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Glamorous Getaways | Luxury Vacation Rentals from Vacasa

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Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

Vacasa offers full-service, luxury vacation rentals properties that make taking your dream vacation easy with more than 30,000 homes available.

Demand for vacation rental properties has skyrocketed over the last year as travel lovers forgo traditional hotel rooms to seek unique stays in the form of private homes, cabins, airstreams and even treehouses. For travelers looking for their dream luxury getaway, vacation rental home platform Vacasa has more than 30,000 homes across 400 of the top vacation destinations, offering a wide variety of escapes for every taste.

“Whether you're looking for a cabin in the mountains, or an oceanfront beach house, we have it.”

“What’s great about Vacasa is that we have all types and sizes of accommodations,” says Natalia Sutin, the Vice President of Revenue Management at Vacasa. “Whether you’re looking for a cabin in the mountains, or an oceanfront beach house, we have it.”  

Founded in 2009, Vacasa quickly grew to one of the leading full-service vacation rental property companies in North America, following their mission to “make it possible to invest in vacation — making the most of every home, moment, and memory.”

Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

“Our founder, Eric Breon, started the company over ten years ago because he saw a need in the market for a property manager that does full-service rental experience from start to finish – marketing, booking, housekeeping and maintenance,” says Sutin.

With their full-service model, Vacasa is involved in every step of the vacation rental home process to ensure the highest quality stays for guests, so you can enjoy your getaway without any unexpected surprises. Renting a private home offers several benefits that you won’t get in a traditional hotel stay – like having enough room to gather a large family or extra privacy for a couple’s trip.


Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

“With a private home you have access to a fully-equipped private kitchen, which is great. For example, with my family we love to go to a farmers market in the morning and pick up fresh veggies and produce, and then we cook a big dinner together,” says Sutin. 

“In addition to privacy, homes also provide a lot of great amenities – anything from pools to ping pong tables and in-home theaters.”

Due to the high demand for unique amenities and spacious, luxury vacation rentals, Vacasa says they are seeing more bookings this year than ever before.


Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

“Before, we had a very clear shoulder season and now we don’t see that shoulder season anymore,” says Sutin. “Previously, after Labor Day we wouldn’t see quite as many stays. This year has been an exception, we continue to see very strong demand and part of what we believe is driving this trend is what we call a ‘workcation’.”

Sutin says a ‘workcation’ is when a guest takes a “three or four-day trip, they may work a few days and then they stay and enjoy the weekend.” In fact, she says that remote workers or hybrid workers are the most likely to book a vacation this year, thanks to the flexibility they have to work anywhere with an internet connection, and if you fit that mold, Vacasa rentals are a great place to start!

Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

As the demand for vacation rentals rises, homeowners are taking notice and choosing full-service platforms like Vacasa to manage their properties. Listing a home as a luxury vacation rental through Vacasa is so simple, you don’t even need to own a home to list to start the process.

“Our services are actually very holistic, we could even help you buy a vacation home,” says Sutin. “You could say, ‘Hey I’ve always dreamt of having a home in Sedona, can you help me?’ and our Vacasa sales executives who know the market and know the vacation rental industry very well can be in touch with you and tell you more about it.”

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