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West Coast Cooking Stones: Natural, Sustainable, High-Heat Cooking

Photography courtesy of West Coast Cooking Stones

West Coast Cooking Stones hero
Discover West Coast Cooking Stones, a leading brand of natural hot and cold stones.

West Coast Cooking Stones founders Deborah Craw and Don Moss first became friends as neighbors, both living on Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. They bonded over their love of nature, cooking and entertaining friends and family.

The West Coast Cooking Stones idea started when Moss entertained a visiting friend at his Lake Cowichan home. Moss attempted to make homemade pizzas as a fun activity –a much more arduous task than they expected. After cleaning up the mess they made and tossing the burnt pizzas, Moss had an idea. The failed pizza attempt marked the birth of West Coast Cooking Stones.

West Coast Cooking Stones pizza pic

While there were other cooking stones on the market, Moss struggled to find a high-quality local supplier that could withstand the heat of a barbecque. He saw an opportunity to create a high-quality, sustainable, naturally derived product from quarries in his backyard. 

Moss had the idea; now he needed a partner with a shared interest in the natural world and geology: enter Craw. Moss invited Craw to join him on the journey of creating the world-class products that are the West Coast Cooking Stones. 


Don Moss and Deb Craw, founders of West Coast Cooking Stones

Moss and Craw built a company that provides people with high-quality natural stones. Each step of the production process is completed by hand, from picking out each slab to analyzing the shape, cutting, cleaning, sanding and polishing the stone. They fabricate handles and feet from there to make a complete, one-of-a-kind cooking stone. The stone is delivered directly to the customer in a sustainable burlap sack with care instructions and best-use suggestions. 

“Every time you start a business, you want to have a vision of where it’s going to go,” Moss says. “The goal is not to achieve mass production status, but to be local and artisanal with each raw product being different from the next.

Don Moss making a west coast cooking stone

West Coast Cooking Stones uses various materials to derive their cooking stones and charcuterie boards, including marbles and slates.

The cooking stones allow people to cook using the hot rock cooking technique. Hot rock cooking is an ancient culinary technique in which preheated stones become the cooking surface for food, offering a unique, evenly distributed heat. Slate–a fine-grained metamorphic rock—is perfect for this method as it seals in flavors and withstands high temperatures.


West coast cooking stone slate stone

To satisfy the charcuterie market, West Coast Cooking Stones produces boards with natural marble. Marble is formed when a preexisting limestone rock is heated to such extreme temperatures that the minerals grow larger and fuse together. Marble can maintain warm and cool temperatures, which is great for keeping slices of bread and dips warm or cooling cheese and cold-cut meats

West Coast Cooking Stones marble stone

With charcuterie boards becoming a staple in the food world, Moss and Craw set out to create their visually stunning presentation pieces for your wildest culinary creations.


“We wanted to share our excitement about cooking, stepping outside of the box, and doing something completely different,” Craw explains. 

Discover how to incorporate hot rock cooking or natural charcuterie stones into your culinary repertoire and elevate your dining experience with West Coast Cooking Stones. 

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