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Mark Pomerantz: A Visionary Creative Director Redefining Men’s Style




LIGHTING: Jaime Anderson

MAKEUP/HAIR: Melissa Evans, Ford Robert Black

MODEL: Brandyn, Ford Robert Black

ICONIC TEAM: Nakayla Shakespeare, Allie Woodard

VIDEO CREW: Bitfire Studios

WARDROBE: Mark Pomerantz, Wunderkind, Saks Fifth Avenue

LOCATIONS: Arcadia Custom Estate by Candelaria Design and Barkan Development, Set Jet

Mark Pomerantz clothing

Mark Sacro

Mark Pomerantz takes menswear to new heights.

We were honored to have Mark Pomerantz as the creative director for our shoot. Pomerantz balances tailored craft with wearable style. His restless vision sets him apart. With every collection, Mark Pomerantz endeavors to challenge the limits of creativity and refine the dialogue between each creation and the experience of wearing it.


Pomerantz holds degrees in menswear design and tailoring, and international trade and fashion marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He also worked with tailors in Rome, honing his skills. With contributions to Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, and Calvin Klein, he perfected the ability to marry the hand-craftsmanship of traditional bespoke tailoring with the elegance of designer clothing.

Mark Pomerantz Fashion image
Mark Pomerantz fashion images, flying in style and fall on board
Mark Pomerantz fashion creme de la comfort
Mark Pomerantz fashion, the thinker
Mark Pomerantz fashion, 80 oroof neat and fireside chat
Mark Pomerantz fashion 007

Mark Pomerantz’s Inspiration

Never before have we seen such a diverse and complex style equation for men as we do today. Today’s man embodies a look that transcends multiple categories yet is rooted by classic sartorial aesthetics in craft and detail.  From jump suit to dinner suit there is now a more specific reason to understand and invest in the dress code for success and indulge in pieces that will leave one feeling confident in their styling and flexibility.

Check out the behind the scenes video of our latest photoshoot with the fashion icon Mark Pomerantz.

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