Our Picks for the Best Electric Bikes for innovation and power in 2019

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Innovation on Two Wheels: Our Fave Electric Bicycles That Are Taking Off!

Adventurous Electric Biking

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The best weather of the year is here, and if you love a great bike ride, we take pedal-power to the next level.

Rock the trails, the beach and the long and winding road with this year’s most innovative bicycles with benefits. Innovation in materials and technology make for a better ride, as bicycles get lighter and sleeker, and motors make the uphill journey easier to bear. And, modern design makes the ride oh-so-stylish. Enjoy our round-up of the best electric bicycles we’re loving this year.

Stromer Electric Bike


High Performance Vehicle
Stromer is the performance car of e-bikes, and the new flagship ST2 S is designed to win every race with best-in-class acceleration and the most miles attainable per single charge. A proprietary 500-watt, rear-drive motor and 983-watt-hour battery deliver serious pedaling power. This exceptional e-bike can achieve up to 28 mph and 110 miles. The super-hot, matte black paint gets our motor running. A super-high-wattage lamp lights your commute home from a long day of work.

As if a fat bike’s beefy tires weren’t exciting enough, the Outfitter had us easily climbing steep snowy hills and traversing the rugged terrain like a pro.

Electric Bike by The Outfitter

The Outfitter

As if a fat bike’s beefy tires weren’t exciting enough, the Outfitter had us easily climbing steep snowy hills and traversing the rugged terrain like a pro. Designed for backcountry biking, Jim Felt wanted a bike that would go in and out of the wilderness quietly. Felt’s fabulous camo-colored bike features a Bosch motor that maxes at 20 mph and 50 miles, plus a generous 11-speed drivetrain for all-terrains—with or without the help of the electric motor.

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M1 Sporttechnik Electric Bike

M1 Sporttechnik

Carbon Technology
In addition to making bikes, German manufacture M1 Sporttechnik supplies carbon-fiber parts to Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The full-suspension carbon fiber mountain bike is fitted with top-of-the-line components and would be at home on any road. A 500-watt motor in the back powers steep grades, tricky trails or just riding the roads to get to the trails. The battery is housed in a water bottle cage below the rider. We love the yellow and eucalyptus coloring.

Ancheer Electric Bike


Here’s that pedal bike that folds up nicely for storage or shipping. But what makes the Ancheer worth your time is the high-quality, lightweight aluminum construction, and it goes anywhere. That means, no one can get upset if you decide to take it inside. It also means it fits in your trunk, can be flown with you or can be shipped to a race or excursion. The only downside is, you won’t want to go anywhere without it.

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