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Amelia’s by EAT: A Culinary Haven for Clean, Locally-Sourced Dining

Photos courtesy of Amelia’s by EAT

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Chef Stacey Weber does it again with a new neighborhood eatery, Amelia’s by EAT. A restaurant that curates local purveyors with time-tested recipes in a casually elegant environment.

How I eat has evolved over time, and I’ve become attached to eating at home because I can control all the ingredients that go into my food. I prefer all-organic, clean ingredients, grass-fed beef, air-chilled chicken, soy/corn-free free-range organic eggs and the healthiest dairy I can get my hands on. I’m truly thoughtful about what I eat and where I dine.

That’s why I was elated when Chef Stacey Weber opened Amelia’s by EAT, a charming, local restaurant that embraces eating clean, locally sourced ingredients thoughtfully curated into delicious dishes.

I first met Weber a few years ago when her team suggested we connect on my podcast. It was full of respect the first moment we spoke. At the time, she was coming off a stint as Larry Fitzgerald Jr’s personal chef, making nutritious, healthy meals for one of America’s greatest wide receivers in the NFL. Her health-minded perspective fueled her desire to cook for the community, and she opened EAT by Stacey Weber, which offers freshly prepared meals. The idea of EAT by Stacey Weber was based on her passion for clean ingredients. Through weekly meal delivery or grab-and-go, she served her new tribe.


Amelia's by EAT

“So many people are talking about clean eating today; I was doing it 20 years ago,” Weber says.

While it was never her aspiration to open a restaurant, her commitment to her passion for healthy dining inspired her to start researching the concept for Amelia’s by EAT, named after Weber’s grandmother.

The result is a modern and comfortable local eatery with counter service, table service, grab-and-go and patio dining with an all-day menu including BYOB (build your own board) nosh board, scratch-made cocktails and a selection of unfiltered and organic wines selected by Weber herself. Of course, the Amelia’s by EAT menu includes items her clients have come to love, like the always-popular chicken enchilada and the no-noodle lasagna. 

Amelia's by EAT food

In the morning, a line runs out the door for the signature Amelia’s by EAT house-made gluten-free bakery items, daily breakfast burrito and chemical-free, organic coffee. Lunch is a lively affair with guests inside and out at this community gathering place, and dinner takes on its own moody vibe…the perfect way to end a day.

“Thoughtful care in the kitchen begins with thoughtful care at the source. We take pride in prioritizing relationships with local farmers and artisan growers, ensuring that each bite not only tantalizes your taste buds but also contributes to the well-being of our neighbors and the vitality of our local economy,” Weber says.

My team and I dined at Amelia’s by EAT recently, and we’re already regulars. 

First and foremost, Weber is doing everything right. She’s sourcing the best organic ingredients locally; all the meat is grass-fed, the salmon is line-caught, and the bacon is nitrate-free. The baked items and craft cocktails are scratch-made. Almost everything is gluten-free, and the dairy is sourced from local farms with grass-fed cows or goats on an organic diet. 


Amelia's by EAT worker

The team at Amelia’s by EAT is busy every day making almost everything in-house: house-made pickles, house-made coffee syrups and house-made organic corn tortillas grace the menu. Even the water cups are stainless steel to ensure your table water is healthy and purified beyond what you usually get at a restaurant.

So, what did we order? We started with a beautiful charcuterie board with organic cheeses, a super intense blue cheese we loved, and house-made sweet almonds and gluten-free seeded crackers. The flavors were fresh, and the board was a lovely starter. To complement the charcuterie board, we sampled orange wine, an unfiltered organic option we all wanted to taste. The bold flavor was a nice pairing with the robust cheeses. 

lasagna from Amelia's by EAT

For dinner, we created two boards to share: the Italian board and another made up of favorites. On the Italian board, we had the gluten-free zucchini lasagna that was dripping with cheese and packed with flavor. With that, we had homemade focaccia bread and organic broccolini. The second board had the best, sweetest, organic heirloom carrots we’ve tasted, the famous chicken and rice enchilada, and organic roasted sweet potato slices.

We ended the evening with a sample plate of sweet treats and a promise to return. 

If you care about what you eat, Amelia’s by EAT cares, too. 

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