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Still not back at the office? Why not work with an ocean view or in a bustling city with dramatic architecture? New remote working visas are making it possible.

COVID-19 has presented so many challenges, but one silver lining is that for working remotely from home many, can mean working from anywhere. Destinations worldwide, which have seen tourism decline seriously during the pandemic, are taking advantage of this new way of remote working, offering long-stay visas that allow foreigners the opportunity to live and work in their country.

(NOTE: Because COVID-19 is still a threat, most destinations have COVID-related entry requirements that might include negative COVID test results or quarantine time and require visa holders to have appropriate medical insurance.)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience life in Europe, the Middle East or on an island, now is the time to turn that fantasy into reality.


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If you’ve ever wanted to experience life in Europe, the Middle East or on an island, now is the time to turn that fantasy into reality. The word nomad, known for traveling from place to place, has a hip, new derivation with a movement called digital nomading that takes advantage of our virtual and telecommunications technology to be anywhere online.

Digital nomading is a top remote-working trend that traditionally attracted young, single, technology or creative professionals drawn by the chance to see the world while living in countries with much lower costs than the United States. But with the nature of the workplace changing, this work lifestyle is also appealing to executives looking to add a luxury component to being a digital nomad.


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Digital nomading can give you the chance to experience a new culture, expose children to the world, provide new perspectives that can spark creativity at work, and even give you the chance to spend quality time with your family that might not happen at home. While all the destinations on our list are safe and have an infrastructure in place to support remote working, it is important to remember that it’s not home, and things do run differently abroad. Do also check to see if local conditions have changed by the time of your trip.

“There are challenges like the electricity cuts at times, trying to work out and. finding where to get a Yorkshire tea bag for a cup of tea, but nothing that would make me want to jump right back onto a plane,” said actress Julie Hewlett who took advantage of the chance to be a digital nomad. “But there didn’t seem like a ‘better’ time than now to try something different. My son is young and adaptable enough to cope with change, and it’s even an opportunity for him to be educated culturally.”

Services like Workmango or Avvinue can do all the planning for you, from helping find accommodations or assistance with applying for a remote-working visa. If you’re ready to take the plunge, use our ICONIC LIFE guide to the countries offering remote worker visas to find your perfect adventure.



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Barbados is located in the Lesser Antilles and is one of the most eastern Caribbean islands. It is outside the main hurricane belt, and the official language is English. In response to the pandemic, it launched its Welcome Stamp program for those working remote jobs, allowing individuals and families to stay on the island for a year.

Applying is as simple as filling out a one-page form with an answer from the government in just five days. If approved, the fee is $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a family of four. Applicants are required to attest to having an annual income of at least $50,000.


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The program does not allow Americans to work for a local employer, but any income earned during the year from a remote job is not subject to Barbados income tax. Children can attend private school, or for a small stipend, go to public school. Barbados’ infrastructure is strong, its economy stable, and the country is safe.

Luxury housing options abound, with penthouse condos and large villas available throughout the island. Luxury rental firms like Terra Luxury or Edge Retreats can help you find your ideal home for the year.


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When not at your remote job’s “desk,” you won’t lack for entertainment. Barbados has had a relatively low rate of COVID-19, and there is no travel ban or lockdown in place on the island. Naturally, life in Barbados is focused on the water. From lying on the beach to surfing, fishing, kayaking and more, water lovers will revel in living on the island. History buffs will love visiting the UNESCO Heritage sites, while foodies will enjoy trying the local cuisine with its African, Indian and British influences.

Bermuda has earned Conde Nast’s best island in the Caribbean/Atlantic 18 times due to its unique pink sand beaches, outdoor adventure options and cuisine.


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Just off the Eastern Seaboard, Bermuda has attracted luxury travelers for years with its beautiful beaches, colonial St. George, and one of the highest standards of living in the world. Now, it is becoming a hotspot for remote working.

The Work From Bermuda Certificate is good for a year, renewable and costs $263 to apply. You must be self-employed or working for a non-Bermuda based company and have substantial income to cover the high cost of living on the island. The program also allows you to study on the island for a year. Application acceptance is given within five days. Children are able to attend public or private school and work permits are available for any domestic help you might bring.


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Housing standards are high on the island and options range from beachfront villas to homes in St. George. Several hotels from Rosewood Bermuda to The Coral Beach & Tennis Club are offering long-stay packages for digital nomads working remotely.

Bermuda has earned Conde Nast’s best island in the Caribbean/Atlantic 18 times due to its unique pink sand beaches, outdoor adventure options and cuisine.


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Anguilla is a small British island in the Eastern Caribbean. With a population of just 15,000 it has a more authentic, laid-back vibe than other more populated and touristy islands.

The Work from Anguilla program is available to remote workers and students, and it grants residency for a year at a cost of $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a family.


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With 33 beaches it’s easy to find beachfront villas from Island Dream Properties or Edge Retreats. Hotels like the Zemi Beach House are offering special long-stay packages.

The island is known for its coral waters, outdoor sports, and fine dining. The much larger St. Martin is just 10 miles south.



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If you’re dreaming of Europe, Georgia, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is open to Americans through its remote working program. A member of the EU, Georgia has one of the lowest COVID rates of any European country.

The Remotely from Georgia program grants residency for a year, with approval granted within ten days. Applicants must prove an income of at least $2,000 per month.


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While many Americans aren’t familiar with Georgia, the country is considered the safest in Europe, the most ecologically diverse on earth, a center for wine and gastronomy, and boasts a strong expat community for those with remote working jobs.

Base in the city’s capital of Tbilisi or elect for a place along the Georgian Sea. Luxury rentals can be harder to find in Georgia than in other locations. Using an agent like Grandluximmo can help you find the top accommodations available in the country.

Dubai promotes remote working trend

Dubai Tourism

Dubai is the most Western country in the Middle East, offering Americans the comforts of home with the experience of living in a decidedly different culture.

The Work from Dubai program gives residency for a year and costs $287 to apply. Applicants must show proof of employment, or proof of owning a business for at least one year, and a minimum monthly income of $5,000. Americans with remote jobs are not subject to income tax in Dubai. Anyone in the program will also receive the COVID 19 vaccine free of charge.

remote working trend in Dubai

Dubai Tourism

Let Luxhabitat help you find the right neighborhood and villa, penthouse, apartment or townhouse in Dubai for your year abroad.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial city with strong infrastructure, business resources, world-class dining, entertainment and shopping, and great sandy beaches.

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that life is precious, and time is short. If you’ve ever dreamed of living abroad, the new nature of work and these remote working programs are giving you the chance to do it now.

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