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Delos clean air purifier for healthy home


A new Delos experience showroom at Acoustic Designs Group proves that a healthy, green home should be automatic.

The concept of the smart home is here to stay. We’ve gotten used to being able to see who’s at our front door, set our thermostats, program our music and set lighting scenarios remotely. There are even apps that can control your oven and laundry loads.

the latest trend in home technology is more personal—wellness.

green wall healthy home by Delos


However, the latest trend in home technology is more personal—wellness. And leading the pack are products and systems from Delos, a New York-based company, founded in 2012 by Paul Scialla. “I’ve always had an interest in sustainability and green-home building says Scialla, a former Goldman Sachs partner. “But when I looked at LEED (the internationally recognized green building rating system), I realized there was a need to address the health of people within these buildings.”



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Tapping Rick Fedrizzi, who helped found the U.S. Green Building Council that administers the LEED ratings to buildings, Scialla worked with him to create the International WELL Building Institute, which now administers the WELL Building Standard, the healthy-building equivalent to LEED and now the largest such certification program in the world.

Fast-forward a few years, and Delos began offering green-home products and systems to keep buildings—and their occupants—healthy, developing air and water purification solutions, lighting systems that enhance circadian rhythms and Darwin, an automated network that monitors, calibrates and responds to the Delos wellness systems.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, you can learn more about Delos’ approach to healthy homes at the newly launched Delos experience showroom at Acoustic Designs Group

Delos healthy home at Acoustic Designs


Today, what surrounds us matters,” says Scialla. “It might have taken a global pandemic to bring attention to this, but we should all be concerned about the quality of life within our buildings.”

In Scottsdale, Arizona, you can learn more about Delos’ approach to healthy homes at the newly launched Delos experience showroom at Acoustic Designs Group, a firm that offers home automation products, including audio-video systems, architectural lighting, surveillance, networking and motorized shading.


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“Our showroom is a state-of-the-art technology and design space where our luxury residential clients can actually see and interact with products,” says Chris Matthews, who founded the firm in 2005. “Once clients see how Delos wellness features like circadian rhythm lighting can easily be integrated into a beautifully designed home, these features become a must-have for them.”

Indeed, the new Delos experience showroom will spotlight home products like their green wall, a modular, self-irrigating plant-filled installation, equipped with a silent fan to circulate air through the greenery; an “energizing” mirror equipped with lighting designed to wake up brain and body in the morning; circadian lighting that emulates dawn-to-dark natural illumination and a water-filtration system designed to remove pathogens and pollutants.



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One element that’s not seen, but felt, in the new showroom is the Delos air purification system. “It scrubs the air down to the micro level,” says Matthews, “and creates such a pure environment that you can actually sense the difference when you walk into a space without the system.”

Naturally, the pandemic has accelerated interest in creating healthy indoor environments, but both Scialla and Matthews believe that green home wellness technology is here to stay. “Crisis or not, the interest in this will not wane,” says Scialla. “This technology is something that can help with our overall health.”

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