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Tablescapes Ideas – Setting the Scene

modern Spring tablescape by Table and Dine

Table & Dine

We talked with three designers to get their tips for how to create beautiful tablescapes for spring entertaining with a modern flair.

Spring is a time for gathering; whether having a family brunch, hosting a backyard barbecue or celebrating a special occasion and we’ve all thought about the perfect table settings for each occasion. As we begin to recover from an extended period of not gathering at all, it makes this season feel all that much more special to reimagine how we entertain.

simple modern tablescapes by top influencers

If it’s been a little while since you’ve flexed your event-hosting muscles, perhaps you might be searching for some inspiration for your next fete. We rounded up some of the world’s top tablescape experts from Table & Dine, Home With Holliday and Simply Beautiful Decor for their tips on creating inviting, simple and luxurious settings that are sure to impress.

Table and Dine Spring tablescape

Table & Dine

Deborah Shearer from Table & Dine says the first step in planning or designing a tablescape is choosing the perfect color combination, theme, pattern or mix of all the above. There is always an element of surprise, which might be anything from a small stack of color-coordinating books, something from the ocean or a detail guests will appreciate and remember.


There is always an element of surprise, which might be anything from a small stack of color-coordinating books, something from the ocean or a detail guests will appreciate and remember.

Spring tablescape from Home with Holliday

Home with Holliday

Holly Johnson from Home With Holliday says she either starts with a foundation or a theme. For a spring alfresco table, I started with a foundation of a festive, textural blanket that dictated the look, feel and colors of this outdoor dining experience. For another tablescape, I started with the accent plates and coordinated the rest of the table with them. My largest collection of plates are accent and salad plates, as they typically top off any table setting. They set the tone, the color palette and the style of the table.

Angelica Sala atSimply Beautiful Decor starts with flowers as inspiration for the look of the table. Florals will bring all the natural beauty, fragrance and color to the table. Then, look to add layers to create visual interest.

Simply Beautiful Decor Spring tablescape

Simply Beautiful Decor

Angelica: A few linens and textiles present adds warmth to a simple tablescape. This can be achieved in the form of a table runner, chargers and napkins. Texture appeals to our sense of touch which brings us a feeling of calm. Consider playing with a blend of soft linen and more rugged textured like burlap. Even just a simple velvet ribbon tied around each napkin at each setting is such a sweet way to incorporate more texture.

Holly: Once you have a theme or a foundation, you can build from there. For example, in one spring table, I chose to feature my favorite blue bowls as the starting point. Orange is the “traditional” complementary color to blue, so I went with a spin on that by complementing the blue with coral and blush pink tones.

The flowers were the key to bringing these color tones altogether. Using pinks and yellow yielded the overall general coral tones so nicely. The layers of colors are what gave this table a major impact.


Home with Holliday Spring tablescape

Home with Holliday

Deborah: Be bold and beautiful—mix and match! A modern tablescape doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy to be beautiful, especially as we entertain more casually today. Different colors and patterns can add a fun aesthetic to your table. Pair those you personally love and play with them until I love what you see. Use your imagination and try things on. Dressing a table is almost like dressing yourself. You never know what looks great until you try it on.

Place Cards, menu cards or a small gift at each place setting are a few of my signature details. ~Deborah

warm Spring tablescape by Table and Dine

Table & Dine

Angelica: I cannot stress enough the incredible warmth created through candlelight. Tea lights, votive candles and tall pillar candles—it all works. The best is when you blend a few different sizes & shapes!

Deborah: Place Cards, menu cards or a small gift at each place setting are a few of my signature details. Each is a gesture that welcomes guests to your table and says, “thank you for coming!”

Simply Beautiful Decor modern tablescapes

Simply Beautiful Decor

Holly: Get creative with how you use typical or untypical table elements. I love to mix things up, especially for holidays. For a spring table this year, I started with a preserved moss runner as the foundation. The texture was amazing!


Tablescaping can be a moment of zen in your event preparation. Thoughtfully and intentionally creating a table can be the calm before the storm. Start early, like a day or two before you event, and enjoy the process. Think of it like layering an outfit. Start with one piece that inspires you and build from there, adding layers of detail as you go. Bring your favorite things out and try a few ideas. Don’t be afraid to start over if another direction comes to mind. That’s why you started early! Have fun! ~Renee Dee

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