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Serving Sparkle

The timeless, sparkling tennis bracelet for the wrist is the it-accessory that never goes out of style.

First known as an eternity bracelet or line bracelet, the small and dainty jewelry staple— now known as a tennis bracelet—has a big history. The ICONIC statement piece can be traced back to the roaring twenties, where it was often seen accessorizing the fanciest of dresses and sparkling in the light at extravagant parties before taking on a whole new identity in the late 1970s.

Tennis pro Chris Evert also seemed to think the all-diamond, bezel-set bracelet was the perfect accessory for every situation, as she wore it out on the court for her match at the 1978 U.S. Open. Mid-match, the diamond bracelet snapped and flew off Evert’s arm and onto the court—an unexpected change from the optic yellow ball that typically makes its way back and forth on the court. The match paused, which is understandable when diamonds are at stake! Evert took a few moments to look for her bracelet and because of this courtside chuff, the bracelet took on a new moniker—tennis bracelet.

In the decades since the famous interruption, celebrities such as Serena Williams, Kate Moss, Princess Diana and Lenny Kravitz have been seen wearing the ICONIC tennis bracelet and it doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. The simple elegance of the bracelet makes it an extremely versatile piece, allowing it to work with just about any outfit or occasion. Evert’s choice to wear the bracelet to her tennis match changed how the world viewed fine jewelry and women began wearing tennis bracelets with more casual outfits in addition to their more formal attire.

Traditionally, the tennis bracelet is a string of white diamonds set on a strand of white gold, but modern iterations include using warm gold metal tones and even different color gemstones to add a personal touch to your everyday style. The bracelets are also perfect for layering and make the perfect addition to virtually any jewelry stack.

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