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Dynamic Designers | Top Interior Designers in Orange County in 2023

Meet the Top Interior Designers in Orange Countythe Ones to Watch

Step into the realm of opulence and refined taste as ICONIC LIFE unveils its prestigious list of Orange County’s top interior designers for 2023. In the world of luxury living beautifully, these creative visionaries possess the unique ability to transform homes into havens, infusing each with their magic touch.

Our curated selection of designers will transport you into a place where elegance meets innovation, grandeur meets intimacy, and dreams become tangible. Prepare to be captivated by the alchemy of top interior design as we present our ICONIC picks for the luminaries shaping Orange County’s aesthetic landscape this year. 



Huma Sulaiman is the creative force behind Huma Sulaiman Design, a top-notch and highly acclaimed boutique interior architecture and design firm in Southern California. Since its establishment in 2011, the studio has garnered numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its position as a leading force in the industry. Huma Sulaiman Design has completed countless exquisite local and international projects, showcasing its versatility and expertise.

As a top interior designer in Orange County, Sulaiman has a strong understanding of contemporary and traditional design. The studio takes pride in crafting unique spaces that are tailored to the architecture and lifestyle of its clients. This personalized approach ensures that each interior reflects the client’s individuality and vision.

The Orange County top interior designer’s sources are diverse and eclectic. She draws inspiration from anything that resonates with her, whether it’s the beauty of nature, the world of fashion, or the captivating moments encountered during her travels or beach runs. Sulaiman spends countless hours exploring online platforms to fuel her creative process, continuously immersing herself in a sea of visual stimulation.

Her company believes that a well-designed space can elevate the soul, transport individuals and create cherished memories. Each project is designed to develop a client’s dream story, setting the stage for a transformative experience.

Huma Sulaiman Design takes pride in its individualistic approach, embracing materials and textures that combine past eras and contemporary styles. It firmly believes that no two spaces should look alike, as no two clients are alike. By delving into the history, architecture, location and culture surrounding each project, the Orange County top interior designer’s company creates a clear vision of the future while honoring the essence of the past.

With an impressive portfolio and commitment to exceptional design, Huma Sulaiman Design redefines the boundaries of interior architecture and has left an indelible mark on the design world.


Another top interior designer in Orange County is Anne Michaelsen, the visionary behind Anne Michaelsen Design (AMD). Michaelsen embarked on her creative journey in 1988 when she founded her eponymous firm in Los Angeles. Drawing from her appreciation for art, history, architecture and design, Michaelsen sought to channel her passion into a thriving business. Her extensive classical education in the humanities and arts and her practical training in architecture, design and construction laid the foundation for her success and earned her the top designer Orange County title. 

Renowned for her ability to harmoniously merge classic and modern aesthetics, AMD sets itself apart by blending time-honored principles with contemporary design philosophies and technological advancements. As an active member of such prominent industry organizations as ASID and The Orange County Design Alliance, the Orange County top interior designer remains at the forefront of the industry, continuously pushing boundaries and embracing innovation.

Under Michaelsen’s guidance, AMD has achieved remarkable milestones, including designing spaces for prestigious events like the Pasadena Showcase House and the ASID Orange County Philharmonic House of Design. The firm’s exceptional work has garnered recognition, earning it the esteemed “Best Of Houzz” for design award on multiple occasions.

With a strong presence in Southern California’s design scene, the Orange County top interior designer’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, solidifying its status as a leading design authority. Michaelsen is a respected contributor to industry articles, sharing her expertise and insights with fellow professionals and design enthusiasts.

Throughout the years, AMD’s projects have expanded in scope and scale. The firm has assembled a dedicated team of professionals to support Michaelsen, allowing her to provide a personal touch to each project while ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout the construction and design processes. Collaboration is a cornerstone of her approach, valuing strong relationships with top architects, contractors and the trades. By fostering strong partnerships, AMD consistently delivers exceptional results and develops top-tier interior designs in Orange County.

With a substantial body of work that spans more than three decades and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Michaelsen and AMD continue to leave their mark on the world of interior design.



Born and raised in Italy in a close family of five, Orange County top interior designer, Arianna Noppenberger, was nurtured by a loving mother and taught strong values by her father. Contrary to the Italian tradition of raising a girl in those days, her parents inspired her to travel and become independent at a young age. 

In 1980, Noppenberger moved to Bologna in Northern Italy to attend college. She graduated with a master’s degree in law and human resources in 1987, but her dream was to become an interior designer. Following her heart, she moved to Milan, the “Capital of Italian Design,” and enrolled in the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) interior design program. 

After graduating in 1990, the Orange County top interior designer traveled to California with her roommate to experience the progressive work of renowned architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Oskar Schindler and Richard Neutra. It was in Laguna Beach, Calif., where she met Horst Noppenberger, founder of Horst Architects, Inc., and two years later, they married.

Noppenberger spent seven years at Horst Architects’ studio, immersing herself in every phase of the work while learning English and familiarizing herself with feet and inches rather than meters and centimeters. Drawing, visiting construction sites and utilizing her law background to handle business became part of the Orange County top interior designer’s routine. 

In 2002, Noppenberger founded Aria Design, Inc., specializing in high-end residential work. The firm’s portfolio includes high-profile projects along the Southern California coastline, with several featured in national and international publications. Aria Design’s top-notch interior design work is characterized by timeless elegance and restrained simplicity, guided by Noppenberger’s exposure to the European design aesthetic and her search for inspiration during visits to Italy.

With a multicultural team, the Orange County top interior designer takes on projects from initial concept to completion, collaborating with prominent architects, builders, and landscape and lighting professionals to deliver designs of enduring quality and distinction. The company’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has resulted in many happy and repeat clients who often refer Aria Design to others.


Enter the world of top interior design in Orange County guided by the visionary prowess of Sandra Vila. A distinguished Southern California-based designer renowned for her creation of modern classic environments that effortlessly withstand the test of time. Rooted in a multi-faceted background spanning design, marketing, luxury real estate and fashion, Vila seamlessly integrates her love for travel, passion for the arts and respect for historical architecture to establish a unique and enduring design philosophy.

The Orange County top interior designer started her design career in San Francisco where she discovered a love for architecture, antiques and living beautifully. Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences, Vila masterfully blends her comprehensive design knowledge with an instinctive sense of artistry. Her design ethos is based on the concept of less neutralization and more personalization.  Rather than designing to please others or for resale, Vila hones in on her clients desires to create a space that truly encapsulates who they are and tells their story. 

Vila is currently working on architecturally unique water-oriented homes in Laguna Beach, Corona Del Mar and La Jolla each with a unique coastal contemporary aesthetic that emphasizes the California lifestyle.  Also set to finish this year is the Orange County top interior designer’s own home, a sanctuary influenced by her love for mid-century design and her Cuban heritage, from the structure and the materials to the furnishings and lighting, the home will inspire and provide insight to the functionality of curated design.

Vila’s journey into the design world is supported by a solid educational foundation including a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from the Interior Designers Institute and a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Arizona, along with memberships in ICAA, ASID, and IIDA.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Vila embraces a life rich in experiences. From her time on construction sites to family moments, spending time outdoors, and world travel, she draws inspiration from the tapestry of life itself.

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