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Iron Mountain Hot Springs: Colorado’s Premier Luxury Hot Springs Resort

Photography Courtesy of Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Hero

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Having recently opened one of the most luxurious pool expansions in the country, Iron Mountain Hot Springs attracts visitors to experience healing waters from around the world.  

While Colorado is known for its picturesque views, swanky ski towns, historic hospitality and celebrity-filled mountain towns—we can’t help but gravitate to world-class hot springs resorts in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Particularly when the snow caps are glistening; and the affluent skiers flood the local scene looking for a place to relax and socialize.

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the prestigious Iron Mountain Hot Springs is a destination you simply cannot miss as you venture deeper into the heart of the mountains. With its idyllic location along the meandering Colorado River and breathtaking Rocky Mountain vistas, Iron Mountain Hot Springs beckons all travelers—anytime of year.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs, woman looking at mountain

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This haven of relaxation features a total of 16 geothermal soaking pools. Here, you can indulge in the rejuvenating waters of Iron Mountain mineral hot springs. What sets Iron Mountain Hot Springs apart is their Experience Pools, a unique offering on the premises. 

In these extraordinary pools, guests have the chance to relax and take in the spectacular views of the rocky mountains surrounding the premises. The current Experience Pool recipe is inspired by the geothermal waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, including milky blue waters that are rich in silica, potassium, and boron—known for the anti-aging effects. 

A Global Touch 

For those who relish the luxury of hot springs resorts from around the globe, particularly during the Winter months, you’ll be delighted to know that you can now explore a spectrum of pools without embarking overseas. Only a hop, skip and jump away from popular ski towns, Iron Mountain Hot Springs recently announced the opening of a newly expanded section of their property, WorldSprings, which is for ages 21 and up.  

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Drone Shot

WorldSprings includes ten new Experience Pools—eight of which are along the Colorado River—a cold plunge pool, two large freshwater Confluence pools with a waterfall feature and new Sandbar Café. With the impressive expansion, Iron Mountain Hot Springs now offers a total of 32 pools to guests, nearly doubling its capacity and making it an essential stop on route to Aspen and other high-end travel destinations.  

“Right now there’s a lot of focus on hot and cold therapy through water or saunas, but dry heat is the next phase, so we’ve added more sodium and magnesium formulas to our Dead Sea pool and our Japan-inspired  pool helps with joint pain and muscle cramps. We really wanted to broaden people’s horizons to feel like they are traveling around the world by recreating an international feeling. We also have a glorious Blue Lagoon pool which feels and looks like you’re in Iceland,” adds McCallister

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Sunset image

Each pool has its own recipe from across the world. These fabulous mineral-filled pools are a culmination of exclusive waters reminiscent of places as far as Iceland, France, Japan, United Kingdom, Turkey, Romania, Australia, Bali, Italy, New Zealand and South Korea—providing a “worldly” experience. 

In other words, the new WorldSprings presents a truly one-of-a-kind experience where the healing properties of well-known pools from across the world are at your fingertips. “We are excited to offer an elevated, adults-only experience that takes our property to the next level,” said Aaron McCallister, General Manager of Iron Mountain Hot Springs. “With this expansion, we are nearly doubling our capacity to address an increased interest in hot springs resorts from tourists and locals alike.” 

White-Glove Treatment

Having worked in the luxury dining space at such places as The Broadmoor Resort and Disney, McCallister brings an element of exclusivity and high-standard hospitality like no other hot springs resort in Colorado. He has been in charge since 2018 and everything is tended to with white-glove treatment—and visitors can instantly tell the difference. 

“We first brought reservations to our destination during COVID as a necessity, but then we realized that it established a top-tier service that our customers came to enjoy,” McCallister explains. “So when we re-opened in 2022 with reservations as an option, we knew we were offering a better product.” 

Interestingly, Iron Mountain Hot Springs started to explore an expansion in 2017. However, with its newest addition, WorldSprings is now leading the way for an even more elevated destination—as an all-encompassing hot springs resort with a local and global feel like never before. “Before we opened the new pools, the stunning expansion already drew a lot of people from California, the East Coast and Texas. But, now we are seeing even more traffic from international travelers,” he adds. 

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Girl in hotspring

Breathtaking Waters 

Open all year, Iron Mountain Hot Springs still has its Legacy side with 16 geothermal pools. Touted as one of the most innovative hot springs resorts in the country, it houses many unique pools—including Lapaz, which features a pergola to shade visitors in the summer, and Topaz, which has reflexology stones to massage your feet while you enjoy the healing, warm water.  

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The great thing is that we have geothermal water on the property, which gives the water premium minerals no matter what pool you’re in,” McCallister says. “You can relax in all the pools as each one is bound to meet your individual needs; with the option to choose more iron, calcium etc. in the water, I can tell you, it’s something magical to ski in Aspen and then watch the sunset while lazing in our exclusive hot springs.”  

While on the premises, you can enjoy a cocktail, beer or a non-alcoholic beverage under a private cabana; and as mentioned, eat delicious foods at the Sandbar Café. If you have young ones, kids four years old and under can experience the 96-degree jetted spa pools, a waterfall, and fantastic jet sprays on the Legacy side of the property.

Iron Mountain hot springs drinks

New for 2024: Look forward to an Iron Mountain Hot Springs opening in Dallas.

Where to Stay

While in Glenwood Springs, we recommend staying at one of the most sought-after properties in the country, Hotel Colorado. At this lavish hotel, you will be able to bask in mountain luxury at the base of Iron Mountain, as well as soak up the sensational sights surrounding the area.

Iron Mouintain Hot Springs story, Hotel Colorado

Steeped in history and frequented by notable figures such as Titanic survivor Molly Brown, President Theodore Roosevelt and entertainer Liberace, the legendary Hotel Colorado has been a Colorado icon for nearly 130 years. Built in 1893, it is often referred to as the “Grand Dame of the Rockies.”

Located down the road from the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Hotel Colorado offers impeccable service, modern amenities, and well-appointed rooms. Its prime location places guests within reach of world-class hot springs resorts, skiing, whitewater rafting and the 16-mile paved Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail, perfect for biking or hiking. The hotel provides a variety of packages to help visitors make the most of their Glenwood Springs experience, just a short 57-minute drive from Aspen.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs Story, Hotel Colorado courtyard

With over 17 unique guest rooms adorned in 19th-century Italian decor and four dining options on-site, Hotel Colorado immerses guests in a world of charm and elegance. Kaylyn Radden, the hotel’s Assistant General Manager, aptly sums it up: “While Glenwood Springs has much to offer its visitors, including famous hot springs and a mountain-top theme park, Hotel Colorado is the central location that offers guests relaxation, an abundance of history, and a truly unique experience during all of their adventures.”

About the Author:

Kerrie Lee Brown is an international journalist who writes for various lifestyle, business, real estate, hotel & hospitality publications. She is also a recognized magazine editor, author, and public speaker. 

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