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It’s Time to Get Some Sleep | Avocado Mattress to the Rescue

Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress

In my world, there are a bevy of things that might disturb my sleep, but toxic, unnatural materials won’t be one of them now.

I love to sleep! Yes, some high achievers like me like to say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” and they get just a few hours of sleep a night. I, on the other side of the bed, feel that sleep is my secret weapon for health, wellness and success. According to the Sleep Foundation, we need about seven to nine hours of sleep to recharge our batteries. In fact, a Harvard study suggests sleep makes us happier and improves our memory function.

Just because I like to sleep doesn’t mean I sleep in—I’m actually quite the early riser. I love to wake up with the day. I don’t like to set an alarm either as I like to wake up naturally to the light of the sun according to my own circadian rhythms, which is our internal sleep-wake rhythm in a 24-hour period.

And, I’ve always felt the bedroom is the best place in the house to make an investment, given how much time you spend sleeping. So, I’ve been a huge fan of super-luxe organic, bamboo sheets, a silk pillowcase to preserve my hair and minimize wrinkles and a heavy duvet to make me feel all tucked in. 

I keep my room super dark and have “black-out” stickers for the little random lights in the room—like the on light on my charger or the tiny light in the light switch. I also have a high-quality air purifier in my room to manage dust and other unwanted particles in the air.

Avocado pillows

Avocado Mattress


The last step in creating this ultra, awesome sleeping environment has always been the mattress, and when I learned about Avocado mattress while researching sustainable companies for ICONIC LIFE magazine’s Net Zero ICONIC Home, I wanted one from the very beginning.

Today, I sleep on an organic luxury Avocado mattress with an organic mattress pad and organic pillows. I have been in sleep heaven—I feel I sleep more deeply and I don’t wake up with a tickle in my nose. The firmness and the support of the mattress is perfect for my taste, and it’s a super deep mattress, so I get some nice height without a box spring. The soft fabric of the exterior is appealing as well. 

My mattress has 17 premium layers of organic and natural latex, wool, mohair, silk, hemp and cotton, with individually pocketed coils for support and motion isolation. Plus, I feel so great about the materials that I am sleeping on for eight hours a day, and I feel good about the company, too.

More than 50,000 mattresses end up in landfills each day. Many of these are made with petrochemicals that pose an environmental hazard when they are ultimately incinerated or introduced into the waste stream. 

In contrast, an Avocado mattresses is “made with materials that can be recycled and reused, or allowed to degrade naturally, thereby returning them to nature with less impact on landfills than all-polyurethane mattresses. These waste and byproducts can even be creatively transformed into new products and materials of better quality or for better environmental value,” says the brand.

Avocado Mattress

Yes, some high achievers like me like to say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” and they get just a few hours of sleep a night. I, on the other side of the bed, feel that sleep is my secret weapon for health, wellness and success.


Many mattresses use memory foams made from polyurethane, a petroleum-based product and a type of plastic. Polyurethane foams emit volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory irritation and other health problems. Avocado uses a certified organic latex foam, which is healthier and more eco-conscious. Additionally, no harmful solvent-based or water-based adhesives are used in the brand’s mattresses. 

With this healthy thinking in mind, “in 2016, a few friends with $40,000 in savings started Avocado Green Mattress. From the beginning, they just wanted a new kind of mattress. One that was greener, better for people and the planet, affordable and comfortable. What they found was greenwashing in the marketplace. 

The brand’s idea was simple, rooted in a much bigger vision. Five years later, Avocado has nearly 800 employees and continues to expand into new industries—from bedding to furniture to the Reed & Gwen beauty brand and Hass organic clothing line.”

In 2018, Avocado became the first mattress company to go net-zero and get Climate Neutral Certified, effectively making the business carbon neutral. A year later, the company went carbon negative, offsetting more carbon emissions than they generated. 

Avocado mattresses are designed in Hoboken, handmade in sunny California with the finest certified organic, natural and non-toxic materials. The company’s mission is to be the most respected source for organic and natural mattresses, pillows and bedding at affordable prices, while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable business practices across our entire supply chain for the health of the brand’s clients and the planet. 

Thank you to Avocado brands for sponsoring our Net Zero ICONIC Home and for helping me to rest easy.


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