status of wine fridge. The wine sommelier maintains consistent temperature zones and creates the perfect climate for your favorite red and white wines.

Designed with the belief that wine storage is about more than just drinking wine, this meticulously engineered, clean-lined refrigerator creates a luxurious showpiece.

Monogram designs modern wine refrigerator

One of the most important features in wine preservation is storage temperature. According to Wine Spectator magazine, a source that also recommends professional-grade storage for your wines at home, keeping wines cool, but not too cool is the top priority.

“Heat is enemy number one for wine. Temperatures higher than 70° F will age a wine more quickly than is usually desirable. And if it gets much hotter, your wine may get “cooked,” resulting in flat aromas and flavors. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F (and 55° F is often cited as close to perfect).”

Storing wine in the refrigerator may be too cool for your wines as most fridges are less than 45 degrees. Plus, the dry air could dry the cork. Consistent temperature for wine storage is the most-friendly environment for your vino. Also, reducing the amount of sunlight can protect your wine from premature aging.

Every detail was considered when designing this product, such that once again the brand has earned another AD Great Design Award for the wine sommelier, making it a leader in the space.


Monogram luxury modern freezer

High-performance engineering on the wine reserve includes digital touch controls and a clear LED display to allow you to set precise temperatures for your aging wine or serving wine.

Rubber-coated racks to prevent even slight vibration so any sediment in your vintage wines won’t be agitated. UV-resistant tempered glass doors on the wine sommelier give a full view of its contents while protecting your vintage investments. Plus, the full-extension sliding racks hold up to 57 bottles of wine—more than most wine reserves this size—to keep your collection close at hand. The larger unit will hold 78 bottles in two temperature-controlled zones.

wine refrigerator and cabinet by Monogram

As for integration, choose from custom panel-ready or stainless-steel accessory panels to complement your space. The internal racking is cherry wood with smooth metal trim and classic beechwood slats. Custom panels are easily adjustable to allow for flush cabinetry installation, and complimentary hardware options offer both minimalist and statement appeal to best suit the space’s overall design.

Six of the pull-outs impart premium craftsmanship through fully extendable and soft closing functionality, while a seventh is adjustable for champagne and magnums. LED interior lighting delivers exceptional illumination, gradually brightening and dimming as the doors open and close.


modern freezer ice cabinet by Monogram

The wine sommelier offers sleekly designed drawers that offer full freezer capabilities featuring an electronic icemaker with removable bin and scoop. The convertible lower drawer alternates at the touch-of-a-button from freezer to refrigerator to wine storage, increasing the overall wine storage capability by 28 bottles.

Designed to fit smoothly in a sophisticated kitchen or stand on its own in any unique entertainment space, the sleek elegance, luxury finishes and flexible storage made this product award-winning.

Acquiring quality wine storage can represent just a fraction of the total amount you have invested in your wine…doesn’t it make sense to protect that investment?

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