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Why Drinking Organic, Natural Wines Should be Your New Thing
in the New Year

photos courtesy of DRY FARM WINES

Organic, Natural Wines

This Health-Focused Wine Club Spills the Secrets on a Better Bottle of Vino for Conscious Consumption.

Dry Farm Wines - Wine Pouring

As we head boldly into the new year, our lengthy list of resolutions grows long, while we commit to better practices and wellness habits in 2019. One of these lofty promises may be to give up the vino or at least say goodbye for a little while. This is where Dry Farm Wines comes in. It’s founder, Todd White, is equal parts speaker, entrepreneur and biohacker, who has created a wine club that sources the healthiest wines in the world since 2015. His subscription service offers six or 12 curated bottles of wines delivered each month to customers containing an uncompromised collection of biodynamic, organic wines that hail from small farms around the globe.

You can expect a variety of rare wines that are made in small quantities and shipped internationally, ranging from Zweigeit, an Austrian red wine grape with a ripe and fruity character as well as Falanghina, a distinct grape with notes of citrus blossom and peach from the Italy. Learn more about these refined wines that can take you into conscious consumption.

Dry Farm Wines - Grapes

White’s integration into the wine industry began from his personal interest in biohacking this earthy and rich drink we love so much while avoiding toxins, unnecessary additives, harmful chemicals—and the seemingly inevitable headache. While studying and taste-testing natural European wines, he uncovered a purity not found in local American wines. In addition, he documented the numerous health benefits these libations can provide if grown and produced without the many additives most commercial wines contain.

Yannik Farms - Vineyards

“We are holistically committed to a natural and transparent way of living. Wine is just one of the many practices we have around living a lifestyle that is healthy. We are trying to speak on all of the ways to bio-hack and enhance ourselves for a more conscious world.” Through nutrient-dense soil, robust and sweet grapes are harvested and made into Resveratrol-rich wines that enhance one’s natural microbiome and have effective antioxidants.

Bottles of Dry Farm Wines

While most American wines contain almost 15 percent alcohol, Dry Farm Wines contain between six and 12.5 percent. White personally prefers to drink wines that range from 10 to 11 percent, stating that anything lower than nine percent is going to taste less like a fine wine and more closely to a wine beverage, which can still be an excellent choice for a lighter summer beverage.

The company’s independent lab testing is a diligent process of quality control and has proven that no American vineyards have been included in their roster of wines because of their common use of the toxic herbicide, glyphosate. The ones that have made the cut are sourced from wine growers who use native, wild yeast that is indigenous to the vineyard and are dry farmed—meaning the only source of water during the harvesting process comes from rainfall. Another requirement is that none of the wines have added sulfites, sugar or color, providing consumers with a flavorful, yet pure vino.

Another requirement is that none of the wines have
added sulfites, sugar or color, providing consumers
with a flavorful, yet pure vino.

Dry Farm Wines farmers

With a large backing from well-known nutritionists like J.J. Virgin, Certified Nutrition Specialist and bestselling author, and other bio-hackers like Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, White is creating a community of wellness beyond the bottle. The growing success of the brand can be credited to the passionate, small-business farmers who put sustainability and quality at the forefront as well as the consumers who believe in transparent products that are both beneficial and equally delicious. Although White does not want to make any recommendations on how much you should drink, he encourages people to get to know their bodies through elimination diets and re-introducing common foods and drinks: letting your body decide what it naturally responds to.

Dry Farm Wines Tasting Room

When asked about his own daily consumption of alcohol, he proudly tells us, “I drink my wines. It’s actually the only reason I eat. If I didn’t drink, I would eat every other day.” Beyond the clear reasons why a lower-alcohol and sugar-free wine is the healthiest choice for consumers, his spiritual take on the nectar of the gods stems from his belief that drinking should open up the senses and the spirit; allowing for vulnerability with oneself and others to take place. “Wine expands our creative expression and opens up a window of availability, helping with the expansion of thought and feelings.”

Todd White - Dry Farm Wines

White has an infectious passion for all things health and wellness. So, it is no surprise that his brand ethos stems from his own practices at home and in the office, which includes starting every morning with a meditation alongside his team. Here are five of his die-hard habits he practices daily:

  • Make the bed. Make it with order and precision to give you the feeling that you completed something well.
  • Meditate. First thing each morning, I have a personal practice that includes visualizations and affirmations.
  • A cold shower: Hop in cold and jump out cold out after five minutes to set the morning off right.
  • A sugar-free and low-carb diet. I eat moderate protein and higher fat, as well as fast for 22 hours,
    having only one meal a day.
  • A routine fitness regimen. I alternate between high-intensity-interval training and heavy-weight,
    low-rep resistance training.

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