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DAY 2 OF DESIGN: Savor Our Modern Luxury Home at VIRTUAL ICONIC HAUS

photography by PAUL MOORE
photography assistant by VICTOR AMARILLAS

master patio in ICONIC HAUS
For all of us at home this week, take time to Live Beautifully by enjoying the work of 19 marquis designers. For the full tour, start with the button on our home page.

We launched VIRTUAL ICONIC HAUS to share the beauty of our luxury designer showhouse with the world. Designed to be an in-person tour, we shifted to a virtual approach to honor community responsibility and public health. With some many of us sheltering at home, we hope you will take time to peacefully enjoy beauty, our original intent to support others. In our five-part series, we will celebrate five days of design. Today features the owner’s retreat, otherwise known as the master suite and all its amenities that you will enjoy in this elegant home in Cameldale Estates.

Today features the owner’s retreat, otherwise known as the master suite and all its amenities that you will enjoy in this elegant home in Cameldale Estates.

master bedroom in ICONIC HAUS

All sourced items | La Maison

Alan Reinken & Davinder Chawla | La Maison Interiors
Designer Inspiration: La Maison Interiors invites you to retreat to your modern master bedroom suite. Relax in comfortable leather chairs as you view the spectacular sunset highlighting the iconic “Praying Monk” on Camelback Mountain. Retire in comfort on a modern-day, uniquely tufted tuxedo sofa of the finest imported linen. Up-to-date horizontal metal buttons add that architectural element of your home—designed and crafted in Quito, Ecuador bringing you romance from around the world. Sit back and enjoy your favorite movie surrounded by soft textured pillows. When it comes time to fully unwind and enjoy the wonderful highlights of your day, relax in a leather bed handcrafted from the finest Italian leathers in a soothing shade of gray. Lay back as the Ralph Lauren chandelier glows as if it is your own constellation in the desert skies.

Speaking of luxury, your feet are pampered by soft New Zealand wool and silk carpets hand woven in India. The bold abstract patterns mimicking our desert skies. The morning sunrise finds you comfortably seated on the latest on-trend

master bath in ICONIC HAUS

Shower Glass | Roadrunner Glass, Gold Counter Stool | Gabby Home, Shower Soap and Bombs , LUSH, Side Table | Bellini Modern Living, Bath Accessories | Kassatex.com, Bath Furnishings | Waterworks, Crystals | Avivastanoff, Art | Ken Tate Paintings, Towels | West Elm, Rugs | Surya and Sculpture | Alexander Sinclair

Isabel Dellinger-Candelaria | Earth and Images
Designer Inspiration: Our master bathroom inspiration began with original artwork by Ken Tate. His pieces are perfect for the vibrancy and punch of color we wanted to add to the neutral palette of the room. We centered the artwork on each water closet entry and offset sculptural pieces from Alexander Sinclair for balance on the floating cabinetry. The colors in the artwork allowed us to be playful with other accessories in the space. LUSH provided us with unique bath products to create a cohesive color scheme in various areas. The bathtub side table from Bellini also served as a vehicle for the color scheme. Another Bellini piece is a teak side table located in the shower, hosting LUSH soap and Waterworks accessories. Simple white towels with a subtle geometric shape and ink-injected resin bath accessories float seamlessly in a translucent acrylic encasing ground the bright colors as they layer the room. Clear crystals from Aviva Stanoff located on the makeup vanity create repetition of forms found on the towels and the Gabby Home bench underneath echoes the clear theme in this vignette.


Master closet in ICONIC HAUS

Clothing | Tatejones and All Closet Design items source from | SPACE BAZAAR

Jennifer Wilson | SPACE BAZAAR
Designer Inspiration: Consistent with a design philosophy that seeks to combine beauty and functionality, luxury closet designer Jennifer Wilson of SPACE BAZAAR envisioned the atmosphere of the master bedroom dressing room to reflect privacy, sophisticated richness and timeless beauty combining detailed Italian craftsmanship that is intimately connected to the spirit and allure of the architecture. A closet space worthy of your expensive designer clothing and collected treasures, Jennifer has blended Italian brand Porro’s modern technology and materials creating a classic, tailored aesthetic. An elegant pathway softened by wood tones leads from the linen hallway into the primary dressing room. Luxurious touches range from integrated lighting, iron and glass doors, and a custom designed island showcasing glass drawer fronts with a saddle leather top.

She has paired it with a simple seating arrangement featuring Flexform’s ABC chair upholstered in a beautiful refined gray fabric with soft tobacco-color leather piping along the armrests, and Fly side table with marble top and satin chrome base, which emphasizes the central function that allows you to shop in your own home boutique. Closets are no longer an afterthought of the architecture rather an integral part of the initial design process, and Jennifer’s clients tell her the closet is their favorite room in the house.


master patio in ICONIC HAUS

Chairs and Side Tables | Brown Jordan, Coffee Table Material | Arizona Hardwood, Metal Wall and Coffee Table | Detailed Metal Concepts, Design, Living Wall, Rug, Accessories and Installation | Design Outside the Lines and Installation, Bench and Coffee Table | Torzala Custom Renovations

Ashli Shields | Design Outside the Lines
Designer Inspiration: Through a combination of teamwork and imagination, we partnered with Detailed Metal Concepts, Arizona Hardwood, Brown Jordan and Torzala Custom Renovations to create a serene exterior retreat. Our patio design was inspired by a terrarium’s private yet inviting simplicity. With a strong connection to modern materiality, the room eloquently expresses the repetitive principals that remain all too unnoticed in nature. Crystal clear surfaces and rectilinear steel lines elegantly veil an internal environment of vibrant foliage. The translucent bedroom windows serve as the glass envelope for the viewer to peer into the natural and idyllic world within. Coupled with delicate supple plants and stark raw steel panels, clear coated teak furniture and jute sprout from a milky concrete bed.

As the guest enters the environment, they are transported to a living creation as if they were within a quiet and peaceful terrarium, unaffected by the chaos of everyday life. The design allows the visitor to sit back and embrace the soothing sanctuary, surrendering their mind to wander as their fingers dance over raw wood grain of the cozy chairs. We divided the space to the outside world with clean benches that demonstrate the literal juxtaposition of wood piercing a concrete domain. By showcasing the contrast of delicate greenery floating on an austere metal surface and balancing elements of warm wood and fibers flourishing on a cold concrete base, we are celebrating the duality of the terrarium that influenced our design.

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