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Australian Whisky? Aye Mate | Morris Whisky: Australia’s Premier Single Malt

Morris Whisky hero

Morris Whisky

 Aussie based Morris Whisky upends the whisky world with an offering reflective of the Land Down Under.

When one thinks of whisky and where it mostly is produced, the countries of Scotland, the United States, Japan, and Ireland likely come to mind. But Australia? Not so much—until now. Morris Whisky, based in Rutherglen, Australia, is set to upend the whisky world with a unique offering that’s reflective of the Land Down Under. Morris Australian premier Single Malt Whisky stands ready to claim a spot within the pantheon of well-priced malt whiskies.

Launched in the U.S. in 2022 and currently one of only two Australian whiskies commercially available to U.S. consumers, Morris Whisky is setting the tone and raising the bar for Aussie whisky—both in style and quality. The recipient of more than 35 gold or higher awards between their premier Austrialian Single Malt Signature ($60) and premier Australian  Single Malt Muscat Barrel ($90), Morris Whisky and its two expressions are a cut above the rest, thanks to the Morris family’s experience with award-winning fortified wines, which they’ve been crafting since 1859, through six generations.


Morris Whisky

Regarded as one the best fortified wine producers in the world, the Morris family has access to an extensive library of hundreds of wine barrels, which they utilize for their whisky aging and finishing. Home to globally-awarded fortified wines, these barrels play a crucial role in delivering smooth, rich character—a signature Morris Whisky style that is distinctly Australian. The Morris Whisky team also leverages their built-in resources and regional provenance, utilizing an original 1930’s hybrid copper pot still and 100% locally-sourced ingredients, including Australian barley malted at the family brewery and pure, filtered water from the Snowy Mountains.

Morris Whisky Darren Peck

Morris Whisky

“In addition to our award-winning barrels, what makes Morris Whisky so special is our rural location based in the rugged expanse of Australia’s back country in Rutherglen, regional Victoria,” Darren Peck, head distiller at Morris Whisky, says. “With a strong continental climate of hot summer days and cool nights, the conditions are perfect for barrel aging Australian Single Malt Whisky. The extreme fluctuation in temperatures aids the maturation of Morris Whisky, creating intense flavor and complexity in much shorter time than most cool-climate whisky producing countries.” 


The Single Malt Signature, aged in ex fortified wine barrels, is wonderfully well-rounded, balancing sweet, floral and biscuit aromas with the richness and zest of marmalade jam, lingering cocoa and dark-berry flavors. The Single Malt Muscat Barrel features an oak influence from its maturation in a combination of ex French and American oak wine casks. It is well-balanced and complex, offering a creamy mouthfeel packed full of rich dark fruits and sweet malt notes, which give way to sweet vanilla and cocoa interspersed with cinnamon spice. 

Morris Whisky Barrels

Morris Whisky

In the two years since making its Australian debut, the Morris Whisky portfolio has achieved the highest honors at some of the most prominent spirits competitions in the U.S. and on the world stage. The brand has established itself as one of the top three local premier Single Malts in the Australian market, and its expansion into six countries, including the U.S., Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand, UK, France and Germany, is testament to its booming popularity. 

“I take great pride in crafting quality, approachable Australian Single Malt Whisky great for any occasion,”Peck says, who enjoys a classic whisky and soda with Morris Signature on a warm summer eve. During cooler fall months, you can find him by the fire pit, Morris Muscat Barrel on the rocks in hand.

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