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Top Jewelry Designers Share The Piece They Love The Most

Goshwara Opal And Carved Tourmaline Earrings With Diamonds

Opal And Carved Tourmaline Earrings With Diamonds by Goshwara

We love their work, and here, our favorite top fine jewelry designers share their favorite piece of masterwork.

Ilove fine jewelry, and even more, I am so impressed by the talents of the designers we have invited to join us in ICONIC LIFE JEWELS. They are designers with distinct looks and extraordinary quality who’ve made a life of collecting rare gemstones and special finds, ultimately creating stunning jewelry design. This month, we asked them to share their favorite creation, and we hope you enjoy hearing from them here. Shopping today is clickable, and we offer you that experience with greater access to my favorite designers through our exclusive, curated online fine jewelry gallery through ICONIC LIFE. Ready, set, shop!

This month, we asked them to share their favorite creation, and we hope you enjoy hearing from them here.

A true renaissance man, St. Louis-based designer Adam Foster specializes in creating classic pieces with a modern twist. You’ll find jewelry that ranges from contemporary to traditional, to bold and delicate. Each is a nod to the past and handcrafted using Old World techniques. The creative spirit extends to all facets of his life as he partakes in a variety of pursuits from automotive restoration to the culinary arts. Today, Foster is receiving national acclaim, and most recently he received the “Best Use of Colored Gemstones over $20,000” at the prestigious COUTURE jewelry show in Las Vegas this summer. Sourcing new materials and creating new designs keeps Foster in the forefront of the design community.

“This is a bracelet that I completely handmake here in my studio. It has an African garnet in the top of it with Tahitian pearls around it, and diamonds set in white and yellow gold with a hidden hinge. The reason I love this piece is the color play between the green pearls and the purple-red stone and the classic details that sum up our Constellation Collection.” – Adam Foster

Adam Foster Fine Jewelry


Award-winning designer Debra Navarro has become an industry darling. Best known for her unique styling of natural-colored diamonds and 18k recycled gold that are the foundation of her Barefoot Collection, Navarro’s designs are art you can wear. Named the Cindy Edelstein Emerging Designer of the Year, we love where her collections are going. Inspired by her Texas roots, Navarro is committed to giving back in the mining communities in Africa from where she sources her gemstones through her Watu collection of rough-cut colored gemstones.

“I chose the Crossroads Necklace from my Barefoot Collection as my favorite piece. It was inspired by looking at life as a journey that will take you in many different directions. Enjoy them, learn from them and keep moving forward! I love it because it makes a statement, but in a very cool modern way. I hope others will be inspired to mix this statement necklace into all aspects of their wardrobe from t-shirt to ballgown, wearing it like a roadmap of where they’ve been, and where they’re going.” – Debra Navarro

Debra Navarro Fine Jewelry
Debra Navarro Crossroads Necklace


Sweta Jain, founder of Goshwara, has been working with gemstones since childhood, as she and her brothers willingly accompanied their father to the mines of Africa. As a purveyor of stones to the finest jewelry houses globally, the Jains kept the entire family involved. Sweta become a certified pilot, artist and photographer, however, jewelry design stole her heart. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and was inspired by the beautiful gems she experienced as a child. Today, her passion for the colored gemstones she loves so much fuels the fire to create modern designs for women.

“At the moment, these earrings are my favorite. I love these one-of-a-kind earrings. They are special not only because of the gorgeous play of colors on the opals, but also the carved baby pink tourmalines are so pretty and unique. I started working on these earrings at the time of Holi. It’s a festival of colors in my culture, and it put me in such a vibrant mood in March even though the weather was cold and gloomy. I wanted to capture that feeling in this piece. It reminds me of the joy it brings to all when we celebrate festivals together. I am hoping people see this as a ‘happy’ piece—something that makes them as joyful as it made me.” – Sweta Jain

Goshwara Fine Jewelry


Marco Dal Maso’s Italian heritage played a key role in his design and inspiration, all handmade with precision by skilled Italian artisans. Dal Maso’s father taught him jewelry making at a young age, and today Marco Dal Maso helms the luxury brand he launched in 2011. The meticulous details and craftsmanship are put to the test before leaving the heart of Italy’s jewelry district—Vicenza. Using silver, gold and precious stones, Dal Maso creates jewelry that’s innovative in design yet wearable for any occasion and boasts celebrities as clients.

“My favorite piece is this oxidized and 18K gold-plated silver bracelet from The Warrior collection, inspired by the protective bracelets worn by warriors in combat. Each link is hand-shaped from silver, while every alternate link is punched with my logo, giving a rugged appearance yet making the bracelet extremely light to wear. I love it because it’s unique, unisex, and it doesn’t need to be sized—every link can be used as a catch. It represents my brand and my beliefs that each of us is a warrior. I believe that we transfer our energy into the items that we create, transferring that positive energy from person to person, only enhancing it when we pass it down from generation to generation.” – Marco Dal Maso



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