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Lapping Up Luxury: Pet Hotels We Love

Dog Spa Hotel

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These posh pet retreats will make you want to swap places with your furry friend.

The latest hot hotel in Los Angeles offers a chauffeur service in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley or Rolls Royce. That is, if you happen to be a dog.

Today’s furry friends are getting more pampered than ever. From free-range, organic raw food to spa treatments, nothing is too good for these couture critters.

But when owners have to travel without their four-legged friends, today’s premium pet hotels ensure your best friend is spoiled and cared for, such as the D Pet Hotel, which originated that idea of the luxury car chauffeur service for pets.

Wag Hotels - play time

Dog gym at Wag Hotels. Photo by Mark Rogers

At these luxe pet hotels, dogs (and sometimes cats) stay in their own private suites, watch movies, admire art, get bedtime stories read to them and have such a good time they probably don’t even notice their owners are gone. They get to run amok in playgroups, or get entertained by certified trainers. And if your pet gets stressed out from all that excitement, you can always treat them to a massage afterwards.

In the ever-competitive dog luxury market, the game is on to create an atmosphere as close to home as possible and offer add-on services that make the stay more convenient for owners and decadent for the pets. Many of these dog friendly places offer doggie daycare, so owners can test the waters and see how pampered their pooch feels at the end.

And who would blink an eye at the price tag as our four-legged family deserves nothing but the best.

Check out our favorite luxurious pet hotels ready for booking today:

D Pet Hotels

D Pet Hotels
D Pet Hotels are probably the most luxurious pet hotels out there, with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Scottsdale. The company’s founding branch is in Hollywood but the brand channels celebrity glamour at all of its locations, which offer perks like huge suites with human-sized beds, massive dog romping spaces or grooming and spa centers with organic food and treats. The hotels also have boutiques with fashionable pet accessories and a photography studio for getting that perfect headshot.

Many of these facilities offer doggie daycare, so owners can test the waters and see how pampered their pooch feels at the end.

At the Chelsea location, dogs get their own private chef who prepares all-natural custom pet food recipes. In L.A., dogs in the upscale Uber Suites enjoy Ralph Lauren sheets and sirloin steak.

Spring for the British-themed Winston suite, and your dog gets to ride there in a toy Bentley, then get 15 minutes of furry fame when it’s posted on social media. Dogs even get a 24-hour butler, whose services include all-night cuddles. It’s a vacation filled with dog luxury.

Wag Hotels dog suite

Photo by Mark Rogers

Wag Hotels
Wag Hotels have become a California mainstay since being founded in 2005, thanks to cheerful interiors, a spacious playroom, and cozy accommodations. Being that most branches are located in or near Silicon Valley, Wag Hotels are high-tech, offering all-day dog cams so you can watch how your pup is getting along with the other doggies. In the hotel’s Ultra Suites your pet has their own webcam, and you can even video chat every night with your best friend.

The grooming salon is especially extravagant, with treatments like a lemon salt sea bath, coconut oil silk moisturizer or pawdicures to keep your pooch looking pretty.

Dogs can go to the gym and get fit with the “high-intensity fetch” add-on, or attempt the IQ treat ball challenge. Or send Rover to Wag University, a professional training course personalized to your pet, so that by the time you pick him up, he’ll have impeccable manners.

Posh Pet Hotels - Presidential Suite

Posh Pet Hotels
Posh Pet Hotels in Palm Beach, Florida, have set the bar high when it comes to dog luxury. In the extravagant presidential suite, dogs slumber on premium memory-foam mattresses, watch movies on the 42-inch HD flat screen TV, and listen to classical music under crystal chandeliers. Each pampered pooch gets a bedtime story and belly rub before bed, and there is 24-hour camera access for owners to watch. Posh also offers valet services in a Bentley or a Maserati.

Posh Pet Hotels

The hotel offers an extensive pet spa service with specialized beauty treatments. If you have a particularly stressed out canine send them on a Zen wellness experience, with treatments such as acupuncture, tui-na Chinese massage therapy or cold laser therapy for muscle pain.

Posh also has Catlantis luxury suite for felines, who can enjoy their personal, custom, four-tiered cat condo, watching fish swim by in a six-foot-long saltwater aquarium.

The Daisy Suite

Longcroft Cat Hotels
It may seem that it’s mostly dogs that are living the high life, but on the other side of the pond one of the best pet hotels is devoted just to fancy felines. Since most cats behave like royalty, we’d expect nothing less.

Longcroft Trio plate

Cats at Longcroft slumber in wrought-iron designer beds and are served gourmet meals from the hotel’s À La Cat menu, comprising of fresh natural foods served on bone china. Cats don’t even have to bother grooming themselves, as the spa’s full-body groom experience sees fur conditioned and spritzed, undercoats thoroughly brushed, and ends with a relaxing massage with organic paw balm.

Each hotel has only nine suites, so the kitties get maximum personal attention. Longcroft has branches all across the UK, so anywhere you might go your precious fur-ball will still be living the good life.

Canine Couture

Here are a few of our favorite finds for your four-legged friend.

La Jeune Tulipe collar

Diamond Dog Collar

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend and dogs are a man’s best friend, so bring the two together with this stunning diamond dog collar. The custom-fit collar features a 1.52-carat marquise diamond in the center, surrounded by a beautiful array of diamonds.

Haute House-Isabella Dog Bed

Posh Pet Bed

Who says a pet bed can’t also be a stunning piece of furniture? This Isabella Dog Bed by Haute House features a beautiful jeweled nailhead trim and is handcrafted.

Plush Pooch Robe

We all love lounging in a plush hotel robe, and your pup will too with this soft and beautiful Silver Tiara Dog Bathrobe. The cotton terrycloth blend is absorbent and cozy.

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