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Wake Up on the Good Side

Good Side Silk Pillowcases

Good Side

Sleep in silky softness with Good Side.

Rest easy sleeping on a cloud of silk with the silk beauty products by Good Side. Their classic silk pillowcase, silk sleeping masks and silk hair scrunchies are the ultimate in luxury materials that are beautiful and healthy for your skin and hair, too. Silk pillowcases absorb less oil, won’t crease on your face, and can even tame your hair while you sleep. Silk also protects against breakage. With their reduced-friction technology, you will wake up feeling rested and beautiful.

Silk is a material that has been around for thousands of years, a true staple that has withstood the test of time. Worn by royalty dating back to the 4th millennium BC, silk is a luxury material that has often been a symbol of status. Organic and versatile, silk takes well to a variety of dyes due to its chemical composition. This beautiful material is not only silky soft, but it is strong too. A thread of silk is just as strong as metal wire, and silk fabrics are surprisingly durable. 


Silk pillowcases absorb less oil, won’t crease on your face, and can even tame your hair while you sleep

Good Side is committed to sustainability with its products, only sourcing their materials ethically, using eco-friendly dyes and recycled or plant-based packaging. Available in six decor-complimenting hues, opt for a lovely shade that looks best on your bed. Their products are also free of harmful chemicals, toxins and irritants thanks to the OEKO-TEX certification. Feel your best knowing that your products are good for the planet and keep you looking your best! 

Sensitive skin need not worry; silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Tame unruly hair and preserve your skin’s luminosity as you sleep by simply swapping out your pillowcase. Want your day two (or three) curls to look just as good as day one? Your silk pillowcase keeps your style in tact. Embrace your inner sleeping beauty with soft and sustainable sleeping accessories from Good Side!

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