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Give Your Home a Breath of Fresh Air with Plant Subscription Boxes


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We sourced the best subscription boxes for garden lovers.

It’s no secret that adding a plant to a room can be a simple way to make a space feel aesthetically fresh, but it can also be good for your health, too. Using greenery in your home not only improves the quality of the air, and it also provides mood-boosting effects, helps keep loneliness at bay and even reduces the risk for dementia.

If you’ve taken other steps to be more sustainable and live in a healthier home, a plant subscription box can be the perfect addition to your monthly routine.

For busy bees and those who are always on the run, using a plant-themed subscription service can be an effortless way to add fresh flowers or plants to your home without having to think too much about it. Plus, they come with instructions for the novice green thumb.

Let the pros pick out the flourishing florals and beautiful botanicals for you and open up a monthly box that feels like a little gift to yourself. Any of these subscription boxes would also make the perfect present for a gardening lover, flower enthusiast or really just about anyone who loves plants.

Let the pros pick out the flourishing florals and beautiful botanicals for you and open up a monthly box that feels like a little gift to yourself.

plant subscription box from The Sill

The Sill

Adding more plants to your home can help you breathe a breath of fresh air (literally), but if you have pets, it is important to select plants that are non-toxic. It may not have crossed your mind that some plants can be harmful to animals, especially if ingested, so it’s important to check online and make sure your fur-babies have a safe home, too. The Sill offers a Pet-Friendly Subscription Box that will have everyone wagging their tail.

Subscribers get a non-toxic plant in a black or cream ceramic planter delivered to their door monthly, with a change in variety for each delivery. Coordinating color schemes unify the look of your interior spaces as a bonus!



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SEED STARTER | Bloomin’ Bin
Bloomin’ Bin is a subscription box service that sends subscribers organic seeds each month. Depending on what type of garden you are growing, these seeds can be imperative to maintaining and expanding your greenery. Plants that have been re-potted leave behind empty vessels, and this is the perfect way to fill them again!

Subscribers can choose from flower seeds, fruits and vegetables seeds, or both. Selecting in-season plants, Bloomin’ Bin includes their tried-and-true growing techniques to ensure that the plant can thrive. Subscribers can also opt to add on extra seeds or soil to their bin. You will never run out of supplies again!

monthly flower subscription service from Urban Stems

Urban Stems

Nothing beats the fragrance of flowers in your home, and with a subscription service to UrbanStems you can get fresh bouquet arrangements delivered to your front door at the frequency of your choosing. There are three different luxury subscription plans to pick from, so you can choose the blooms that best fit your home and style.

Urban Stems has a reputation for super-luxurious florals, so this bouquet subscription box is a great gift option for the person who already has it all. Or you can learn to make and gift your own DIY flower arrangements!

monthly plant subscription from Succulents Box

Succulents Box

For anyone who is a traveler, or who may be forgetful about watering from time to time (we’ve all been there!), a succulent subscription box can be a great idea. Succulents are a great, low-maintenance option that offers all of the beauty and color you need to have a beautiful indoor or outdoor succulent garden. With a luxury subscription to Succulents Box, you can have a variety of these small plants delivered directly to your home!

Plant them together in a large terrarium container, arrange in your backyard soil, or leave them in their individual containers to use as decoration on shelves, in kitchens or virtually anywhere else in your home. Subscribers are sent unique varieties—selected from 200 different succulent species organically grown in California—to ensure that no one receives duplicates.


plant subscription box from Air Plants

Air Plants

OPEN AIR | Air Plants Monthly Club Box
Air plants are characterized by a distinctive spikey, hair-like appearance, and have been shown to be great for the air in your home. The purifying effects alone are a great reason to sign up for this subscription service. These unique plants don’t grow in dirt and thus don’t need to be planted in a pot, which allows for an abundance of creative ways to display them.

Air Plants Monthly Club Box sends four moderately-sized, handpicked air plants to its subscribers each month. Despite misconceptions that these plants survive on air alone, they need to be submerged in water once per week and then allowed to dry in order to thrive.

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