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It’s 2022! ICONIC LIFE’s 22 Ways to a Healthier, New You in 2022

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Don’t ditch your New Year’s resolutions just yet, here are 22 ways to incorporate more wellness and self-care into your life in 2022 to be, yes, THAT Girl.

It’s 2022 and some are already calling for a re-do, but not you! With great vision and intention, you can be your best self this year. Some are channeling “THAT Girl,” an archetype from social media that is more about pushing yourself to adopt all things good for you—sunrise yoga, green smoothies and perfectly organized closets—than it is about gender. We can ALL adopt healthy new habits this year and beyond.

This “2022 wellness rebrand”—the new New Year’s resolution—can be a bit daunting. The voice of the global $4.5 trillion gets loud every New Year, and we are introduced to so many “hope in a bottle” supplements and more. And sadly, 80 percent of us will abandon our resolutions just weeks into the year…yes, about now. 

We’ve rounded up (and tested!) 22 ways to be better to yourself this year, sharing our thoughts and experiences along the way.

So, we rounded up (and tested!) 22 ways to be your best you in 2022, sharing our thoughts and experiences along the way to inspire you to get started with just one thing and then build on that success. 

Here are our 22 for 2022:


Daily Gem is taking a new approach to daily vitamins—no more powdered supplements or sugary gummies filled with who-knows-what. Gem vitamins are made from real superfoods packed into bite-size pieces, meaning you are eating your vitamins directly from the source, leading to better absorption and no added nonsense.


These vitamins do make you feel amazing—but they also pack a flavorful punch! The flavors might not be for everyone, so be sure to test them out in the trial pack to see which one fits your palate. We liked the immunity  supplement with turmeric.


LARQ Water Bottle


Drink more water! Carrying around a reusable bottle is not only a great reminder to hydrate, but it’s also beneficial to the environment. We all love our stainless-steel mega-bottles, but we don’t love cleaning them. The LARQ PureVis water bottle uses UV technology to kill bacteria and purify your water—all at the touch of a button.


This water bottle is on the pricier side at $95 for the 17-ounce size, but it saves a lot of time and gives you peace of mind knowing that your water isn’t contaminated with any germs or bacteria. 

SheaMoisture Hair Masque


The importance of a proper hair care routine has risen in popularity, with creators like Lily van Brooklyn sharing hair-care secrets—and amassing almost 2 million TikTok followers and nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram. Our modern-day beauty world puts a lot of stress on our hair, from heat, bleach, chemical treatments and more—so it’s increasingly important to replenish our hair’s natural oils and moisture. Shea Moisture’s line of products has a cult following, and it’s easily accessible at most beauty stores. This restorative hair mask is only $13.99 and has a plethora of rave reviews.


This is like a tall glass of water for your hair! It goes on incredibly thick and waxy. We recommend working it through your hair and then tying it up in a bun to sleep. In the morning, just rinse out the mask and voila! Beautiful, shiny hair.





With MasterClass, anyone can learn from top experts in a variety of fields; everyone from athletes to singers to professional chefs. It’s not every day you get to hear from some of the most successful individuals in their fields, and to listen to them share the insights of their journey and lessons learned along the way. Head over to the wellness section of MasterClass to learn about mindfulness and meditation from Jon Kabat-Zin, mental strength from Robin Arzón and self-expression from RuPaul.


We have been big MasterClass fans for quite some time, and this round is no different! The lessons are presented clearly in bite-size pieces, so you can go at your own pace. Get inspired by those who are leaders in the industry!



It’s 2022, and everything around us is customizable and tech-savvy, so why should our skincare routine be any different? Curology entered the skincare market with a customized routine made specifically for each customer’s skin type and concerns. Top-quality ingredients are prescribed by dermatologists for each individual, and the subscription model makes this a no-brainer.


After using the custom Curology set for nearly one month, I can clearly see a difference! My concerns were addressed, and my skin is softer, clearer and more even than it has been in years. 



Self Care and Wellness


If you need a little more peace and serenity in your life, the Aura app is perfect for you. This all-in-one app has meditations, soothing sounds, stress management, stories, yoga and more. Featuring top global professionals, you can customize your schedule with reminders for daily meditations or any other reminder to take a break. The extensive library of resources will enable you to feel calm and rested any time of day. 


We love the Aura app at ICONIC LIFE! Our team does daily meditations to keep the workflow moving smoothly, and the Aura app is our favorite way to have a moment of breathwork and clarity. 

