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Renowned Figurative Artist Michael Carson Debuts New Work at Bonner David Galleries

Photography courtesy of Bonner David Art Gallery

Michael Carson Hero
Known for his expressive paintings on panel, Michael Carson is a fan favorite in Scottsdale.

After 20 years of working together, world-renowned contemporary artist Michael Carson and Bonner David Galleries pair up again this month to debut his new show, “Canvassing,” open through December 30th. Carson is known for his dynamic and expressive figurative paintings on panel, with nondescript, abstract backgrounds that highlight the emotions and gestures of his subjects.

Michael Carson Art piece 1

Michael Carson "Bleachers", 2023 oil on canvas 63" x 64" | Framed: 65" x 66" (CAR696)

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Carson is revisiting canvas in a brand new collection.


Michael Carson art piece 2

Michael Carson "The Rest is Irrelevant", 2023 oil on canvas 41" x 41" | Framed: 43" x 43" (CAR707)

Canvas, Originally made from tightly woven hemp, was first used by Venetian painters during the early Italian Renaissance, who found it more suitable than panel for the humid climate. They also discovered that canvas was more readily available, less likely to crack or warp, lighter and easier to transport, and offered greater versatility in size and texture. 

By the 16th century, the use of canvas had spread throughout Spain and Northern Europe and later to North America, superseding panels as the dominant medium and contributing to a significant change in the art world forever.

Carson’s new collection is inspired by the possibilities of this surface. He experiments with the varied texture of the canvas and plays with scale, leading to both subtle and unexpected changes in the work—including the introduction of a number of large, multi-figure compositions.

Michael Carson art piece 3

Michael Carson "Pink Chairs", 2023 oil on canvas 66" x 80" | Framed: 67 3/4" x 81 1/2" (CAR703)

In the 20 years that Carson has been represented by Bonner David Galleries, his art and technique have continued to evolve, and his career continues to ascend to new heights—including being recently chosen as the in-house artist for the new Global Ambassador Hotel in Phoenix, which opened this month. 


Michael Carson art piece 4

Michael Carson "Paris", 2023 oil on canvas 54" x 77" | Framed: 55 1/2" x 78 3/4" (CAR705)

In 2002, Christi Bonner Manuelito and Clark David Olson embarked on a journey to create an “outside the box” gallery concept, and Bonner David Galleries was born. Today, it’s one of largest and most respected galleries in Scottsdale, representing a hand-picked collection of some of today’s most well-known and gifted contemporary and traditional artists. 

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