The Best of Rosé - What to Sip for National Rosé Day

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Refreshing Summer Sips | Celebrate National Rosé Day


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Our top picks for the refreshing pink drink to stylishly sip in the sun.

Ahhhh, we can smell the Mediterranean ocean with every sip of rosé this summer. What began as a South of France summer lunch staple has become all the rage in the states, thanks to the introduction of so many yummy brands. When the ICONIC Jon Bon Jovi created Hampton Water, we knew the locals were hydrating well. And why not? Nothing is more decadently refreshing than sipping a freshly chilled glass of rosé while lounging poolside or visiting the summer cottages of friends.

Summer is here, so let’s celebrate the season of Rosé, especially today, for National Rosé Day! Cheers to blue summer skies and plentiful glasses of rosé ahead!


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A crisp and refreshing glass of rosé shouldn’t have to come with added chemicals, additives and sugars that make your next morning less-than-fun. Dry Farm Wines has a beautifully curated rosé box that is organic, sugar-free and free of toxins. Dry Farm Wines’ extraordinarily high standards mean that less than one percent of the world’s wineries meet their strict requirements, so you know each bottle will be the very best quality available. Enjoy your rosé with peace of mind!

drink Beach Box for National Rosé Day

Beach Juice Rosé

Looking for a beach-friendly wine, or even just a rosé that you can take on-the-go? Meet Beach Juice Rosé, an adorably packaged wine that comes in a can—perfect for any outdoor destination. While Provence is the birthplace of a traditional rosé, Beach Juice is a masterful mix of California grapes. This fruit-forward blend is easy to drink, easy to transport, and easy to enjoy! No matter where you’re at, it’s easy to celebrate National Rosé Day!


Rumor Rosé wine for National Rosé Day

Rumor Rosé

Rumor has it that Rumor Rosé is a top-notch wine that is sure to please any palate. A classic French rosé from the Côtes de Provence region, Rumor is rooted in history with a refreshing modern twist. This elegantly presented wine features notes of citrus and fruity aromas, for a deliciously well-rounded blush-colored bottle that tastes like a summertime treat.

National Rosé Day wine by Palmaz Vineyards

Palmaz Vineyards

A summertime full of sunshine and good wine is ahead so long as you have a glass of Palmaz Rosé in hand! Palmaz Vineyards has winemaking down to a science—literally— with expertly engineered technology to assist in the winemaking process. This Napa classic brand offers a medium-bodied rosé that pairs well with just about everything! Perfect for happy hour, an upscale seafood dinner or an outdoor barbecue, just bring a bottle of this pale salmon-toned rosé and you will be all set for any summer fête, especially for National Rosé Day.

drink Hampton Water for National Rosé Day

Hampton Water

You can’t go wrong with a rosé created and endorsed by international Rockstar Jon Bon Jovi. This appropriately named wine brand is based in the Hamptons, but their grapes come from the southern regions of France. As easy to drink as the name implies, this summertime sipper is a great companion to any event. A lively blend with a dash of minerality, Hampton Water is just as fun as the legendary Hamptons parties.

drink Billecart Salmon for National Rosé Day

Champagne Billecart Salmon

One of our iconic favorites is from the house of Champagne Billecart-Salmon, highly recommended by our publisher Renee Dee and her foodie friend Elizabeth. When it comes to rosé with bubbles, Billecart Salmon is light, effervescent and luxurious—the perfect pairing for a celebration or a special day. Pair it with the Gruyère bites at Christopher’s, and you’ve just met food heaven on earth. festive occasion, or to uplift an ordinary day.



Looking for a special place to enjoy your glass of blush wine this summer? Scottsdale culinary destination Francine is just the spot for a sophisticated sip. The French-Mediterranean restaurant recently announced their summer specials on rosé, offering $30 bottles and $8 glasses during brunch and happy hour. Beat the intense summer heat in Arizona with a chilled glass of rosé at Francine!

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