Ember Mug


We’ve all been there—your coffee, tea or favorite warm beverage of choice becomes cold over the course of your meeting, phone call or Netflix show. Don’t you just wish your drink could stay at the perfect temperature? Ember has created a high-tech coffee mug that automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature—just set it on the app. And, as long as your mug is sitting on the accompanying coaster, you never have to worry about running out of batteries or delicious beverages.


This little gadget is surprisingly handy! I frequently make tea, realize it’s too hot to drink, and then completely forget about it until it’s cold. It would be amazing if Ember were to make this in a thermos-style to-go cup as well!


Many of us start our day with coffee; it is one of the world’s most popular beverages after all. But, we don’t love the caffeine jitters or the crash hours later. Four Sigmatic combined coffee with two super mushrooms–Lion’s Mane and Chaga–to help combat those effects and deliver brain-powering superfoods to your morning cup. 


This coffee is surprisingly delicious! The added benefits of the mushrooms keep us laser focused and working through the notorious afternoon slump. It’s an easy swap to make in your daily routine, and you can make it one cup at a time.

Yoga with Adriene


Yoga is one of the best ways to stay in shape both physically and mentally, and the practice has been around for thousands of years. Plus, the benefits of doing yoga regularly are well-documented. If you’re just starting your yoga journey, it can be intimidating to jump straight into a Bikram or Vinyasa class, and sometimes you don’t have time to make a class. Luckily, there are free yoga classes you can join from anywhere brought to you by experienced yoga instructors like Yoga with Adriene by Adriene Mishler. Adriene offers yoga videos for everyone—all levels and for all purposes, including yoga for back pain, anxiety and balance. 


Yoga with Adriene is great! The best way to practice yoga, in my opinion, is to develop a regular practice. I started with Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenge, completing the 20- to 30-minute sessions each morning. A variety of practice styles will keep things fresh and exciting.

Republic of Tea Brain Boost Tea


With more distractions in our lives than ever before, it’s important to find methods for focus that help you to channel that “deep work” zone. Republic of Tea has created its Brain Boost Tea to do just that—supporting cognitive health with green tea. In addition to a small caffeine kick from matcha and green tea, this blend’s ginkgo biloba can help keep memory sharp, too. 


This tea is super delicious! This is great to make mid-day if you need a little caffeine boost. I’m not sure if there was a drastic difference in my level of focus, or if there was a small difference, perhaps it could be a placebo. Nevertheless, it makes for a great tea!

Three Spirit Drinks


If you participated in the ever-popular Dry January, you may have had a change of heart on alcohol consumption, or even just decided to align your wellness with less alcohol and more botanicals. There have been several non-alcoholic spirit brands that recently hit the market, and Three Spirit Drinks is leading the market with “elixir” drinks made with 100-percent vegan, sustainably-sourced ingredients that give you an all-natural buzz. Choose from their “Livener,” “Social Elixir” or “Nightcap” depending on your mood for the evening.


Get ready for a buzz! We tried a bottle of Three Spirit Drinks’ “Livener” which is high in caffeine and filled with incredible ingredients. We recommend mixing this into your favorite mocktails, as it’s quite potent on its own.

Best Year Journal


We have long-touted the benefits of journaling, with ICONIC LIFE Publisher Renee Dee discussing her journaling and goal-setting practice at length. Journaling can help with your goal-setting, gratitude and organizational skills. The Best Year journal gives you daily thoughtful prompts, inspirational quotes and actionable goal plans to keep you motivated, mindful and ready for success. 


Renee loves this journal with just the right amount of thoughtfulness and time spent each morning with a cup of coffee preparing for the day. Starting a journaling practice has been a great way to transform your morning and reshape how you take on goals!

Prepd Meal Planning Sheet


Eating right is a big part of wellness, and many of our favorite fitness gurus and influencers have been sharing the best meal prep recipes that make it easy for busy people to stay healthy by cooking a week’s worth of meals all at once. Well, as you can imagine, cooking that many meals can lead to a lot of dishes. Get Prepd simplifies the process by using a simple cooking sheet divided with their silicone trays to cook multiple items at once, clean up in a breeze and even store your food for later. 


These little silicone molds fit easily on any baking sheet and are super easy to clean! We thought that the silicone was a little on the flimsy side if you are using them for food storage, but they save tons of time and dishes!

Nekter Juice Cleanse


Superfoods, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are all packed into cold-pressed juices, delivering a jolt of nutrition to your body with each sip. Juice cleanses have been rising in popularity, and ones like the classic Nekter cleanse claim to help you kickstart healthier habits by reducing sugar cravings and increasing your body’s appetite for whole foods. Publisher Renee Dee is still juicing celery almost daily since 2019, and she swears by the benefits.


