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2021 ICONIC LIFE Top Designers to Watch
Check out our curated list of THE Ones to Watch

We are in a housing boom, where stunning homes are springing up across the Valley. Buyers are more sophisticated than ever as to what they want to see and feel in their homes. Enter the best of the best, ready to design a home to your lifestyle, desires and dreams. Check out who made our curated list of the best.

“Living Beautifully is not a set of circumstances; it is keeping your mind focused on the things that fill your heart with gratitude, and letting those things determine your path.”

Janet Brooks 2021 ICONIC LIFE best designer

Eric Cassée

JANET BROOKS | Janet Brooks Design
Lead by Janet Brooks, ASID, the luxury interior design firm of Janet Brooks Design is known for unique, livable design in the most desirable locations. Style is always a first and foremost consideration but is carefully balanced with an awareness of practicality and purpose. And underlying all, she believes there must be a respect for the architectural design foundation for each project.

As a native of the Chicago area, Janet’s Midwestern roots are the driving force for her Arizona-based design aesthetics.

Inspiration comes from her love of everything nature. An acute awareness that the most minimal designs are actually comprised of a perfect balance of many complex elements frames the direction of her work. She believes in interior design that gives a simple, fresh and comfortable first look.

Janet Brooks interiors modern living room design

Steve Thompson

After designing mountain homes in Colorado for 11 years, she came to understand the indoor-outdoor living we enjoy in the desert and that homes complement their natural environment, which prepared her for her award-winning career in Arizona, serving clients here and across the nation.

“True style evolves, and trends become hashtags. Elevated design is the ability to take wishes and create inspiration giving clients, something they never imagined in a perfect reflection of their style. That is beautiful design.”

KERRI FOREMAN | Vallone Design
Founded in 2001 by renowned Interior Designer Donna Vallone, Vallone Design is a leading, full-service interior design firm based in Scottsdale, specializing in classic and exquisite residential and commercial luxury projects across the nation and abroad. Kerri Foreman is at the helm of Vallone Design’s studio, leading a variety of projects from boutique residences to large-scale commercial designs.

Kerri’s work has received numerous awards and been published locally and nationally.

Kerry Foreman 2021 ICONIC LIFE best designer

Eric Cassée

Through inspired and attentive use of color, texture, lighting and spatial relationships, Vallone Design’s residential portfolio spans from traditional and timeless designs to fresh whimsical and clean modern spaces—all while flawlessly creating customized looks that match each client’s personality.

Kerri Foreman of Vallone Interiors Phoenix

Dino Tonn Photography

Kerri prides herself on embracing all design styles and diligently looking for the newest sources and latest trends in an industry that is constantly evolving. In addition, Vallone Design’s extensive commercial portfolio includes well-known restaurants, resorts and private clubs throughout the nation and abroad.

“Living Beautifully to me means living authentically and unapologetically while remembering to enjoy the journey, take risks and be curious. Living in the now with unique life experiences is an art, and as with design, an appreciation of this creates richer experiences and influences how we choose our surroundings.”

Mara Green top designer 2021 ICONIC LIFE

Eric Cassée

MARA GREEN | MARA Interior Design
MARA Interior Design began as a boutique residential and commercial interior design studio, providing a diverse range of project scope and genre. Both passion for inspiring design and professionalism from blueprints through installation, allows for fulfilling all aspects of each client’s goals.

Mara is devoted to creating understated, elegant design tailored to the individuality of each client bringing their dreams to reality regardless of project scope. Whether clean and minimalistic, lively and stated, eclectic and traveled, or formal and elegant, a well-executed design achieved through creativity and expertise will reflect life’s moments while making a true statement of the client’s identity.

As the principal designer, Mara believes a fusion of understated, rich aesthetics begins with a clean, minimal and natural approach. allowing the evolution of unique design tailored to the client’s sensibilities and lifestyle. Attention to the subtle yet defining details that draw you in while carefully blending the architecture, environment, client’s individual style and Mara’s vision into one overall cohesive interior.


Mara Interior Design modern home

Leland Gebhardt Photography

“To Live Beautifully is to be a part of an environment that inspires you, that speaks to your daily necessities and desires—your home should tell a story! Beautiful design isn’t just pleasant to look at; it improves the quality of our lives.”

With more than 30 years of experience combined, Kacie Lilley and Stacy Scharf offer full-service residential interior design, new construction and remodel design, material and furniture selections, CAD drawings, space planning and more. The pair started their own firm, K & Q Interiors in 2015, thus creating one of the Valley’s most passionate and qualified design teams around. Together, they create unique and timeless interiors personalized to each client’s taste, while catering to their desired scope of work and incorporating fresh and creative design concepts into each space.

