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The Best Ready-Made Summer Cocktails

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 Check out these delicious ready-made cocktails to sip on this summer. 

As the intense summer heat returns, nothing sounds more refreshing than a cool ready-made cocktail to sip on as you bask in the sunshine by the pool. Enjoy drinks that taste as if they were crafted by master mixologists at the finest bars simply by breaching the seal. 

Indulging in the classic cocktails like a cosmopolitan or margarita has never been more convenient. Here are the front runners of the ready-made cocktail industry just in time for the summer season to commence. 

Fresh Victor: 

Fresh Victor, summer cocktail

Courtesy of The Baddish Group

Fresh Victor is a line of premium mixers. With a vast selection of options from a refreshing Strawberry and Lemon beverage, to a tarte grapefruit and sea salt– for those who prefer their drinks on the sour side– Fresh Victor is able to supply something that will satisfy any flavor preference. 

Fresh Victor’s founder Ken MacKenzie knew from a young age that he wanted to be involved in a business that brought people together. In one of his seminars when a distributor asked him the question, “Do you realize that some of those amazing cocktails you showed us took six minutes to make? I’d love to recommend them to my restaurants, but customers don’t want to wait that long for a drink! Do you have a cheat code to mix them faster?” The idea for Fresh Victor was born. 

Fresh Victor utilizes fresh cold-pressed juices and clean-label ingredients in all their products. Their cocktail mixers are a must-try for your summer cocktail. 


Double P Espresso Martini:

Summer Cocktail, Double P

Courtesy fo Blonde PR

Double P’s founder Ashley Perez was on a mission to make the formula for the perfect espresso martini, and she succeeded. Double P espresso martinis are beautifully balanced between the bold, rich flavors of coffee and the sensual sweetness of vanilla. 

A journey of two years and more than 500 recipe variations before crafting the perfect formula paid off, the Double P espresso martini is the recipient of multiple awards including the 2023  Las Vegas Global Spirit Award for the best Ready to Drink, Ready to Pour and Ready to Serve cocktail. 

Making a traditional espresso martini is time consuming. Double P espresso martini is ready to pour, serve and drink – all you have to do is shake with ice! If you are an espresso martini enthusiast, get your hands on Double P, you won’t regret it. 

On The Rocks:

Summer cocktail. On The Rocks

Courtesy of On The Rocks

On The Rocks cocktails are ready made cocktails that are perfect to bring to your summer get togethers. On the Rocks offers a large selection of classic cocktail recipes from negronis to margaritas. 

These cocktails were created by Andrew Gill, Patrick Halbert and Rocco Milano where all successful businesses start, the garage. Their goal was simple, to give people a delicious cocktail without the hassle of making it themselves. 

On The Rocks is available in stores and on select airlines. So the next time you’re traveling, ask for On The Rocks Cocktails. 



Summer Cocktail, DRYNXMYTH

Courtesy of DRNXMYTH

Another fabulous option to quench your thirst this summer is DRNXMYTH, a pre-made cocktail company that provides delicious and refreshing drinks. Enjoying these cocktails is easy, simply twist the cap to release the mix and shake!

DRNXMYTH only utilizes cold-pressed and fresh ingredients for their cocktails. They work with Calofornia Central Valley farm collectives to source the best produce. 

Since DRNXMYTH is a collective of bartenders, each drink is crafted by a mixologist to showcase their talents and share their creations with the world. Each DRNXMYTH bottle contains two cocktail servings, these cocktails are perfect for enjoying the summer season.

Drink Responsibly. 

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