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Luxury Home in Maui’s Southern Cost: An Architectural Masterpiece

Photography by Matthew Millman

luxury home in Maui hero

Matthew Millman

Discover this hidden gem Maui home, an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

At the end of the highway on the southern coast of Maui, there is a secluded coastline that is nothing short of paradise; along this hidden treasure is a magnificent and luxurious home. Other than the sandy beaches and turquoise waters occupying this tropical abode’s backyard, the modern architecture and elevated coastal-inspired interiors make this home a sight to be seen. 

This luxury home in Maui was turned into a reality by the collaboration between Walker Warner Architects, Leverone Design and Lutsko Associates. Each brings their creativity and ideas to tackle challenges and produce a home that reflects the natural beauty of the Hawaiian landscape; the result is breathtaking. 

Walking into the Maui home, you are greeted with beautiful and luxurious panoramic views of the Hawaiian coast.

Even with a location as picturesque as this, with the close proximity to the sea, designing luxurious home in Maui proved challenging. In the case of this home, it was the site itself that presented the most significant obstacle. Still, it also compelled the design team to approach the site with fresh ideas, generating innovative solutions to complete a home that stands as a staple, showcasing the passion and hard work of the designer, architect and landscape architect. 

This luxurious Maui home was designed solely around its location, the goal became creating a home that is cohesive in concept but responds intuitively to remarkably different conditions.


To combat the unique lot and challenging terrain, architect Greg Warner came up with a design that follows the natural dip in terrain, posing a modest single-story exterior on the north side to match the aesthetic of the surrounding homes and dropping to a two-story layout lightly constructed of glass and steel, opening the living spaces and bedrooms to a vast and inspiring seascape.


Luxury home in Maui, interior great room

“It opens up to the panorama and the view beyond,” Warner says. “Which is the big surprise you get once you penetrate through the wall of the entry; it just kind of unfurls.”

Walking into the Maui home, you are greeted with beautiful and luxurious panoramic views of the Hawaiian coast. Since you enter on the upper level, the first visual impression is that the structure is miraculously floating above the sea. The central great room is a vast open concept with sand-colored flooring and walls mimicking the beachy terrain outside. The neutral and minimalist decor adds tranquility, prompting relaxation in every corner. 


Vertical wood louvers elegantly separate spaces while allowing sunlight into interior rooms. Skylights and clerestories accent the grain patterns of the concrete and cypress walls. Pocketing slatted screens at corner windows allow the filtering of afternoon sunlight through west-facing windows.

Luxury home in Maui, Bedroom

This luxurious Maui home is a result of hard work, perseverance, and passion. It balances massing and space, privacy and openness, sunlight and shadow, all perched fittingly on the threshold between land and sea.

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