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Get glowing skin worthy of its own medal with SK-II’s cult favorite skincare product, the Facial Treatment Essence.

Japan is well known for incredible skin care brands, and SK-II is one of the most highly regarded Japanese skin care brands. It was only natural that the brand created a special version of its best-selling skin care essence product to support the 2021 Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo, which is where the brand is headquartered.

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence is made with a proprietary ingredient called Pitera—an isolated yeast compound that is fermented and contains more than 50 micronutrients and is an excellent source of peptides, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and organic acids.

Get glowing skin worthy of its own medal with SK-II’s cult favorite skincare product, the Facial Treatment Essence.

This special ingredient was developed by their team of scientists after visiting a Japanese sake brewery and noticing the incredible smooth and youthful skin of the workers there. After years of research, they were able to narrow it down to one particular strain that they named Pitera.

The Japan-based company touts this product as its “holy grail” skin care item that helps with the appearance of a wide variety of skin-care concerns from dry skin, to acne, to pores and oil. It can be used on virtually any skin type. The online reviews are wonderful as well. As a luxury skin-care company, SK-II is based on a small selection of products that can address a variety of skin care needs. The brand recommends the essence is used with the toner and serum, making it an easy at-home skin-care regimen that is easy to implement.

The limited-edition Olympics version of the Facial Treatment Essence comes in specially designed bottles with a large “Tokyo” graphic with the five primary color bauble caps. The collector’s edition bottles additionally come with three collectible SK-II / Olympics-branded pins.

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