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Plum smart home technology for serving wine


The ‘ings just got better with smart home technology, from chilling to communicating to shading to pouring that perfectly chilled glass of wine.

When you think about your home in the future, you think about smart home technology and innovation to do things in new and better ways, making things easier or more efficient. Fortunately, the magic we dream of for our homes today has already been imagined by these four iconic brands we are loving.

From Crestron to Hunter Douglas to Perlick to Plum, they make our worlds better from teleconferencing to shading to cooling to pouring…a perfectly chilled glass of wine at the end of the day. Take a look at some of the brands we feel are must haves for your home of the future, and you can have it now.

Featuring the most innovative products in the smart home technology industry, Perlick, distributed by MODE, makes it easier than ever to add refrigeration to any room of the home.

cool outdoor innovations by Perlick


CHILLING | Perlick
Featuring the most innovative products in the smart home technology industry, Perlick, distributed by MODE, makes it easier than ever to add refrigeration to any room of the home—from the kitchen to the bar to the entertainment room, family room and outdoor living room, and a variety of spaces can be accommodated.

Perlick, the award-winning leader in residential undercounter refrigeration, boasts the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, ice makers and beer dispensers.

Even more, Perlick is a leader in sustainability practices, the luxe brand has the greatest number of ENERGY STAR™-rated undercounter refrigeration products, making the most efficient use of the power to your home. Perlick offers the fastest and coldest refrigeration for your chilled beverages.

Plus, the brand is Earth-friendly with clean technologies like Hydrocarbon Refrigerant to reduce impact on the environment. Hydrocarbon refrigerants, the most climate-friendly and cost-effective refrigerants, are a natural, non-toxic substance that doesn’t deplete the ozone or contribute to global warming.

Perlick cool home technology wine cellar


Enjoy the flexibility of Perlick column refrigeration by mixing and matching units to create custom storage for food, wine and beverages. Columns can be installed individually or installed side-by-side in a pair or more to serve any size kitchen.

Perlick’s premiere collection of indoor and outdoor refrigeration features a wealth of features in its most powerful and efficient cooling system, with a variety of industry exclusive sizes and styles to bring you to the forefront of smart home technology.

Perlick undercounter clear and cubelet ice makers are the perfect complement to any home refrigeration suite. Perlick offers indoor and outdoor-rated standard and ADA-compliant height ice makers with choice of stainless steel or customer-provided overlay panel.

To bring Perlick luxury into your home, visit the experts at perlick.com or modedistributing.com to find a dealer near you.


Hunter Douglas home innovation window coverings

Hunter Douglas

SHADING | Hunter Douglas
As the connected home becomes more popular than ever before, Hunter Douglas has worked to keep up with demand by developing shading solutions that are innovative, interoperable and intuitive, without compromising on style. A few years back, Hunter Douglas introduced PowerView automation to meet the growing demand for a wireless smart shading solution.

PowerView can be easily integrated into smart home technology systems offering safety and privacy, comfort, and convenience, and even energy savings. In fact, last year Hunter Douglas earned the very first energy performance rating for window coverings on their lines of cellular shades and cellular roller shades.

Hunter Douglas window smart home technology

Hunter Douglas

For homeowners seeking powered shading in hard-to-wire locations, Hunter Douglas introduced the wireless rechargeable battery wand last year. The wand delivers a one-year battery life and is easy to remove, recharge and replace, taking lifestyle simplicity to the next level.

For those looking to hardwire shades as part of new construction or a renovation, Hunter Douglas introduced PowerView+. This new product offers a premium low voltage, hardwired solution that adds extra reliability, ultra-quiet operation and control for up to 16 shades at a time. PowerView+ is compatible with designer roller shades, designer screen shades and Pirouette and Silhouette window shadings.

To bring Hunter Douglas smart home ideas and luxury into your home, visit the experts at Interior Essentials or go to Hunter Douglas to find a dealer near you.

smart technology at home by Crestron


With the whole family working, schooling and socializing from home, elevated communications tech and innovative home automation from Crestron just made our worlds a whole lot better. The idea of collaboration and remote working is not new to Crestron, so they were able to leverage some of relationships they had with companies like Logitech and Zoom to create Crestron Home Time, streamlining what they were doing in the commercial enterprise space and bringing t it into the home.

In some homes, there’s a dedicated home office with a desktop solution that is an all-in-one device that sits on the desk with a seven-inch touchscreen for control, professional microphone with 360-degree voice pick-up and high fidelity, professionally tuned speakers specifically tuned for speech audio. And it works for people who like to walk around and pace and still have really good audio quality with their smart home technology.

Crestron smart home technology and innovation


It’s a universal web-conferencing solution that works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Spark, WebEx and Go To Meeting. Normally, the hardware and software are linked, so whatever platform you use it works only with that software. In this case, it just works…with everything, plus Bluetooth makes seamless pairing from your device to your phone.

Crestron HomeTime is perfect for remote social gatherings, holidays and birthdays over the miles. Instead of having the entire family huddling around a single laptop, everyone can sit comfortably on the sofa in front of a large-screen television, and all be seen in the camera shot. Plus, you can control HomeTime all from a simple handheld remote, that can also raise and lower shades, adjust lights and control the temperature for the full experience. With the professional camera, microphone and speakers, it’s just like being there.

To bring Crestron smart home ideas and innovation into your home, visit the experts at. Monarch AV or go to Crestron to find a dealer near you.


Plum smart home technology wine station


Why couldn’t we have the perfect glass of wine in the evening served just as the winemaker intended?

Plum, distributed by MODE, introduced the first fully automatic appliance that perfectly preserves, chills and serves wine. Plum’s motorized needle pierces any cork or metal screw cap, identifies and chills your wine perfectly for up to 90 days, and preserves up to 150 bottles with its refillable argon canister. All you have to do is decide when to have a glass.

Designed for everyday use, this luxe smart technology has a patented double-cored needle that automatically pierces through any standard foil and cork covering, simultaneously extracting wine from the bottle and injecting argon gas to prevent oxidation – perfectly preserving your favorite wine and automatically chilling each serving.

smart home technology wine station by Plum


Plum’s touchscreen is equipped with a proximity sensor that lights up when you approach, displaying the wine label and creating a virtual tasting room for every bottle. Each bottle chamber has an integrated HD camera that scans the label and automatically identifies the varietal, vintage, region, winery and wine.

Plum’s brushed stainless-steel exterior and tubing are modeled after those found in wineries, to preserve the integrity of the wine. With the addition of a sleek and stylish trim kit, Plum can be integrated into the most creative and sophisticated kitchen or bar designs. Cheers!

To bring Plum luxury into your home, visit the experts at plum.com or modedistributing.com to find a dealer near you.

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