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Artist Anna Sadler Mixes Creativity into her Modern Wall Décor Business

artistic wall treatments from Surface Refinements

Jessica Peterson / JL Coates Design

Anna Sadler transformed her passion for artistic finishes into her livelihood with Surface Refinements, working with her husband for the last 20 years.

Artist Anna Sadler discovered art as a creative outlet at a young age, and she turned her passion into a modern wall décor business with Surface Refinements, a local Scottsdale, Arizona business that specializes in high-end custom artistic finishes.

With more than 20 years of experience, Surface Refinements has crafted a variety of projects with an emphasis on beautiful, modern wall décor, artistic finishes and wall treatments.

modern artistic finishes by Surface Refinements

Alexander Vertikoff / Elizabeth Rosensteel

“Believe it or not, my parents gave me an easel and watercolor paint set when I was two,” says Anna Sadler. “I think I haven’t looked back since. There are many creatives in our family, and my outlet was art and cooking! I went to fashion design school first, and after two years, I realized that I needed a different outlet.”

With more than 20 years of experience, Surface Refinements has crafted a variety of projects with an emphasis on beautiful, modern wall décor, artistic finishes and wall treatments.


August 6th 2019, Paradise Valley, AZ Designer Amy Klosterman

Laura Moss / AB Design Elements

“We are a unique resource for interior designers, being able to offer finishes customized for every space. Sometimes they are subtle, quiet, understated, and other times we have the opportunity to create something epic and dramatic,” says Sadler. “No matter which, the research goes into every project to be sure we deliver something memorable and timeless.”

She works in collaboration with her husband Scott to manage their Scottsdale business, and the two find joy in bringing to life their clientele’s vision. Plus, they provided stunning wall treatment designs for K & Q Interiors for the recent ICONIC HAUS.

“We have been working together for more than 20 years as a team,” says Sadler. “Thankfully, he takes care of all the parts of the job that I like less than creating, so he makes my part a lot easier. I know that we are fortunate to be able to spend all day together and have a great work environment.”

modern wall decor by Surface Refinements

Denise Rufer / J Beget Designs

Sadler says that every new client presents an opportunity to create something different and magical, and she uses a variety of techniques when she’s creating and designing modern wall décor, artistic finishes and wall treatments, with no two projects being the same.

“We have portfolios comprised of more than 200 sample boards of artistic finishes,” says Sadler. “We use materials that are comprised of metallic plasters, metallic paints, glitters, glass glitter, gold leaf, foils, silver leaf, mica powders, mica chips, a plethora of plasters, glazes and sparkle coats. Nothing is out of the question; it can be the most ordinary item that creates a magical texture and movement.”

Sadler says that her work is her passion, and there isn’t anything else she would rather be doing.


Surface Refinement artistic finishes and wall treatments

Laura Moss / AB Design Elements

“There is no greater joy as an artist than to realize someone’s vision and bring that modern wall décor life,” says Sadler. “I thoroughly enjoy the creative journey, from the first meeting, to the research that goes into every project, from exploring materials, working on samples and getting it just right before it ends up on a wall.”

What’s next for the husband and wife team at Surface Refinements?

“I told myself that this was the year I was going to push my limits, try new and exciting techniques, get completely out go my comfort zone so I could grow as an artist,” says Sadler.

“I actually like the feeling of being nervous with those butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Every new project is an opportunity to learn and grow, and I am enjoying the prospect of working on more artistic finishes and hope to be able to transition a little more of our workload onto custom canvas pieces.”

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