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PICCHIOTTI’s Ethically Sourced Diamonds Are Dazzling

Photos courtesy of PICCHIOTTI

Picchiotti ethically sourced diamond story hero

Courtesy of PICCHIOTTI

Unleash the hidden magic of PICCHIOTTI’s ethically sourced diamonds.

Diamonds have long held an allure, symbolizing love, luxury and light. But for discerning collectors seeking ethically sourced diamonds, the journey extends beyond the traditional 4Cs of cut, color, clarity and carat weight. 

Enter PICCHIOTTI, the Italian jewelry house renowned for its exquisite diamond artistry and ethically sourced diamonds, where each gem transcends mere technical perfection to be a radiant expression of craftsmanship and ICONIC, timeless design.

Ethically sourced diamonds on the model

PICCHIOTTI’s story began in 1967 in Valenza, Italy, where generations of skilled designers crafted exquisite jewelry. PICCHIOTTI carries this heritage proudly, applying it to every sparkling, ethically sourced diamond it chooses. Instead of focusing on ticking technical boxes, it looks for gems with personality and diamonds that complement the overall design of its pieces. 


As Maria Carola Picchiotti, the brand’s marketing director, explains, “PICCHIOTTI has very high minimum standards coupled with an accurate and precise selection process. We only use diamonds that are sourced ethically and  have these criteria:  F-G color, VS clarity, and for round diamonds, anything 0.25 carats and above comes with a lab report and will be chosen specifically for the design of the piece.” This process ensures that the diamonds PICCHIOTTI selects are in pristine condition. 

At the end of the day, a beautiful design that brings a smile to your face is more important than anything.

This meticulous selection process of these ethical diamonds is just the tip of the iceberg in PICCHIOTTI’s diamond journey. Unlike many brands, the jewelry house doesn’t directly engage in cutting or polishing. Instead, its focus lies in the virtuosity of design and the craftsmanship that brings its creations to life. 

PICCHIOTTI’s quality is particularly evident in its signature baguette cuts, where each ethically sourced stone undergoes a precise re-cutting process to frame a central diamond or gemstone perfectly. While staying true to its classic, timeless and elegant design aesthetic, the firm also embraces contemporary trends, such as mixing diamond shapes, a practice it has mastered. “Our clients love when we mix different diamond cuts, using round and square shapes like baguettes or emerald cuts in the same design,” Picchiotti shares.

“The fusion of geometric shapes is pleasing to the eye, and the design often makes the stones enhance each other. Other times, we will pair two unusual diamonds together to create a larger center stone presence, for example, two baguettes.” This innovative approach adds a modern flair while remaining true to the brand’s core values of elegance and sophistication.

Picchiotti rings on model


Looking beyond technical aspects, Picchiotti understands the emotional connection people have with diamonds. “The ultimate decision is always very personal,” Picchiotti points out. “At the end of the day, a beautiful design that brings a smile to your face is more important than anything.” This philosophy resonates with its high-earning clientele, who appreciate the technical prowess behind each ethically sourced diamond and the craftsmanship, history and emotional resonance that PICCHIOTTI imbues into its creations.

In today’s conscious world, the origin of your diamonds matter. Look for jewelers like PICCHIOTTI, who prioritize ethical sourcing and transparency. Ask about stone origins and lab reports for larger diamonds and choose brands with a proven track record of integrity. After all, a diamond’s sparkle should reflect not just its brilliance but the values it embodies.

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