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Steel This Look | Luxury Built-to-Last Steel Cabinetry by Moya Living

steel cabinetry
Moya Living designs and manufactures luxury kitchen steel cabinetry that lasts for generations.

Moya O’Neill, the founder and owner of Moya Living, filled a void in the commercial and residential community with luxury, built-to-last steel cabinetry. After spending decades working at the brand’s sister company Genie Scientific—which focuses on laboratory design and manufacturing—she knew that there was a high demand in the design community for steel cabinetry.

“I’ve wanted to do something creative, and the creative energy was right in front of me” O’Neill says.

She started by furnishing her own Laguna Beach home, and from there O’Neill garnered orders from Oakley and the ICONIC Dakota Building in New York’s upper west side. Today, she works with acclaimed architects and designers from all around the United States.

“I’ve wanted to do something creative, and the creative energy was right in front of me” O’Neill says.

steel cabinetry

Moya Living designs and manufactures its metal cabinetry locally in California, revitalizing the use of materials that were one at one time commonplace in the kitchen and home. The biggest advantage of using metal cabinetry, beyond the luxe aesthetic, is that it is truly built to last a lifetime. 

Moya Living uses only the finest quality materials to craft their ageless yet contemporary cabinetry. With soft close slides, custom liners, pull-outs and hardware, each cabinetry order can be suited to individual needs.

Moya Living

While powder coated steel is one of the most durable materials on the market, Moya Living designed their doors and drawer front panels to be easily removed in case they need to be fixed or replaced after an accident.

Moya Living recognizes and embraces the motto that both design and engineering are timeless. Whether they serve a commercial or residential project, every spec is detailed to ensure that the design has the right flair for the environment. And the beautiful cabinetry doesn’t stop at the kitchen—Moya Living has chic options for outdoor kitchen spaces, the laundry room, butler’s pantry, garage and bathroom.

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