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Spa Day: One of My Fave Spas Earns 5 Stars from Forbes

photography courtesy of THE PHOENICIAN

Scottsdale luxury hoel treatment room at the Phoenician Spa
When you simply have absolutely no time to indulge a spa day, that’s exactly when you need to go. Enter The Phoenician, a luxury hotel in Scottsdale—destination rejuvenation.

I’ve always been a believer in Stephen Covey’s “sharpen the saw” principle from his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” where you take time to restore, renew and rejuvenate in order to be highly effective. The challenge is that being effective feels, well, effective, and so it’s challenging for me to really shut down and focus on myself to restore my mind and body.

Phoenician Spa at a Scottsdale luxury hotel

So, when I heard The Phoenician Spa, formerly the Centre for Well-Being until 2018, had been awarded 5 Stars from Forbes as a Scottsdale luxury spa, I knew I needed to experience it all—again with a fresh new experience! Forbes awards its stars to outstanding, often iconic properties, with virtually flawless service and amazing facilities. The Phoenician Spa is one of 85 properties worldwide to receive this honor.

I’m going to share my experience, and while I don’t know how to quantify what it takes to be a spa expert, my hours and hours of “research” in the field legitimize that I know what I am talking about. Really.

Scottsdale has the highest density of spa resorts of anywhere in the country and the greatest number of spas per capita.

Phoenician Spa rooftop pool at a 5 star luxury hotel

For more than two decades, I’ve lived in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, writing about luxury and hotels, I’ve seen most everything. In fact, this area is home to dozens of spa resorts make up more than one million square feet of treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms and pools.

Scottsdale has the highest density of spa resorts of anywhere in the country and the greatest number of spas per capita. There is and has been so much to experience, plus I am a seeker of the most luxe resort spas when I travel, and I’m super interested in spa trends for 2020 and all the new offerings.

As a woman who loves design, my spa experience started with time in the welcome lounge, which is so beautifully designed with muted colors and modern brass accents, it actually inspired a bedroom re-design for me.


Scottsdale luxury hotel features the Phoenician Spa

The spa is a three-story new build that took nearly a year to complete. The 37,000 square-foot spa features a rooftop pool, a Drybar blow-out salon, 24 treatment rooms, a couple’s suite, a post-therapy relaxation room, locker rooms with hot tub, steam and sauna, a fitness center, movement studio, nail salon and retail boutique, all located at this five-star luxury hotel in Scottsdale.

When it was time for the therapists to greet their clients, they didn’t do the usual cattle call—which I so do NOT like—they used gentle steps and gentle voices to find their clients who were quietly whisked away to the treatment rooms. I knew the elegance of this experience would permeate every moment.


The Phoenician Spa in Scottsdale Arizona

My therapist, Ashley, guided me to the treatment room, where I would enjoy 80 minutes of Phoenix Rising Scrub and Massage, where I enjoyed a warm body polish rich in magnesium with the spa’s signature scent. A full-body massage followed using premium Shea butter and coconut oil to create healthy energy levels, foster better sleep, improve muscle function and overall well-being.

The treatment rooms are full luxury from the sheets to the music to the lighting to the scents. My therapist was knowledgeable, and I did my usual thing…talk through my treatment at the luxury Scottsdale hotel, as I love learning about all things five-star.

Following my treatment, I took the time to enjoy the amenities of the spa—the Eucalytus steam room, dry sauna, hot tub and cold plunge/shower—time well spent. The ritual of going from hot to cold reduces inflammation and aids in the detoxification process. Later, I wandered up to the rooftop pool for some quiet time under the night sky.

Speaking of efficiency and sharpening the saw…mission accomplished.


Allow yourself time to indulge in a complete spa experience. To improve the benefits of both your treatment and overall well-being, begin your visit with preparatory hot-and-cold contrast hydrotherapy, for a duration of 30 minutes or less.

Scottsdale 5 star luxury hotel Phoenician Spa

• 5 minute Sauna; dry heat for muscle recovery and pain relief.
• 5 minute Steam; wet heat to flush toxins from the body and improve breathing.
• 30 second Cold Shower; to stimulate circulation.
• 5 minute Rest.
• 10 minute Vitality Hot Tub; to boost the immune system, promote overall relaxation. 30-second Cool Shower; to regulate body temperature.
• 5 to 10 minute Rest before your spa treatment; enjoy complimentary infused water or tea.
• Once your spa treatments are complete, it is important to rest for at least 20 minutes to receive the most benefit. Relax in our post-treatment lounge area or at the rooftop pool at one of my favorite five-star luxury hotels in Scottsdale.
(Due to COVID protocals, some amenities may not be available.)

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