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Building Lasting Connections | Silverleaf Realty’s Client-Centric Approach in Arizona’s Upscale Market

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Unveiling the transformation in client relationships, Silverleaf Realty‘s expert realtors discuss the evolving dynamics of Arizona’s luxury real estate market, emphasizing constant availability and strong connections as key factors in their approach.

Recently, ICONIC LIFE Publisher Renee Dee sat down with some of Silverleaf Realty‘s expert realtors: Andrew Beardsley, Jen Boynton and Connor Sabanosh. Silverleaf Realty specializes in delivering exceptional real estate services throughout the Valley. With their team’s extensive long-term involvement in the region’s diverse cities and communities, they offer clients a level of knowledge, experience, and expertise that is unmatched in Arizona’s marketplace. 

The group explored the changing landscape of real estate in Arizona and how they’ve adapted to meet the evolving needs of their clients. From clients becoming “real estate junkies” who find properties online to the constant need for availability and responsiveness, they discuss the strategies employed to maintain a close connection with their clients.

The three realtors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to the luxury real estate scene in Arizona. Beardsley, a seasoned expert with over a decade of experience, combines his financial and real estate savvy to ensure his clients’ needs are met with precision and care. Boynton, a true real estate enthusiast, grew up immersed in the business and now utilizes her keen listening skills to find the perfect property for her clients while maximizing their value. Sabanosh, a former professional baseball player, brings his competitive spirit and dedication to every real estate transaction, earning him the title of Rookie of the Year in 2019.

With their unique talents and unwavering commitment, these three redefine excellence in the realm of upscale real estate.

The real estate industry, like many other industries, has experienced a significant transformation in the last three years since the COVID-19 pandemic. And while technology isn’t new to the real estate world, the way we interact with it has definitely changed as we’ve all adapted as a society. Because of this, the relationship between clients and real estate professionals has undergone a remarkable evolution. Beardsley reflects on the changes he has witnessed during his 15-year tenure, highlighting the profound impact of technology and the shifting dynamics within the real estate landscape.

One notable change is the closer connection between clients and agents. With the advent of online platforms like Zillow and a surge in real estate enthusiasts, clients have taken an active role in their property search. Beardsley describes how clients immerse themselves in real estate media and diligently browse through listings, often sending their discoveries to agents. 


“I think they would consider themselves real estate junkies,” Beardsley says. “They sit in their own Zillow on their phone at night and they’re finding media and they’re finding properties that they send to us so there’s a much closer connection between client and agent. I think everybody goes back and says that real estate is a relationship business first and so having that availability to your client at all times is pretty paramount.”

This heightened involvement has transformed the industry from a transactional approach to a relationship-based one. Real estate professionals must now prioritize maintaining constant availability and fostering stronger connections with clients to cater to their evolving needs.

Boynton further emphasizes the demanding nature of the real estate profession during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the heightened demand for housing and the need to seize every opportunity, real estate professionals found themselves on call 24/7. Late-night negotiations and critical decision-making moments required immediate responsiveness. The market’s intense pace left little time for personal respite, as agents needed to be ever-ready to serve their clients effectively. However, amidst this challenging demand, real estate professionals like Boynton discovered the flexibility offered by technology. Working remotely from various locations, including the golf course, became not only possible but also essential in providing seamless service to clients.

Sabanosh echoes the significance of availability and the changing expectations of clients. In a world where information is readily accessible, clients expect swift responses and efficient service. Agents who prioritize being reachable and responsive, regardless of their location or activities, build trust and foster strong relationships. He emphasizes that this level of dedication plays a crucial role in a competitive market. In an industry where opportunities can be fleeting, being the agent who picks up the phone when others don’t can make all the difference in securing a deal. Moreover, as the real estate profession embraces remote work and the flexibility it brings, agents can effectively conduct business from anywhere, ensuring their clients receive exceptional service regardless of the agent’s physical location.


“It’s been interesting over the last two or three years how much it shifted to we don’t have to be in the office,” Sabanonsh says. “We enjoy being in the office but [being remote is] just as effective as being in the office and we can be on the go and get the job done.”

Beyond the 24/7 availability, Silverleaf Realty offers another unique advantage—an entire team ready to support their clients. Boynton highlights the familial atmosphere within the company, where everyone comes together to help one another. In the rare instance when an agent may be temporarily unavailable, a network of assistants, sales associates and a stellar staff ensure uninterrupted service. This collaborative approach allows clients to benefit from the collective expertise of the entire Silverleaf Realty team, further enhancing their experience.

Many of their clients, high net worth individuals and captains of industry, are accustomed to dealing with large companies and teams. The collective effort and support system at Silverleaf Realty align with their expectations. This sentiment is further reinforced by Silverleaf Realty‘s expansion beyond their Silverleaf origins. With the addition of the new office in Old Town Scottsdale, covering Paradise Valley, the team has broadened their reach in the high-end real estate market. As Beardsley explains, the market remains remarkably robust, with clients actively reaching out and making offers. The historically low inventory continues to drive demand, fueled by the nation’s newfound recognition of Arizona’s allure.

The challenges posed by low inventory and the discerning nature of buyers post-COVID are acknowledged by Sabanosh. However, he emphasizes the significance of relationships with brokers and the opportunities they create. Through these connections, Silverleaf Realty gains access to off-market deals, allowing their buyers to secure properties before they hit the market. As the market regains its footing and agents adapt to the changing landscape, the focus on building strong relationships and uncovering exclusive opportunities remains at the forefront.

This story is sponsored by our friends at Silverleaf Realty.

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