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Willow Diamonds

Airy Brilliance

Willow Diamonds

Airy Brilliance

Jacquie and MichaelJacquie Earle, veteran designer with more than 25 years of experience, has been creating her signature floating diamond jewelry since 2011 using laser technology. In partnership with longtime friend and experienced designer Michael Hezar, she launched Willow Diamonds, a name that embodies freedom of movement.

The duo demands uncompromising quality in materials and craftmanship, and they alloy gold responsibly. Diamonds are meticulously inspected and graded. Willow Diamonds features a variety of fancy-shaped diamonds, laser pierced and joined with innovative platinum wires through a proprietary process in the 18k gold jewelry.

Free of traditional mounting, the diamonds move freely like willows in the wind with an ever-present and intense sparkle. The look is designed to be feminine, flirty and modern. Clients can add-a-diamond or trade up as time goes on to reflect every-changing lifestyles.




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