K & Q Interiors names best designer 2021 ICONIC LIFE

Chris Loomis

Projects have ranged from large to small, custom homes to model homes, full home remodels to individual room transformations—all of which have one common goal in sight: enhance not only the beauty of the home, but the overall quality of life within it!
Additionally, both designers have received recognition in their industry with receipt of numerous awards. These valuable years have helped them gain an understanding of the vital role of an interior designer for the dynamics of working with architects, builders and clients in and out of state.

K & Q Interiors modern Phoenix design

Leland Gebhardt Photography

“Living Beautifully is a layered way of life for me. My daily spaces have a huge impact. I flourish in minimalistic comfortable interiors that have layered organic touches. I also love to travel to interesting, well-designed spaces to be inspired. I blossom when I fuel my body with healthy tasty options, meditate and exercise regularly. Feeling my best is essential. But most of all, treating others and the ones I love with respect, honesty and kindness is a vital part of my Living Beautifully.”

Claire Ownby ICONIC LIFE 2021 best designer

Eric Cassée

CLAIRE OWNBY | Ownby Design
Claire Ownby is the owner and principal designer at Ownby Design, an industry-leading luxury interior design firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Part designer, part innovator, part visionary, Claire draws inspiration from her studies, her extensive travels and her affinity for fine food and wine. With her unique fusion of minimalism and lavishness, Claire’s designs transform the spaces of everyday living into one-of-a-kind indulgences.

Over the years, working with Scottsdale-based residential and commercial design firms, Claire refined her talent and passion for luxurious interiors, and decided to start her own interior design firm in 1998. She specializes in modern minimalism aesthetic, with a keen eye for detail.

Ownby Design has been recognized with numerous industry and community awards for designs throughout the Southwest. She endeavors to continually deliver beautiful and functional spaces that go beyond the client’s needs and expectations.


Ownby Designs modern luxury interiors

Dino Tonn Photography

“Living Beautifully to me means coming home and feeling calm. It means that every detail has been carefully designed with an intention to match one's lifestyle, functionally and visually."

Kaitlyn Wolfe was introduced to design and architecture at a young age after her family moved to Elham, England. The experience of living abroad left her inspired by the character and history of European architecture, leading her to incorporate elements of classic style into her contemporary designs.

Prior to launching Iconic Design + Build, Kaitlyn gained experience as a project manager and interior designer at a Phoenix-based residential construction company. During her time in construction, Kaitlyn saw an opportunity to elevate design within the industry.

Kaitlyn Wolfe 2021ICONIC LIFE best designer

Eric Cassée

Iconic Design + Build was created to fill that void—to perfectly blend stunning aesthetics with feasibility and functionality. As a licensed general contractor, Kaitlyn provides full-service design services while keeping both the functionality and structural integrity of your space in mind. Her firm has grown dramatically this year.

Iconic Design+Build interior design

Kevin Brost

“Living Beautifully is to live minimally and with purpose. When your space, your life and your soul is decluttered, it allows for only the items you need or love to be present, and there is beauty in that awareness.”

Holly Wright 2021 ICONIC LIFE best designer

Eric Cassée

HOLLY WRIGHT | Holly Wright Design
As owner and principal of Holly Wright Design, Holly promotes individuality and avoids trends that would constrict the evolutionary process of custom design. Maintaining a purist aesthetic allows her to be purposeful and thoughtful about elements that create the spaces we live in and encourage her clientele to appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

Above all, the connections she builds with her clients function as a tool to connect them to their home. She embraces their personality, the way they live, the things they value, and finds joy in applying these details to create a timeless and sophisticated space that encompasses who they are.

Holly, a native to Arizona, has been a designer in the Valley for 17 years and has long-standing relationships with top architects, builders and vendors that continue to grow and provide the best resources available for any caliber of project. Throughout her career, Holly has been the recipient of numerous ASID awards and has had her work featured in a variety of publications.

All Rights Reserved

John Woodcock

“Living Beautifully is to be kind and forgive; to be patient and loving; to accept and surrender to the present moment; to let whatever is happening to happen; to leave the unexplained, unexplained; to be around nature and sunlight; to gaze the stars at night; to have family and friends over a home-cooked meal; to laugh hard and love dearly; to walk and see the colors of the flowers and the changing seasons; to sit by the fire on a cold day with a favorite book listening to music; to help those in need and to love with an open heart.”

MARIA ZAMBRANO | Maria Z Interiors
Maria Zambrano is an award-winning interior designer with an impressive track record of projects and an impeccable eye for detail. Her many years of experience in design spans several states and countries, giving her a global mindset from which many of her designs draw inspiration.

Maria was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has experienced the many unique facets of architecture and design offered in her native country and from traveling abroad over her lifetime. Maria has an MBA as well a degree in interior design, interior merchandizing and architectural technology. She enjoys working with clients to bring their desired lifestyle to reality.

Maria Zambrano 2021 ICONIC LIFE best designer

Eric Cassée

Maria’s work has been recognized by local design authorities like ASID, and her work has been featured in a variety of local shelter magazines.

Maria Zambrano designs modern retreat

Scott Sandler

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