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Ask the Flygreen Experts | Why Flying Private Saves Time

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Here are five ways flying private can save you time.

We all dread public airports. Between the chaos of long security lines, delays, crowded seating arrangements and more, flying public can often feel like a chore rather than an experience. Here are five ways that flying private with jet charter companies like Flygreen can save you time and a headache, and in our day and age time is money.

No security check

Security at airports is not only stressful, but it is also extremely time consuming. How many times have you cut it close to missing a flight because of a long, slow-moving security line? Flying privately with premier jet charters eliminates this hassle altogether, saving you not only precious time, but also the stress and anxiety of missing a flight

Benefits of flying private, no security check


Convenient parking

On holidays and busy travel seasons, parking can be a nightmare. The scarcity of parking availability in airport parking terminals is not only an inconvenience but can take time away from you from both finding a spot and having to make the long walk from the parking lot to the airport check-in. With private jet charter options, you can conveniently park or valet your car just steps away from the airport terminal. 


No tedious boarding/unboarding process

When you fly private, gone are the days of standing idly waiting for your boarding position to get on the plane and sitting in the uncomfortable commercial seats for what feels like forever when the plane has landed successfully at the gate. Private jet charters make the process of boarding and unboarding a breeze. 

benefits of flying private, no tedious boarding or unboarding


No airport traffic

There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic after a long and hectic flight. Depending on where your destination is, traffic from the airport can tack on another two hours to your journey. With private jet charters, a car is waiting for you on the tarmac so you can avoid the uber lines and traffic from the airport. 

benefits of flying private, no airport traffic


No Bag Check

It seems at this point a common theme of public airports is waiting. Waiting on your bags at the bag check is another way that valuable time can be wasted. With private jet charters, there is no wait for your luggage when you land, saving you time and easing the travel process. 

benefits of flying private, no bag check


Experts at Flygreen– a private jet charter company that values sustainability and offers an exceptional travel experience that extends beyond the timesaving and flexibility typically associated with private aviation, catering to needs for private jet charter, commercial group charter, or commercial group bookings– explain the benefits of flying privately. 


CEO Matt Keezer emphasizes, “Just as our clients value their time, our Jet Charter Executives are dedicated to ensuring every minute of their journey counts. By leveraging innovative technologies, prioritizing customer-centricity, and maintaining a strong network, Flygreen aims to eliminate common travel hassles.”

With its dedication to comfort and customer satisfaction, Flygreen is an exceptional company to consider next time you are planning a trip, no matter the destination.

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