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Dynamic Designers | Arizona’s Top Interior Designers of 2023

Discover the stories and inspirations that drive Arizona’s top interior designers of 2023, as they continue to elevate the art of luxury living.

Step into the realm of opulence and refined taste as ICONIC LIFE unveils its prestigious list of top interior designers for 2023. In the world of luxury living, these creative visionaries possess the unique ability to transform houses into havens, infusing each space with their own personal magic touch. 

Our curated selection of extraordinary designers will transport you into a realm where elegance meets innovation, where grandeur meets intimacy and where dreams become tangible. Prepare to be captivated by the alchemy of design, as we present the luminaries who are shaping the aesthetic landscape of Arizona this year. 

From reimagined classics to cutting-edge creations,the  top interior designers are masters of style and have mastered the art of evoking emotion by elevating your surroundings to resonate with your soul. Discover the power of design to evoke joy, inspiration, and a profound sense of belonging, as we present the crème de la crème of the design world.

Tanya Shively

Tanya Shively, the visionary behind WELL Designed™ Homes, is on a mission to revolutionize the construction and design industries through promoting healthy and sustainable practices. As a top interior designer and creator of exceptional homes, she goes beyond traditional green design, crafting living spaces that inspire well-being through their aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

Growing up amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Shively developed a deep appreciation for hard work and nature from an early age. At just 12 years old, she discovered her passion for designing spaces when her parents granted her the opportunity to create her own bedroom and even provided the funds for the project. This transformative experience ignited her lifelong love for interior design.

Shively’s design journey was influenced by her father’s severe asthma, which necessitated careful consideration of respiratory health in every space they designed or redesigned. In 2005, driven by her desire to create sustainable luxury, she founded Sesshu Design Associates in Scottsdale, AZ.

Through her eco-luxe design experience, Shively collaboratively creates WELL Designed™ homes that reflect her clients’ lifestyles and personalities. Working with wellness-minded individuals who seek luxurious and healthy living spaces, she specializes in crafting new residences and remodeling existing ones for top-level professionals, entrepreneurs, and accomplished individuals.

As one of the region’s top interior designers, Shively is known for specifying furniture, carpeting and paint that are free of toxins, providing her clients with spaces that promote well-being. Her award-winning work has garnered national attention, and she is recognized as Arizona’s foremost authority on green design. Her contributions to luxury lifestyle publications, such as “Strive for Perfection,” have further solidified her standing as a prominent figure in the industry.

Shively’s dedication to exceptional customer service, combined with her commitment to creating one-of-a-kind, luxurious and eco-friendly interiors, sets her apart as a distinguished interior designer in Scottsdale and makes her a trailblazer in the world of green design.



KT Tamm

KT Tamm is a top visionary interior designer whose journey from the heartlands of the Midwest to the vibrant tapestry of design in Phoenix has shaped her unique perspective on spaces. Tamm’s early exposure to her father and grandfather’s plastering contracting business ignited her fascination with forms and shapes. The tactile experience of creating with lath and trowels, coupled with the scent of wet plaster, left an indelible mark on her young mind.

Transitioning to the 80s and a pivotal relocation to Phoenix marked the genesis of Tamm’s illustrious career in interior design. She embarked on a collaborative venture intertwining retail home furnishings with interior design, specializing in unique southwest decor. This venture etched in her the significance of impeccable service and its pivotal role in business success.

As time progressed, Tamm’s passion evolved into design and structures. Her journey cultivated invaluable partnerships with esteemed architects and builders, connecting her to a diverse clientele spanning the nation. She fostered a community of talented artists, diligent vendors, industrious workrooms and aspiring designers who evolved from apprentices to integral parts of her Old Town Scottsdale design practice.

Today, Tamm wears multiple hats as the founder, principal, and lead designer of KT Tamm, Inc., a full service interior design studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. She embraces roles of project manager, marketer, content creator and even a bit of a psychologist. Her portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, from high-end residential projects and extensive remodels to commercial spaces and retail establishments.

Tamm’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that design is an ever-evolving entity. The spirit of growth, exploration, and expression remains at the heart of KT Tamm, Inc. Her clients’ contentment and self-expression are paramount. Tamm’s role is to harness their aesthetic values and guide them through the intricate process of translating their vision into reality. She designs top-level interior spaces that radiate warmth and embody their unique essence – spaces to be cherished, inhabited and embraced.


Kristin Hazen

Step into the world of Kristin Hazen, a top interior designer who has dedicated her artistic prowess to crafting interiors that epitomize both elegance and purpose. From a young age, Hazen’s journey has been one of creative exploration; a trajectory that would ultimately propel her into the spotlight of the design realm. Her natural inclination for arranging and harmonizing spaces manifested early on, a foreshadowing of the meticulous attention to detail that would soon become her signature style. Little did she know that this innate flair for design would pave the way for her to become a top interior designer and celebrated name in the industry.

Hazens’s artistic foundation took root in her accomplished years as a pianist, a passion she nurtured with dreams of pursuing a music major in college. However, fate had a different design, leading her to the captivating realm of interior architecture. Her transition in 2003 into the professional world marked the beginning of a transformative journey. With almost a decade spent at a prominent design firm, Hazen honed her skills, amassing a wealth of experience and knowledge that would shape her career. Fuelled by an unquenchable thirst for innovation and a yearning to chart her unique path, she ventured out on her own in 2013. From that point on, Hazen has been known for teaming up with outstanding clients, leading builders and respected architects, establishing her as a top interior designer and steadfast presence in the field.

