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Day in the Life of Ramsey Bergeron

From the moment he wakes up, Ramsey Bergeron, a personal trainer in Scottsdale, is on. As the owner of Bergeron Training and Bergeron Adventure Travel, he motivates his clients to get fit and go on adventures. When at home in Scottsdale, he balances his fitness clients with acting and modeling gigs and giving back to his community. Here, he shares what a typical weekday is like for him.

My alarm goes off and I try to sneak out of my room without waking my wife or dogs. I immediately make coffee and check my emails for anything international that came in overnight. Since I plan international adventure trips to motivate my clients, sometimes things from Norway or New Zealand come in while I’m sleeping.

I get my first workout of the day going. Usually, it’s in the gym, but during the summer, I try to get a run or bike in (I bike on a specialized Shiv TT) before it gets too hot especially during Ironman season. It helps me clear my head and focus for the day.

I begin working with my clients. Most are at Bergeron Personal Training, but some are in-home. They range from 25 to 85 years of age. We focus on everything from getting in shape for their wedding to losing weight after a baby, recovering from back surgery to trying to get around without a walker.

I take a break from training clients for a committee meeting for Duet. I’m on the board of directors for this local nonprofit because the health and well-being of the Valley’s seniors is a cause that’s near to my heart.

I’m back to training my clients.

I eat almost the same thing every day for lunch—baked salmon or grilled chicken kabobs that I make at home on the grill.

I head to an audition for a regional commercial. I have a great agent (Leighton Agency) that keeps me pretty busy.

Back for afternoon clients.

I go over my client plans for the next day. Some of my clients live in other states and I train them online so I review their nutrition logs and exercise reports and adjust accordingly.

I refine my itinerary for any upcoming adventure travel trips and then spend some time with my wife and our dogs.

Before bed, I make time to reply to online health and wellness bloggers who ask me to be an expert for their articles. I’ve been quoted in Women’s Health, MyFitnessPal, Shape, and Preventionmagazines.

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