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Monogram’s New Professional Ranges | Luxury Appliances

photography courtesy of MONOGRAM

Next-gen product design elevates the favorite spot in every home—the kitchen! The best of today merges with the future as Monogram’s professional range series turns heads.

The team at Monogram keeps pushing the boundaries of excellence with its many recent awards, celebrity collaborations with Gwyneth Paltrow and celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson, and best of the best approach to bringing its luxury appliances to consumers through innovation and virtual-reality testing.

Further, the brand’s most recent launch of the professional range won a prestigious AD Great Design Award presented by Architectural Digest in 2021 and a Food & Wine magazine pick for kitchen essentials. 

Acclaimed for its exquisite design and advanced technology, the Monogram professional range is redefining cooking at home, luxury details and stunning design. 

Behind the design is an incredible team of designers who set out to create luxury that you can feel and touch. They elevated the knob by using luxurious brass, one of the most popular luxury finishes in high-end kitchen hardware, faucets and lighting fixtures. The rich gold color represents luxury and is today’s hottest color for design.

Behind the design is an incredible team of designers who set out to create luxury that you can feel and touch.

GE Monogram brass details professional range

The newest ranges are designed for versatility, with the ability to have four to six burners—with or without a griddle. Cooking on the new ranges is precise from simmering to searing.

The versatile gas burner configuration on the Monogram professional range includes two 23,000 BTU multi-ring brass burners and dual-stack burners, allowing heat settings to go from a gentle simmer to an intense flame. The industry exclusive TrueTemp burner offers consistent, precision temperature management when cooking with gas.

And the ranges are smart. Owners can preheat the oven using voice control or check how much time remains left in the dishwasher cycle with a smartphone. When owners leave home, alerts announce if the refrigerator door is open, if the dishwasher has sprung a leak or if an appliance is left on. The SmartHQ app can turn it off from anywhere—also voice controlled by Alexa or Google Home.


smart app control GE Monogram professional range


A team of passionate designers knows what it takes to bring a product like Monogram’s professional range to life, and you’ll hear from them here.

“I’m very proud of the collections. Every single little detail has been agonized over. Our design is all about collaboration,” says Rebecca Alvord, Principle Industrial and Lead Designer for Monogram’s Statement and Minimalist collections. “You have to carefully choose materials that are going to be timeless and last forever. The design process often takes many years, and you’re always having to look far ahead,” she says.

“We looked across the industry at automotive, fashion, furniture, restaurants and consumer electronics, translating those into beautiful, easy-to-use and manufacturable products,” says Alvord, who works with Mark Hottenroth, Executive Director of Industrial Design for Monogram.

GE Monogram true temp cooking burner

“Our design was intentional. We thought about the person who wants to walk into the kitchen and have a serene environment. Everything is in its place. Everything is harmonious. The essence of minimalism is breaking down to just the bare essentials. And then to do that very, very, very well,” he says. “We make amazing products that delight our consumers and create features and appearances that people love.”

“We started with the end user and the professional range user wants a very powerful and precise tool, but it also has to exude luxury and fine craftsmanship. Brass really came about as a finish because on a high-performance range, brass burners are the most powerful burners. So, we had that cue that communicates power and precision,” says Alvord.


Several years ago, I went to the industrial design office and put on a VR headset to interact with this product in a virtual format. It really makes you appreciate how much effort and energy goes behind designing these products.

“It’s trending, yet it’s also so timeless; it’s been around for forever and that gold color really communicates luxury. We ended up with this solid piece of brass, and it’s machined to have very crisp edges that you could only get from machining. It feels strong and beefy when you touch it,” says David Calvert, Director of Product Management for Monogram Cooking Products of the professional range.

true temp burners on GE Monogram professional range

“I’m super honored to be a part of how these products came to life. Several years ago, I went to the industrial design office and put on a VR headset to interact with this product in a virtual format. It really makes you appreciate how much effort and energy goes behind designing these products.

“I love being able to help share this story because it’s such thoughtfulness and attention to detail that allows the end consumer to further appreciate when they understand the journey that it’s taken to bring this to life.” Richard Anuszkiewicz, Interior Designer and Creative Director for Monogram.


“From a performance perspective, one of the cool things we’re launching is the True Temp burner, really the first of its kind, that allows a user to set and hold a very specific temperature to elevate their culinary skills. On craftsmanship, everything from the smooth-glide racks to our soft-close doors to the cold metal touch you get on every knob. It’s really those small details together that set this product apart,” says Anuszkiewicz of the Monogram professional range.

“One of the really interesting things from an ownership perspective is this is not the last stage of product development for this product. Through connectivity, this is going to continue to upgrade and get even better over time. The product that you have next year is going to be better than today as we continue to iterate and make this product evolve,” says Calvert.


This story was produced in partnership with our friends at Monogram. For more information about the new collections, click here.

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