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Sheryl Lowe Jewelry | New Men’s Collection

Rob Lowe Mr. Lowe Collection
Eighties legend and modern-day Emmy-award-winning actor Rob Lowe is the muse, along with their two sons, for his wife’s latest collection of men’s statement jewelry for Sheryl Lowe Jewelry.

Sheryl Lowe, the successful designer for her namesake brand Sheryl Lowe Jewelry has enjoyed accolades and national distribution for her collection of rocker-chic jewelry that represents empowerment, self-expression and inner strength. Her super wearable designs have been seen on celebrities, the likes of Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow, Maria Shriver and Oprah. This summer, she and husband Rob Lowe together launched her newest collection, Mr. Lowe. We caught up with the designer to hear her vision for the new collection and why designing for her husband and two sons provides her constant inspiration.

Mr. Lowe Hematite Stack Sheryl Lowe Jewlery

ICONIC LIFE: You just launched Mr. Lowe; the collection looks great. How has it been received and are your women clients buying for their hubbies?

SHERYL: The men’s collection has been very well received. My clients are buying for their husbands; however, we are finding that men are self-purchasing the collection, and an entirely new clientele has emerged.

ICONIC LIFE: Did you introduce any new materials in designing the Mr. Lowe collection?

SHERYL: No, I did not introduce new materials for the men’s line, however, I focused on more earthy gemstones. Same as the Sheryl Lowe Jewelry women’s collection, I am mixing metals with beads. I’m working with what I know to be a success, and my travels are a constant source of inspiration because I buy a lot of materials when I am in other countries, keeping the look very authentic.

Mr. Lowe Rings Rob Lowe Jewelry

ICONIC LIFE: What do you hope to achieve with this new collection?

SHERYL: My collections have always been about passion, self-expression, empowerment and inner strength. I want the same for my male clients. I hope that the shy and conservative man will feel comfortable and inspired wearing this collection.


ICONIC LIFE: What do you love most about the new collection?

SHERYL:What I love about Mr. Lowe is the vision, which is much like the women’s collection. It’s for every man. The husband, father, athlete, outdoorsman, adventure seeker, Wall Street banker.


ICONIC LIFE: What challenges did you face?

SHERYL: I have great retail partners who were wanting a men’s line, so my challenges have been minimal. We are blessed.

ICONIC LIFE: What is important to you when designing for men?

SHERYL: When designing for men, I knew the collection needed to be comfortable for work and for play.


Rob Lowe Matthew Lowe John Lowe

ICONIC LIFE: We love that these designs were inspired by the three men in your life. How much do you see them when designing pieces?

SHERYL: I am continually inspired by the men in my life—my husband Rob and our two amazing sons. They are a constant source of creativity since we see each other often.

“I love it because I am able to take a piece of her with me wherever I go.” – Actor Rob Lowe

ICONIC LIFE: What’s your favorite way for a man to wear Mr. Lowe?

SHERYL: I think a man should wear my collection in any way that he wants to. Whatever makes him happy, confident and comfortable. My wish is that men will feel comfortable in multiple pieces. I love texture and layering.

ICONIC LIFE: What’s next for Mr. Lowe?

SHERYL: I am having so much fun with this collection. Mr. Lowe has already evolved since its inception. One day at a time.

Mr. Lowe Green Stack Bracelets Sheryl Lowe Jewelry

ICONIC LIFE: And Rob, how do you feel when you wear jewelry designed by your wife?

ROB: I love it because I am able to take a piece of her with me wherever I go.

ICONIC LIFE: Mr. Lowe, do you have a favorite piece?

ROB: I love my beaded bracelet with the diamond buddha, my chain necklace with two pendants, the Maltese cross and Ganesh, and my ring with a pave diamond triangle, which represents strength, serenity and hope.

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