Anchored by a lifelong fondness for antique treasures and flea market finds, Hazen infuses her designs with an unexpected charm. Her designs seamlessly integrate distinctive pieces that resonate with history and character. A transformative experience studying in London during her college years fueled her love for exploration, leading to annual globetrotting quests for unique finds. These treasures find a new life as captivating elements within her clients’ interiors, weaving stories and sparking conversations.

Yet, Hazen’s journey isn’t just about awards and accolades. It’s about an unwavering dedication to her craft, a tireless pursuit of design excellence. Her work stands as a testament to her commitment to both functionality and artistry, breathing life into spaces that enrich the lives of those who inhabit them. With a clientele spanning Arizona and beyond, Hazen’s creations are an embodiment of her enduring passion and an unyielding drive to design top-level interior spaces that transcend the ordinary.

kristin hazen


Mary Marsh and Sandy Black of Lillian James Design Group

When it comes to top interior designers, two names stand out for their unwavering commitment to transforming spaces into living works of art: Mary Marsh and Sandy Black. As principal interior designers at Lillian James Design Group, their combined experience and passion have left an indelible mark on the Arizona design landscape.

With a remarkable 17 years in the Arizona Interior Design community, Marsh brings a wealth of experience and creativity to every project she undertakes. Her journey started with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design Studies and Interior Design History from Arizona State University, a foundation that has propelled her throughout her career and led her to become a top interior designer.

Marsh’s ethos centers on delivering quality service and exceeding client expectations. Her exceptional attention to detail, coupled with her adeptness in project management and collaboration with trades, has consistently resulted in projects that are both stunning and successful. Beyond her impressive skills, it’s her passion for the craft that sets her apart, fostering deep connections within the community and beyond.

Residential, commercial, and contract designs make up March’s diverse portfolio, a testament to her versatility and dedication. Her projects have taken her across the country, a journey that enriches her design perspective and informs her approach to each unique challenge.

Black’s journey through the world of design spans 18 years, a testament to her enduring commitment to her craft. Graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Marketing and a graduate of The American Institute of Interior Design, Black’s multi-faceted background infuses her designs with a unique perspective.

Black’s approach to design is deeply rooted in connections – connections she forges with each client. Her ability to understand their distinct visions and desires allows her to create spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also deeply personal. Her distinct design process involves close collaboration, ensuring that every minute detail reflects her client’s personality and lifestyle.

As the backdrop for both Marsh and Black’s creative endeavors, Lillian James Design Group stands as a testament to their dedication. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the firm specializes in  top-tier residential interior design, driven by a commitment to seamlessly execute projects within budget and parameters.

Their designs, whether in new construction or remodels, speak to the heart of each client’s lifestyle. From material specifications and millwork details to home furnishings and custom window coverings, every facet is thoughtfully curated to create spaces that truly resonate.

lillian james

Candice Quinn

Our final top interior designer is Candice Quinn, Quinn stands as the visionary force behind London Pierce Design, a full-service interior design firm that breathes life into homes through transformative renovations. With a focus on single-family homes, as well as collaborating directly with real estate developers and homeowners, London Pierce Design has become a beacon of innovative design in Scottsdale, Arizona, and nearby cities throughout the valley.

As the principal designer and founder of the aforementioned London Pierce Design, Quinn’s journey is one of creative evolution and dedication. Backed by a team of skilled design assistants and an operations manager, her approach to top level interior design is both strategic and artistic, making every project a testament to her unparalleled talent.

The genesis of London Pierce Design traces back to its predecessor, London Pierce Real Estate – a boutique brokerage firm that brought a tailored approach to the real estate market. Guided by Quinn’s design expertise, the transition from real estate to interior design was a natural evolution. Her keen eye for enhancing a home’s beauty and livability while elevating its resale value has positioned London Pierce Design as a transformative force in the industry.

Quinn’s passion lies in projects that reimagine spaces into something entirely unique. She thrives on taking a concept and guiding it to fruition, often turning spaces into exceptional works of art. With an ability to meticulously execute projects from inception to completion, Quinn’s creative process is marked by an autonomy that allows her to make countless micro-level decisions, ensuring every detail aligns with the approved design concept and budget.

The heart of Quinn’s design philosophy rests in the notion of balance and harmony. Her approach is to cultivate a sense of calm tranquility in spaces while introducing striking elements that bring definition. Quinn’s designs reflect her affinity for mixing styles, a love for natural materials, and a dedication to layering textures. The result is often an infusion of custom woodwork and architectural detailing that adds depth and character to every space.

Striving to craft spaces that draw occupants in, Quinn’s designs avoid being pigeonholed into specific styles. Instead, she skillfully combines elements that are not conventionally paired, achieving a balance that ensures spaces feel neither too masculine nor too feminine. One of the hallmarks of her approach is her mastery of lighting and hardware, which add the finishing touch and amplify the wow factor.

Candace Quinn

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