You sure do feel amazing after a quick juice cleanse! We recommend starting small, with a one- or three-day cleanse to ease your system into the experience. The long-term health benefits of cleanses have been debated by experts so make sure to follow the advice of your primary care physician.

Thrive Causemetics


Thrive Causemetics makes healthy, conscious makeup for everyday that gives back, too. Thrive donates to women’s charities after each purchase, including fighting cancer, domestic abuse, homelessness and charities for female veterans. The brand’s vegan and cruelty-free products are free from sulfates, parabens, gluten and more, making it an easy way to stay beautiful without the bad stuff.


Publisher Renee Dee has loved this brand for years! Her favorite products? The Headliner Lipstick and Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. 

Book of the Month


A healthy mind is a mind that learns! Reading is one of the best and easiest ways to expand your perspective and unplug from the day. In our digital age, hardcopy books (and magazines!) are becoming so much more valuable. Book of the Month is an easy way to get a new book delivered right to you in a simple subscription format. Just choose from five curated selections from a variety of genres. Whether you’re into mysteries, historical fiction, biographies or really anything else, you can get fresh material and interesting stories every month with Book of the Month. 


This is a great subscription to buy for yourself or as a gift for a friend! The selections each month are award-winning and best-selling novels that are sure to please anyone, all for roughly $16/month.

Imperfect Foods


It seems like everything is available as a subscription these days, and now your groceries can be, too. We learned about Imperfect Foods from social media ads, where the brand advertises its delivery service for produce and more that is deemed “unsellable” by traditional grocery chains due to slight physical imperfections and size differences. This service cuts back on food waste and provides a sustainable solution for grocery shopping. 


I loved this idea in theory, and appreciate the sentiment behind promoting sustainability across the food chain. In practicality, I found that I often forgot or missed my shopping window, meaning a random selection of foods that the algorithm suggested would show up at my door, much of which was already in my refrigerator. This is great for those who are willing to plan ahead for their groceries!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


How many hours of the day do you spend in front of a screen? If you’re like most people, your blue light exposure could be straining your eyes and leading to headaches. Ease the digital distress with some blue light blocking glasses, like any of these from Eye Buy Direct. This direct-to-consumer brand has affordable eyewear with a number of different lens options to protect your eyes in front of the screens.


I noticed a difference almost immediately with how strained my eyes were looking at my laptop at work. I was really impressed with the lenses’ efficacy, but less thrilled with how the frames fit my face. They looked super cute online, but I have to admit that shopping for glasses without trying them on first can be a bit of a gamble.

Self Care and Wellness


This innovative stainless steel ball tool combines the powers of cryotherapy and massage into one easy device. Just remove the ball from the holder and freeze for two hours. Then, use this tool to help recover sore muscles, reduce inflammation and ease pain. This mess-free ice solution keeps cold for up to six hours after leaving the freezer. 


This device is simple and effective! Great to use after a tough workout, or we’ve even tried using this on the face to reduce puffiness and sculpt the face. Another Renee Dee fave.

Slip Silk Pillowcase


The beautiful and luxuriously textured Slip silk pillowcases are a celeb favorite and it’s easy to see why. Silk pillowcases absorb less oils and face products, don’t crease on your face, and can even de-frizz your hair while you sleep. With their reduced-friction technology, you will wake up feeling like sleeping beauty. 


This works! Aside from maintaining beautiful curls better than your average pillowcase, Slip pillowcases feel positively indulgent and come in a variety of lovely colors. Another great gift idea, especially for yourself!

Vegan Cookbook


Becoming vegan or plant-based can seem intimidating, and if you don’t know where to start with meals you can get stuck in a rut. Our friend and chef Eddie Garza cooks delicious and amazing vegan food that packs a flavorful punch, and luckily, he’s released a cookbook so we can all learn his tips. Including everything from shopping lists to meal plans and recipes, this book makes going vegan easy, breezy and flavorful.


This book is a no-brainer. Even if you’re not actively eliminating animal-based products from your life, these recipes and guides make it easy to prepare meals that you feel good about eating, and we simply love Eddie!

Wellness and Self Care

Andrea Piacquadio


This isn’t a product, trendy workout or wellness industry suggestion. Taking a break from screens, social media or doomscrolling can really have an impact on your mental health. Try unplugging for a day, a week or longer if you can! Seeing the benefits of a digital detox are almost immediate, like lower stress levels and improved mental acuity. Digital detoxes are often seen as a way to focus on real-life social interactions without distractions. 


This is harder than it seems! You have to make a true effort to remove screens from your day. They are so omnipresent in our day that this can prove to be a difficult task. We challenge you to see if you can do it!

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