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Iconic Newport Beach Home Remodel By Visionary Architect Brion Jeannette

Photography by Darlene Halaby

Newport beach home remodel
Reimagining a Newport Beach 1970s dwelling into a modern dream home turned into a passion project for the homeowner, architect and interior designer.

Situated in Newport Beach, where the sun-kissed shores meet the lulled “swoosh” of the Pacific Ocean, a unique and ICONIC cadence of life unfolds. Among the lavish coastal scenes and gentle dance of palm trees, is a home that pays tribute to the grandeur that characterizes this well-sought-after beach town. 

Within this scenic panorama, a story of architectural mastery, ageless sophistication and refined living emerges, spotlighting a Newport Beach residence designed by visionary architect Brion Jeannette, president of Brion Jeannette Architecture.

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A Symphony of Design Mastery

The Newport Beach architecture firm has stood as a pioneering force in energy-efficient design since its inception in 1974, and it’s no surprise that this client trusted its team with creating the home of their dreams. Jeannette’s architectural prowess reveals itself in the meticulous design that fuses aesthetics, technology and environmental consciousness. The goal? To breathe new life into a 1970s single-story dwelling, an exquisite balance is created between nostalgia and modern elegance.

Newport beach home remodel living room

Client Collaboration: A Harmonious Pas de Deu

The collaboration between architect and client unfolds as a graceful waltz, with the homeowner involved in every aspect of the Newport Beach home remodel. Jeannette commends the owner’s dedication through every step of the project, including showing up on-site daily and selecting materials alongside Jeannette and interior designer Sandra Villa.

“He did it right,” Jeannette says of his client. “The owner had lived many years in this home and was ready and eager to reinvigorate it.”

A serene front-yard Zen garden enhanced by ancient magnolia trees that provide filtered shade and a large lawn welcomes visitors to the renovated residence. “The grassy area adds to the sense of spaciousness and, when desired, allows for large group entertaining and lawn games,” Jeannette says. “This is truly a multi-use space that is low maintenance and always inviting, any time of day. You can see through the house to the ocean view while sitting on this intimate patio.”

Meanwhile, the back of the house offers a breathtaking panorama of Newport’s coast and captivating sunsets that disappear behind Catalina Island. “The home is a seamless blending of the inside to the outside with a simple turn of the head,” the architect notes. Opening front and rear doors invites refreshing ocean breezes in summer, while dual-glazed doors and windows shield against the Southern California winter chill. 

The Newport beach home remodel integrates indoor and outdoor spaces through the opening floor-to-ceiling windows, especially at the entertainment bar, with a circular design that one would typically see in an outdoor setting and countertops that reflect the blue waters of the ocean the bar is a statement piece that brings outdoor features into the hub of the home. Jeannette calls the home’s central core. 

This bar turned out to be so welcoming and comfortable it has become the go-to spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner, work from home office and a delightful spot to catch up on the day,” Jeannette says. “Not to mention ideal for entertaining friends. The stone top surface is an exotic onyx with underlights that add a dimension of complete serenity.”

Sandra Vila’s Artistry: Crafting Interior Elegance

Vila, the orchestrator behind the interiors in this Newport Beach home remodel, collaborated with the architect and the client to shape the home’s interiors. Jeannette’s architectural elements, including raised ceilings and a horseshoe-shaped bar, inspired Vila’s design. In addition, the client’s vision of a comfortable modern home with ocean views guided her aesthetic choices, focusing on curvilinear furnishings and cultural influences from South America.

“Functionality and personalization were vital aspects in this design,” Vila recalls. “Rather than designing for the approval of others or with resale in mind, we tapped into our client’s desires to create a space that truly encapsulates who he is and tells his story. That said, designing the home to include his expensive collection of Mezcal and wine was crucial. The mélange elegantly flanks the long capsule-shaped dining table, making it easily accessible during dinner.”

Wine cellar at Newport beach home remodel

Vila also came up with the idea of a mirrored wall on the great room’s east wall, reflecting the coast and Newport Bay view. “Sandra and I worked together with the owner and, after multiple mock-ups, created the sculptured mirrored wall with recessed lighting that is beautiful on its own and enhances and supports the indoor-outdoor visual concept from anywhere you stand or sit within the great room,” Jeannette says.

Sustainability, too, played a significant role in Vila’s design for the Newport beach home remodel. “Our client sought to utilize his collection of artwork along with key furniture pieces such as the ebony wood console table and sculpture that graces the entry,” Vila remarks. ”To update the kitchen, the existing cabinets were refinished and the appliances re-purposed, which minimized unnecessary material usage.”

Living room at Newport beach home remodel

Beyond Architecture

The collaborative efforts of Jeannette, Vila and the homeowner resulted in more than a home; this Newport Beach home remodel is a magical work of art with a lifetime of memories attached to it. “It was so much fun,” Jeannette reminisces. “One of us would say, ‘How about this or that?’ And each of us offered our special skills to exercise an idea and bring it to reality. The owner allowed us to reimagine the house in ways he had not considered or anticipated. The result is a total joy for the owner and the team that brought ideas to life.”

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