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Think like a Fox | Sam Fox Presents The Global Ambassador in Phoenix

Photography courtesy of The Global Ambassador

The Global Ambassador in Phoenix hero
Experience the intersection of culinary brilliance and luxury hospitality as Sam Fox unveils The Global Ambassador in Phoenix. Discover the fusion of sophistication and innovation that awaits guests at this opulent destination.

Few names shine as brightly as Sam Fox’s in culinary innovation and upscale dining. Known for his boundless creativity and unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality, Fox has etched his name into the history books of fine dining. While his restaurant empire, Fox Restaurant Concepts, has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape, he’s now set his sights on a new venture that promises to redefine luxury in the Phoenix area: The Global Ambassador.

From Family Tables to Culinary Stardom

During the 1970s, Sam Fox immersed himself in the industry by rolling up his sleeves, working in kitchens, and serving tables at his parents’ restaurants in Tucson, Ariz. The seed of culinary passion was firmly planted in him, and it didn’t take long for it to flourish. Remarkably, Fox opened his first restaurant, Wildflower, in 1998. He was just 21. This was merely the first step in an illustrious career. 


Yet, beneath the layers of achievement and acclaim, Fox remains a man profoundly enamored with the world of gastronomy. Inspiration finds him in the most unexpected places—an ingredient, a fleeting word or even a captivating new acquaintance. Each spark of inspiration is artfully transformed into culinary concepts that tell compelling stories; each dish is a chapter in a remarkable gastronomic narrative. 

“My inspiration comes from just living life every single day,” Fox explains when he sat down with ICONIC LIFE publisher Renee Dee for a chat. “It could be a meal that I had, it could be a traveling experience, it could be an interaction with some people. It could be reading, a word, food, a glass of wine, architecture or a building. I grab it from everywhere, and it’s constant, and it keeps me up at night sometimes, but you know, I love it, and I’m very fortunate that I get to keep creating all the time.”

The Next Chapter

After a quarter-century of innovation, Fox has decided to take his passion for food and hospitality to new heights. He embarked on a project a decade in the making—The Global Ambassador in Phoenix, his first foray into the world of luxury hotels. With his impeccable track record, there’s no doubt this hotel will be a jewel in the crown of Phoenix’s hospitality scene.

Each of the 141 meticulously designed rooms is a testament to Fox’s dedication to anticipating and meeting every guest’s needs. Fox turned to longtime friend and successful artist Michael Carson, represented by Bonner David Galleries in Scottsdale to provide stunning, original artwork in each guest room.

It's a place where modern touches harmoniously coexist with the building's older character, creating an architectural masterpiece.

The Global Ambassador Hotel Room

The Global Ambassador in Phoenix will benefit from the culinary prowess of Food Network regular Eric Kim Haugen, who previously showcased his culinary talents in the menu for The Twelve Thirty Club in Nashville in a partnership with Sam Fox. Together, they will spearhead the hotel’s culinary creativity, promising an unforgettable dining experience that reflects Fox’s signature blend of taste, innovation and playful charm.


Le Âme: A Parisian Steakhouse with a Twist

When visitors step into Le Âme at The Global Ambassador in Phoenix, they will be transported into the enchanting world of Parisian cuisine. The steakhouse pays homage to traditional French fare with a steakhouse touch, offering a menu as rich and sumptuous as the decor. 


Le Market: Where Pleasure Meets Company

Whether you’re seeking pastries and espresso in the morning or indulging in cheese presentations curated by the in-house fromager paired with natural wines in the evening, Le Market at The Global Ambassador in Phoenix is where culinary pleasures are meant to be shared.

Pink Dolphin at The Global Ambassador in Phoenix

Pink Dolphin: A Whimsical Poolside Retreat

At Pink Dolphin, the vibrant poolside setting comes alive with Mexican and Peruvian-inspired dishes and drinks. 

Lobby Bar: European Elegance Meets Craft Cocktails

The Global Ambassador’s Lobby Bar offers a blend of classic and craft cocktails with a European flair. Sip on expertly crafted libations while savoring treats from the all-day snack menu, featuring delights like Lobster Croquettes and House-Made Potato Chips with French Onion Dip. 

Thea at The Global Ambassador in Phoenix

Théa Mediterranean Rooftop: A Haven of Mediterranean Delights

Perched in the shadow of Arizona’s ICONIC Camelback Mountain, Théa Mediterranean Rooftop is an ode to the sun-soaked Mediterranean region. Théa, which translates to goddess of light, offers breathtaking views, lively DJ energy, and a menu that explores the rich tapestry of mezze, pasta, coastal seafood and an extensive collection of rosé wines.

Sam Fox says he aimed for a design that feels residential in nature, a timeless elegance reminiscent of Europe. It’s a place where modern touches harmoniously coexist with the building’s older character, creating an architectural masterpiece that he hopes will make him proud for years to come. “I wanted something that when I drove by 20 years from now, I felt really proud of the architecture,” he says.

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