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Roxx on the Rocks

Roxx vodka bottles and martini ingredients

Carlye Klick

When you want the smoothest taste for a drink on the rocks or a handcrafted cocktail, a high-quality spirit like Roxx Vodka is essential. So, the vodka brand says it ‘strives to provide the smoothest and most refreshing vodka possible,’ using a unique grain blend grown in Poland. The four grains found in Roxx Vodka—wheat, rye, barley and triticale—are what creator Angela Nielsen attributes to the drink’s smoothness.

“Most vodkas just use one or two grains. Using more results in a complexity of flavor,” says Angela Nielsen in AZ Big Media. “When you drink Roxx, you will taste hints of citrus and pepper, as well as pastries and bread. And then there’s a really nice, smooth finish because of the triticale.” 

Grown naturally, pesticides-free in Poland’s mountain springs, Roxx Vodka has a uniquely refreshing flavor.

It’s also distilled six times to ensure a smooth drinking experience for the most discerning of tastes. Sold in Arizona, there are a variety of ways to mix and enjoy a refreshing Roxx Vodka cocktail, or it can be savored on its own, on the rocks. 

An easy way to spruce up your next cocktail is with some healthy ingredients. Try adding in antioxidant-packed superfoods like blueberries, watermelon or kale for the benefits of a good-for-you drink plus an enhanced flavor profile. 

If you want a drink that’s extra refreshing, try a boozy lemonade slush or get creative and craft a unique cocktail of your own creation! No matter which mixer you choose, Roxx Vodka’s high-quality ingredients and smooth flavor will be the shining star. The multi-award-winning vodka is what we are craving when we want an easy-to-drink and easy-to-mix cocktail.

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