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Sleeping in the Trees: Best Treehouse Hotel Rooms in Seven Nights

The seventh room treehouse hotel northern lights

The 7th Room - Photo by Johan Jansson

Ever heard of a treehouse hotel? Sweden’s Treehotel has seven spectacular rooms you can enjoy in seven days high in the forested alpines from the Mirrorcube to The Dragonfly.

Ever daydream about a modern-day treehouse with high-class amenities in the alpines? Perched high in a pine forest and overlooking a flowing river is Northern Sweden’s Treehotel, which is just like your childhood fantasy hideaway and unlike any other hotel in the world. The property serves as a landscape hotel, giving guests the opportunity to experience their surroundings in a completely immersive way—from a treehouse hotel.

Each of the seven rooms at Treehotel have strikingly unique designs—ranging from one ultra-modern room with mirrors wrapped around the exterior to another created to look just like a bird’s nest. You can experience each and every room with the tour company Off the Map Travel.

They have created a “Seven Nights, Seven Rooms” program with the hotel that is bookable from August to November. The journey begins in Lulea, Sweden, where guests will meet their driver for a guided transfer to Treehotel, which will host your tour through the trees for a trip that reaches new forested heights.

The journey begins in Lulea, Sweden, where guests will meet their driver for a guided transfer to Treehotel, which will host your tour through the trees for a trip that reaches new forested heights.

Dragonfly treehouse hotel exterior Sweden

The Dragonfly

DAY ONE | The Dragonfly
Your trip will begin at the beautiful treehouse hotel known as The Dragonfly. At 52 square meters and weighing in at 22 tons, The Dragonfly is Treehotel’s second-largest room. Featuring a rust-brown sheet metal exterior coupled with a wooden interior, the room almost looks like an insect among the pine trees.

Look forward to gorgeous views at this treehouse hotel, as the expansive windows throughout will make you feel as if you could literally reach out and touch the trees. In the evening, you’ll enjoy an alfresco drink outdoors by the swiftly moving Lule River.


Blue Cone luxury treehouse hotel Sweden

The Blue Cone

DAY TWO | The Blue Cone
Day two kicks off by meeting Lars Errikson, one of the last remaining forest Samis—a group of indigenous people—who will share stories of the Sami’s rich Arctic traditions. For dinner, you’ll feast on Sami delicacies then conclude the day with a stay in Blue Cone. It’s an ironic name since the pinewood shingle exterior of this room is bright red, intending to evoke Sweden’s traditional red houses lending a more authentic feel to the accommodation. In the wintertime, the striking red color stands in stark contrast to the glittering white snow.

It’s an ironic name since the pinewood shingle exterior of this room is bright red, intending to evoke Sweden’s traditional red houses.

Blue Cone Treehouse hotel Sweden view

The Blue Cone

Inside the treehouse hotel, you’ll find a double bed where you can take in stunning vistas at your feet. A double mirror behind the bed doubles the view, so you can take in the sweeping forest scenes as you lounge in plush chairs by the expansive windows. Keep your eyes out for reindeer on the property! Blue Cone also features a sleeping loft to house additional guests joining your wintry getaway.

The UFO treehouse hotel Sweden


In a property chock full of unique lodging options, The UFO treehouse hotel stands out. The room is, you guessed it, pod-shaped and cast in a durable composite material. It comes complete with a long ramp, so you can step inside in true science fiction form. Once you’ve stepped into The UFO, expect décor that matches the extra-terrestrial theme.

The room has a ceiling that comes covered in stars along with celestial bedding to match. The swaying UFO is suspended on wires and beams that are attached to the towering trees that create a gentle movement, as if you were in mid-flight.

At night, you’ll enjoy eating, star gazing and learning the basics of night photography, so you can capture the scenes with your own professional-grade camera. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to capture the strange and natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights from this treehouse hotel.


The Mirrorcube treehouse hotel Sweden

The Mirrorcube

DAY FOUR | The Mirrorcube
On day four, take a walking tour of the small village of Harads led by a local guide who speaks about local Swedish life, history and culture. The tour wraps up with an invitation to a Swedish home to sample traditional Swedish fika meaning a “coffee and cake break.” Enjoy a three-course Swedish meal before you retire to the coolest and most contemporary of the rooms, Mirrorcube.

The Mirrorcube treehouse hotel interior Sweden

The Mirrorcube

As the name suggests, the exterior is wrapped in mirror walls that reflect the deep, lush forest surrounding the structure. The interior of this treehouse hotel literally brings the inside in, with six panoramic windows balanced with light plywood walls and even a tree rising up through the floor of the room. The whimsical design begins at the very entryway to the room, where a suspension bridge sways among the trees as you walk up to the sparkling Mirrorcube.

The Birds nest treehouse hotel Sweden

The Bird's Nest

DAY FIVE | The Bird’s Nest
During the day, you’ll indulge in a series of spa-like experiences in the Tree Sauna and Jacuzzi in which you will then enjoy a Swedish massage before you finish the day with a three-course dinner with wine pairings at the treehouse hotel’s Guesthouse.

When the day is done, you’ll sleep at the aptly named Bird’s Nest—resembling a large tangle of branches that blends in with the environment. Climb up a ladder and into a hatch in the floor where you are greeted with a light, soothing interior crafted from wood and featuring perfectly curved walls that feel as cozy and crafted as a bird’s nest.

The Cabin treehouse hotel Sweden exterior

The Cabin

DAY SIX | The Cabin
During day six, a guide will lead a forest hike, where you’ll scout out wildlife, take in the countryside views and forage for berries that you’ll savor with the local fika around a campfire. Those rustic day-time activities make your sixth treehouse hotel room the ideal place to stay, as it is perched high in the treetops on a steep slope that feels like coming home in true storybook style.

The Cabin offers stellar views of the Lule River Valley. To get there, you walk up a long bridge to access this room, where inside the master bed is placed at the center of the space and features large windows of the forest and river below. A standout feature for avid stargazers is the rooftop terrace where you can admire the Arctic night sky and wild landscape just beyond your treehouse hotel.

the seventh room treehouse hotel Sweden

Photo by Johan Jansson

DAY SEVEN | The 7th Room
Day seven starts with a trip up to Storforsen, where one of the highest unrestricted white-water rapids in Europe rushes onward. Next up is a locally sourced seven-course dinner curated by the head chef whose every course is inspired by each treehouse hotel room. The journey concludes with perhaps the property’s most impressive room, Treehotel’s seventh and newest space, 7th Room.

Looking up to see the underside of the structure, you will notice it is covered by life-size treetop photographs taken before the room was built, so the room visually becomes one with the landscape. The outside façade is finished with a black, charred wooden surface. Inside, you’ll find panoramic views of the river valley and maybe even the Northern Lights if you time your treehouse hotel trip appropriately.

The bedrooms incorporate skylights, so you can look up at the star-lit sky before you drift off to sleep. The centerpiece of the expansive room is the outdoor net that functions as a patio, a window to the woods below or if you’re feeling adventurous, a place to seep under the glittering galaxy. In the wintertime, a temperature-controlled fireplace lights itself to a specific degree when the temps plunge too low crafting a luxury hideaway perched above the Swedish treetops.

And alas, you’ve now experienced seven days of the best seven treehouse hotels. Your childhood neighborhood never had it so good!

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