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Grow Up! Vertical Gardening Systems for Small Spaces

vertical gardening system by Sagegreen for Tishman Speyer

Tishman Speyer / Sagegreen Life

Check out the best vertical gardening and living wall systems for your home, office or small space, ranging from sensor-based maintenance to monthly subscriptions that arrive with seeds, nutrients and supplies.

Over the past two years, gardening gained unprecedented popularity as the home front became the home base for everything—living, working, learning and sequestering. Landscape architects shared an unprecedented demand for garden design and installation, as families sought to enrich their at-home experience.

vertical gardening by Sagegreen for Steelcase Coalesse

Steelcase Coalesse / Sagegreen Life

ICONIC LIFE previously explored the power of establishing a deeper connection to nature with inside looks at farm-to-table, agricultural-based communities and high-end residential landscaping. Essentially, time spent with natural elements provides a wealth of benefits.

What if you’re not a garden expert, or what if you live in a place with poor soil? Living in a less-than-ideal gardening environment shouldn’t deter you. With technological advancements making vertical gardening systems easy and better than ever, you can be a city-dweller and still experience growing organics and bringing the natural world into your metropolitan space

You can be a city-dweller and still experience growing organics and bringing the natural world into your metropolitan space.

Vertical gardening system by Sagegreen for Apple San Francisco

Apple San Francisco / Sagegreen Life

The hardest part is beginning your vertical garden journey—committing to the idea and finding a system that works best for you and the area you’re putting your green thumb (or lack thereof) to. Companies like Sagegreenlife are here to help combine science and aesthetics to create spaces that benefit human health and wellness in workplaces, residential buildings, retail stores and healthcare facilities.


vertical gardening system by Sagegreen for Onward Restaurant

Onward Restaurant / Sagegreen Life

The company’s partnership with Microsoft and Cradlepoint makes it perfect for more intricate projects utilizing vertical gardening systems. By incorporating IoT-enabled sensors into the irrigation systems, technology within the living walls accurately measures water levels and usage. 

On the other hand, those looking for an easy way to get started and focus on the practicality rather than the aesthetics can turn to Tower Garden. Tower Garden offers two growing systems: Tower Garden HOME and Tower Garden FLEX.

Both can be used indoors and outdoors but were crafted with specific growers in mind and yield different types of produce using aeroponic technology. A monthly subscription comes with everything you need to grow up to 32 plants.


Vertical design uses 90 percent less space, meaning that you can use these gardening systems to grow food in some pretty interesting places.

vertical gardening system by Sagegreen for Lyfe Kitchen

Lyfe Kitchen / Sagegreen Life

Aeroponic technology refers to the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment rather than soil, using water liquid nutrients and a soilless growing medium that is perfect for people who live on difficult land. According to Tower Garden, vertical design uses 90 percent less space, meaning that you can use these gardening systems to grow food in some pretty interesting places, and minimal setup takes around 20 to 25 minutes after the seeds, nutrients and supplies arrive at your doorstep. 

Another company known as terraplanter is on a mission to create products that match any urban interior living space. Though it resembles more of a regular potted plant than the previous vertical gardening systems, the planter’s ceramic material works as a water bank, with water slowly diffusing through the material to the cells to prevent both underwatering and overwatering. It’s suitable for thousands of different types of plants. 

living wall system by Sagegreen for the Oakland As

Oakland A's / Sagegreen Life

“It took me three years of research and testing with dozens of materials to create the optimal smart structure of the Terraplanter. The exterior surface contains 1,400 cells for seeds, while water is contained inside the vessel and is diffused through the material and into the cells,” lead product designer Eran Zarhi told Interesting Engineering

The terraplanter, which many have claimed resembles an Amazon Alexa or Bluetooth speaker, received incredible backing on the funding platform Kickstarter, raising over $6 million with a goal of only $20,000. With this support, the company now has production underway, and the inside-out planter is available for pre-order.

Regardless of where 2022 takes you or which vertical gardening systems best caught your attention, we recommend finding ways—big or small—to better your relationship with plants and other natural elements…and have fun!

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