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Meet Alexander Khan of Moon River Beef

Photography courtesy of Moon River Beef

Moon River Beef Hero
The expert in beef, Alexander Khan breaks down his family business Moon River Beef and why it’s important to consider sustainability with food.

As longevity continues to be at the forefront of people’s minds, it’s essential to consider this when buying food. Business owner Alexander Khan devotes his career to ensuring that his customers receive top-quality products they can confidently purchase and consume. 

Khan’s business, Moon River Beef, is a family-owned cattle business that encourages sustainable food in Arizona. Located just north of Prescott, Khan and his family work on a 15,000-acre ranch.

During the pandemic, Khan and his family decided they wanted to take a fresh approach to the ranching industry and how people receive their beef. 



Alexander Khan, Moon River Beef

The ranch had been in the family for years,” Khan says. “ We were ranching like most people do… about two years ago, though, we decided to completely rethink that method and reimagine our approach to bringing people beef and bringing people healthy, nutritious food that they can put on their table for themselves and their families.” 

Moon River Beef’s cattle live on a pasture for the entirety of their lives. The cattle at Moon River Beef are fed a healthy diet without hormones and GMOs. 

Lisa Khan, owner of Moon River Beef
Cattle at Moon River Beef ranch

“Our cattle are raised on pasture and we are keeping them on pasture,” Khan says. “ We are letting them live as they should and eat the natural wild grasses, legumes and plant life they should be eating. What that does is it leads to incredibly nutrient-dense beef. If you’re raising healthier animals, you get healthier beef.”

Given Arizona’s harsh terrain, it may be somewhat of a surprise that Moon River Beef can supply healthy grass to their cattle. Thanks to their irrigation system, which spans about 200 acres of land, they can grow grass sustainably and keep their cattle fed.


“The main portion of our ranch consists of wild and native grasslands found in Arizona,” Khan explains. “ We also have about 200 acres that are irrigated, and we worked with a pasture scientist to create the best mix of native grasses, forbs, legumes, etc., all the stuff that cattle need to thrive and have a healthy life; we planted those on our irrigated pastures, and we water that with water sourced directly from the Verde River.” 

Cattle at Moon River Beef

With a commitment to sustainability throughout every step of the process, Moon River Beef prides itself on serving Arizona fresh, healthy, and nutrient-rich beef that fuels the body without harmful hormones. 

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