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True Colors

Photography courtesy of Kohler

Kohler's latest limited-edition release is a tribute to the brand's 150 years of pioneering color in kitchen and bathroom design.

Everyone needs a pop of color in their lives, and the colors that you choose to incorporate through interior design can change the entire vibe of your home. Warm tones like reds, yellows and oranges are energizing, while cool toned blues, greens and purples will create feelings of peace and calm.

Kohler, a 150-year-old, family-owned company known for its innovative designs in kitchen and bathroom products, has a history of incorporating color into its creations. 

In the 1960s, the company became synonymous with boldness through its “THE BOLD LOOK OF KOHLER” campaign, which showcased unique shades in a way that inspired self-expression and individuality. To honor this legacy, Kohler is reviving the 1960s campaign, kicked off with a fan poll on what colors the brand should bring back. In a decision made in response to more than 100,000 votes from fans, Kohler is re-releasing limited-edition heritage colors, Spring Green and Peachblow.

Spring Green is “inspired by the blue-green waters of a cool northern spring, this historic hue from 1927 has modern relevance in kitchens and bathrooms as a standout piece or blended within your design.” Peachblow is an original pastel shade from 1934, “a bold complement to common browns and taupes of the time,” Kohler says.

By revisiting the colorful 1960s and revitalizing it for today’s market, Kohler inspires us all to live our best lives—in color.

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