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Ocean to Table: Best Fresh Seafood in America Delivered Directly to Your Door

Best seafood delivery from Get Maine Lobster

Get Maine Lobster

Wondering how to get the seafood that top chefs use delivered right to your door? We rounded up the best fresh seafood markets in the United States to order from.

This holiday season, holiday entertaining and entertaining in general has turned from big parties out to small, intimate gatherings in. For hosts looking to spice up their next dinner without even having to run to the grocery store, the nation’s top fish purveyors are available to deliver the same fresh seafood market specialties that top restaurant chefs use directly to your door.

Foley Fish best fresh seafood market delivery

The Foley Fish Company

Since 1906, when Michael Foley, fresh off the boat from Ireland, opened his fresh fish stall near Boston’s Faneuil Hall, The Foley Fish Company has supplied Boston—and now the world—with the freshest fish. Run by the fourth generation, the fresh seafood market supplies top chefs, hotels, grocers and discerning home cooks with top seafood.

The company is committed to sustainability, with every species harvested in accordance with strict fishery measures and industry regulatory bodies like The Marine Stewardship Council. Members of Foley Fish also lead industry sustainability efforts.

Home chefs can order everything from shellfish and salmon to steakfish and groundfish.


There’s nothing more decadent than lobster, and there’s no better lobster than sweet, succulent Maine lobster.

Get Maine Lobster best fresh seafood market

Get Maine Lobster

There’s nothing more decadent than lobster, and there’s no better lobster than sweet, succulent Maine lobster. Get Maine Lobster, the top-rated purveyor for fair trade lobster delivery, is your source for the taste of New England seafood delivered directly to your door.

In addition to lobster, the fresh seafood market also offers king crab legs, diver scallops, lobster tails and even the quintessential Maine lobster rolls, all fished sustainably and delivered within 24 hours. Get Maine Lobster works with top chefs like Chef Fabio Viviani, who has restaurants and hospitality outlets throughout the country.

For the holidays, the company offers several turnkey packages, including the Feast of Seven Fishes. Celebrate the holidays the traditional Italian way with this extravaganza that includes lobster tails, scallops, tiger shrimp, mussels crab claws, arctic char and crab cakes.

Fulton Fish best fresh seafood market delivery

Fulton Fish Market

Established in 1822, the New York City-based Fulton Fish Market sees up to 2 million tons of fresh seafood arrive daily, making it the largest fresh seafood market in the United States and the second largest in the world.

In addition to typical fish and shellfish, the market also offers more exotic items like caviar, eel, octopus and sea urchin. To make planning your holiday simple, dinner bundles like the seafood dinner party box, lobster tail and scallop box and paella dinner box are available.

A team of seafood experts and Culinary Institute of America trained chefs select the freshest fish for your order.

For those with a true fish fetish, the market offers its Fulton Fish Drop, a flexible subscription service. Customers curate their own boxes and select weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries.


The company developed an innovative Gold Seal™ Pouch that preserves the salmon naturally, allowing it to be shipped easily throughout the country.

Seabear best fresh seafood market delivery

Seabear Smokehouse

If smoked fish is your jam Seabear Smokehouse needs to be on your radar. What began with one fisherman making his family’s smoked salmon recipe in his backyard smokehouse in Anacortes, Washington morphed into a fresh seafood market that delivers the flavors of the Pacific Northwest to all 50 states.

Unlike many other companies, Seabear smokes its fish in-house in small batches. The company developed an innovative Gold Seal™ Pouch that preserves the salmon naturally, allowing it to be shipped easily throughout the country.

There are a wide variety of smoked options, from the Brown Sugar Bourbon smoked salmon to a smoked salmon appetizer sampler and smoked lox. For holiday parties, the party in a box or Copper River holiday fillet are top choices. Less traditional (but ridiculously delish) are the smoked salmon mac and cheese or smoked salmon ravioli.

Vital Choice best fresh seafood market

Vital Choice

There are so many things to look out for when buying seafood. Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics sources and ships fresh seafood from an online market you can trust. Good food has a positive impact on our wellness and how it’s sourced impacts the wellness of our planet.

Founded in 2001 on the premise that wild Alaskan salmon is nature’s most perfect food, Vital Choice has grown into a trusted source of premium wild seafood from healthy, well-managed fisheries around the globe with only sustainably caught, wild seafood, which is nutritionally superior to farmed fish and free of the antibiotics, pesticides and GMO feeds used on fish farms.

The company donates a portion of its profits to planet-protecting programs from sourcing to shipping. Some big names in wellness are advocates—Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

Red's Best fresh seafood market delivery

Red's Best

Boston’s Red’s Best offers a direct connection to the fishermen that fish the waters off of New England. The fresh seafood market, started in 2008, sells primarily to distributors that supply the best restaurants in the world. However, through a new eCommerce platform, home chefs now have access to the same top fish that top chefs source from.

The company is known for its sushi program. By law, sushi fish has to be frozen before consumption, and Red’s employs special freezers that freeze the fish at the optimal temperature to retain texture and flavor. In fact, they even ship to the famous Tokyo fish market.

Consumers can curate a custom box of seafood or choose from set boxes like the Holiday Seafood Feast or Fish Market Favorites. Red’s also offers live shipping of lobsters, oysters and other raw bar favorites. Best of all, everything includes free shipping.

Have Fun…with home entertaining the safer way to socialize these days, having access to the best seafood and turnkey party boxes from some of the country’s top fishmongers makes throwing the perfect dinner party easier than ever.

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